A Sunday evening, at the end of a long week and weekend was always a time to take a moment to reflect and restore. The body and mind had craved an escape, the rush of distraction and adrenaline that was something primal, unhibited and on the edge of comfort. In a world where every decision is played out, re-played he had craved the simple and on a beach he'd found that earlier in the day.
The warm water caressed his body and as his eyes closed … Read more...

As i stand there gazing upon ur beauty, i found myself becoming excited. i had always been amazed that i could get hard just looking at you. i slowly walked up behind you, and wrapped one arm around ur waist and one around ur chest just below her collar bone. i kissed ur neck, softly just below ur ear.

"Mmm, you smell delicious" i said quietly. "And you feel so good"

Goose bumps ran across ur body, making ur nipples tingle and ur stomach… Read more...

As she lit her cigarette on the steps of the college entrance, her lips curled to a smile, her slight frame bending to tie the laces of her boot before stepping through a cloud of exhaled smoke.
Her final art assignment submitted she soaked in the sunshine and breathed deep feeling the weight she'd felt all year fall away with each step.
Her mind no longer on the one what was, the one her mind and body had ached for. She retreated within, tryi… Read more...


Polly walked slowly across the hotel room at the foot of the bed.
The dull chatter from the bustling crowd below rose, and beyond that, the lights of St. Stephens green flickered to enlighten the sleepy corners as dusk fell on a city.
Inside this room, the noise from her black leather knee high boots were dampened by the thick carpet, as she strutted confidently, empowered, strong and sexy in her black lace underwear and black leather bodice ac… Read more...

"No, seriously, do you have the passports ?" had been the sentence that had marked the start of the journey from hell. A week in the sun seemed like a good idea in September but the usual stress of life meant tensions were high and as they entered the hotel room both were glad of their own space. She launched herself onto the double bed as he wandered aimlessly towards the bathroom for a shower. She exhaled with a deep sigh, enjoying the draft … Read more...

Sitting at the airport ... watching people, the queues, the mind wanders, sand underneath, escaped from a shoe and a thought, and a smile.
"The line between heaven and earth" he'd said that morning, walking a line that had been drawn, redrawn eternally along that beach.
Sun rising in the east, brought welcome heat, as did his lovers arms draped around his hips and they walked barefoot through the breaking waves running up the beach.

Autumn…

  • Written by keithby 27 Sep 2017, 3:29 p.m.
  • Fiction

We changed and got into bed. you moved over next to me and wrapped ur arms around me. I turned towards you and wrapped you up too. Within a few moments, one part of me was clearly not ready for sleep.

I rolled over on top of you. And ur legs spread and wrapped themselves around me. I started kissing you gently and as we both closed our eyes, the magic began. There was just something about kissing you that tuned the rest of the world out

ur…

"Broken routines", he thought and smiled to his reflection as he stepped out of the shower this morning. It was later than normal. The sun brightened the room instead of the bathroom lighting this morning and as he stretched to dry himself his body knew it.
Seasons had changed from Summer to Autumn whilst he'd been away but the physical