• By Anna Mosity 16 Jan 2014 23:50
  • Fiction

I arrived at the hotel around ten minutes early, with nerves creating a knot in my stomach. What on earth was I thinking? I must have been mad.

We had exchanged emails for about two weeks, and every request for a picture had met with an excuse. After all, in this day and age of camera phones and cams, how hard is it to take a quick snap and text it to someone? Not hard at all, and so a refusal to send a picture usually set the alarm bells rin… Read more...

  • By Coconutty 13 Oct 2013 22:06
  • Fiction

When I walked in, the cafe was tiny and she was nowhere to be seen. I ordered my coffee and behind the collection area was a stairway leading into the basement. I paid and took my coffee... There were no free tables in the cafe and the girl behind the counter indicated that I should head down, with a smile.

As I descended the stairway, I saw her face. It was just like in the picture and she was gorgeous!! I struck gold! She's a stunner but… Read more...

  • By tinaandtom 18 Sep 2013 17:38
  • Fiction

my flight was delayed grabbing my bag and leaving check in and heading for the airport bar it s 9 pm Monday night and i need a drink .the bar has about five people in it one girl with a red suit on really catches my eye sitting alone i would say she is early forties
fit short brown hair long legs golden silk string top cherry red lips what a looker i continued chatting to the bar man when my phone rang tina my sexy better half ..hi baby how are… Read more...

  • By Coconutty 21 Aug 2013 02:14
  • Fiction

It was a fairly average workout at the hotel gym. I ran and made a mediocre time on the rowing machine. "Forget it", I thought, "I'll just use the cycle machine and do some people watching".

I like the cycle machine, it has an ok view of the hotel lounge and its great for watching people come and go. It's about a minute before I notice a good looking girl sitting on one of the wide lounge sofas, reading the paper, only about 20ft away. She ha… Read more...

  • By needstoplease 10 Apr 2013 18:41
  • Fiction

It was tight, so tight. June put her head into the bed and bit the cotton sheets as he entered her. His cock was long, hard, and his first thrust slammed his hips against her ass, his balls against her clit. When his hands came around and squeezed her tits she let out a loud moan. “Fuck me! I’m yours! Fuck me!”

There was no gentleness in him this time, not like the previous days. Where he would usually start slowly and build in speed an… Read more...

  • By needstoplease 10 Apr 2013 18:39
  • Fiction

She tasted fantastic. She smelled like sex. And the sight of her writhing under his touch made his cock rock hard. It throbbed, wanted to be touched, sucked. He wanted to take her right there and then, roughly, deeply and as fast as he could. He wanted to cum all over her, on her stomach, her perky breasts, her face, in her mouth. He just wanted her so much.

While pushing two fingers into her pussy he rubbed at her g spot, took his other han… Read more...

  • By needstoplease 10 Apr 2013 18:31
  • Fiction

Sex is good. No, sex is great! And all June wanted was to be fucked, hard, deeply with long slow thrusts that would slowly get faster and faster. Arghh, she could feel the tingle in her pussy as she lay seductively on the bed, feel the need in her rising. Fuchsia coloured panties and bra, she had her legs spread open wide, invitingly. She wanted it. She wanted him. And he could do anything he wanted to her. ANYTHING.

Never in her life had sh…

  • By backspacer 9 Apr 2013 13:30
  • Fiction

Myself and theresa are two people working for a large company in the office. I have been harboring thoughts of taking her right on the desk in front of everyone and drive my cock hard and deep inside her, but that has not happened..yet!

Anyway we have found ourselves working late one evening, you and me along with this 50 something woman who has a reputation of being a nosey bitch.
I am glancing over at you and my thoughts are of fucking the … Read more...

  • By bsahful1973 18 Mar 2013 10:40
  • Fiction

last week my wife and i were out for a walk in the town park.we passed some young men;four of them aged about 18 or 20 years of age.you know them hoodies with nothing to do and all day to do it.as we passed them it was plane to see they were eye up my wife.i felt angre but soon changed my mind,herself smriked and laught.Little boys she says.wouldnt know what to do with me if i put it on a plate for them.what do you mean? i ask.she then tells me t… Read more...

Im stuck in Belfast after being at the dentist because it has snowed really heavily and suddenly out of the blue you txt to say your bored because your stuck there too. I tell you what hotel I'm in and we chat about what would happen if we could meet up and how its not fair we are both so close yet alone. Its been weeks since we have been together and I ache for your touch. You have to go for a while to sort stuff out and say you'll txt later. I… Read more...

  • By jcsmar1965 28 Dec 2012 13:45
  • Fiction

A story that someone wanted me to write

Well lets see then I want you to be in a long black elegant dress with a v cut that goes all the way to just above your navel and wide enough on the top that it shows at least half the amount of your large breasts. The dress has a slit at the back that comes to about two inches below your bum and you will wear your thigh high stockings. When you walk one can get a glimpse of your stockings. You are not w… Read more...

Having grown tired of the same old ding dong of my career I decided to take a course in sports massage... I had been a regular visitor to the physio room in my sporty days and it was always something that interested me. So after 2 years of studio I had finally got my certificste and I was very chuffed with myself.. I converted my garage into a treatment room and bought all the equipment I needed and I got my advertising campaign up and running...… Read more...

  • By Mindblender 13 Sep 2012 09:25
  • Fiction

as i sat at the bar, i started to wonder weather this was the answer. Drinking never seemed to solve any problems, it may postpone the inevitable or in a worse case scenario cause even more! Was any of this really the answer to my marriages problems? Should i have been here in this dive of a bar,i was betting it looked seedy and dirty even during the sunlight hours! I daresay i would never under normal circumstances be seen in a bar like this, in… Read more...

  • By Mindblender 6 Sep 2012 06:35
  • Fiction

How did i get here, her head was bobbing up and down, her mouth devouring my erection, her tongue running along my shaft,all the way to the purple headed mushroom,as she gummed my balls, sucked my tip, gorged on my cock, forcing it down her throat, no gag reflex so far, she is using her free hand to cup and gently toy with my balls...i grab a handful of hair to help me force my cock deeper in her throat, i think back...
Back to my girlfriend, on…

Just tipping the hat to that interesting little book that seems to be on everyones beside table or kindle.

She was grabbed from behind, strong hands propelled her forward bening her over the desk. She felt her hands being pulled behind her and the rasp as the tie wraps tightened round her wrists. She tried to run but heard his cruel laugh. You are going nowhere my little sex toy. Her legs were grabbed and she felt them being bound together. S… Read more...

  • By gingerfire 27 Jul 2012 17:59
  • Fiction

We’ve been talking about this on the phone.. I know you want it. its deep in your desires. So you tell me you’ll leave the door on the latch and to let myself in.

I’m really excited, this is bringing our professional relationship of accountant client to a different level. Flirting is one thing but actually inviting me to your house while your wife is away is a different thing entirely.

I've prepared with great care before I left so th… Read more...

You find yourself sitting in the booth of a bar you haven't visited before, the booth is towards the back of the bar, hidden while allowing you see who is approaching! It was easy to find and exactly where you were told to find it.
Your not sure whether you should say anything to the tall blond lady sitting opposite you but your directions were clear. Arrive at 8, walk to the back where you would find a booth. Say nothing to the other lady, orde… Read more...


You receive a text on your phone from a number you do not know. The message is short, sweet and a little thrilling. It describes exactly what to wear and gives you instructions to go to a particular hotel in town and ask for the key to room 221 in reception. You are told to let yourself into the room and to remove all clothes bar underwear and stockings. To place the blindfold over your eyes and to tie your hands with the restraints that have be… Read more...

  • By gingerfire 28 May 2012 12:10
  • Fiction

Stay easy while I tie you, he says..
my heart is beating fast, I love this kind of play. Love the loss of power being tied gives, How he takes control and has free reign over my body. His to use as he wishes…

Pull your legs up to your bottom.. I'm going to tie your ankles to the arms of the chair.. Oh.. This is new. He spreads my knees leaving me exposed. My hands still free. I’m sitting on the very edge of the chair
Touch yourself fo…

  • By terry-mancini 2 May 2012 15:41
  • Fiction

ive been 45 years on this earth. ive had loads of girlfriends , loads of sex, but never the kinda sex that i truely dreamt of .the stuff that goes on in the back of your mind but you never meet the likeminded person,your too nice to ask or its just too much trouble . now ive decided to do something about it . this site is the answer to my prayers, an online shopping list where the world is your oyster, the chatroom where you can talk freely about… Read more...

We arrived at the complex, both nervous and excited. We weren't swingers or had done anything of the kind but we were curious, seeing videos of the goings on here had aroused our interests among other things. I look at her as we approach the reception thinking of how beautiful she is and how she turns me on. We check in for the weekend, go to our room and laugh, fueled on nervous adrenaline. We pick out our clothes for the night as we talk, avoid… Read more...


At the age of twenty she started to think of herself as a poor adult rather than a poor orphan, living in a small Russian coal mining town. Her only asset was her hot body and sultry demeanour. She had recently learned that the best way she could get a comfortable life here was to spread legs for the right people. On at least a dozen occasions now she had whored herself for food, board, advancement and once she realized she liked it, just for spa… Read more...

  • By Bedtimebaby 23 Dec 2011 19:19
  • Fiction

Standing in the shower letting the warm water slip down over my body , my mind returns to the hours spent in the bedroom next door . As if he can read my mind I feel him slip under the water with me and when feel a steal arm around my waist and my body tightened.
I take a deep breath as i felt his head get close to my neck as his lip slide slowly down and is tongue taste the warm water from my shin. That is when I smelled him. I inhaled deeply … Read more...

  • By Bedtimebaby 26 Nov 2011 21:36
  • Fiction

I open the door and the smile that light up your face was worth the wait … as I stand before you in a red satin robe with a white fur collar , Christmas is my time of year ….As you enter the hall I leaded towards you and say “kiss me hun “ and as our lips meet in a soft sensual kiss you draw me closer and hold me to you and its becomes more …softly sucking my bottom lip your tongue darting out to run along it as you send shivers throug… Read more...

  • By Bedtimebaby 11 Nov 2011 09:49
  • Fiction

I lay in bed alone and my mind begins to wonder yet again ..Its cosy here and in time I drift of to a light asleep .Thoughts off you flickering in and out off my mind like a shadow of lust hanging over me , I know I am tossing and turning as I enter a dream world and its there that reality seem to meet fancy all over again .As my body reacts as if you were here beside me and soon it’s a helpless need for fulfilment and in my dream I can feel y… Read more...

  • By Bedtimebaby 21 Sep 2011 20:35
  • Fiction

Ah cool night put not as cold as I expected it to be as I left the night club and headed off to my car which was parked at the bottom off the car part under the shade off a weeping willow tree …As I walked alone I noticed a few other cars parked close by and it seemed I was alone frustrated and god I wanted company tonight .. It was then that I noticed something was different in the area just passed my car so walking slowly to the front off my … Read more...

  • By gingerfire 9 Sep 2011 14:39
  • Fiction

I have had the same account for about 8 years now and from the first time I saw him I thought..mmmm you’re a hotty! But until recently everything was on a professional level…

You can go up to his office now the receptionist said, he’s ready for you. Mmm ready for me I’m thinking… so many times I've been in that office sitting opposite you wishing you’d pull me across the desk and ravish me… so many times me sitting there with… Read more...

  • By Bedtimebaby 8 Sep 2011 11:28
  • Fiction

Hmmm 3 o’clock on a sat afternoon hotel is buzzing with weekenders all having a good time away so it seems …as we sit and watch the match with friends my mind begins to wonder ,,,,mmmmm what naughty thoughts I am haven …wonder if you are to as I pass a smile your way and walk my fingers up your arm in a tensely manner …slowly up and down touch enough to fell you react and not enough to make you give up on the footie …………. LOL …… Read more...

  • By Bedtimebaby 3 Sep 2011 12:49
  • Fiction

I want more ……do you ?

As passion burns and desire flares we are one again …time had no meaning when we come together the world outside is lost and reality is what we share now …
As you lips find the sanative spot at my ear I shiver from with in ….your hands exploring every inch off bare skin and making me tingle with need , put you don’t give me what I want ,,,slowly and intently you torment me …hand on breasts massaging them ,… Read more...

  • By Bedtimebaby 15 Aug 2011 20:03
  • Fiction

I waited for my turn to come around again my body tingling at the though off his touch mouth watering with anticipation off what I know is to be mine , he has never failed to please , to tease , to satisfy or to raise the limits to yet another level , put this time I want to have more control take more off a lead so I don’t wait as he nears me I take his hand and raise it slowing and intently to my lips kiss the palm then one finger at a time … Read more...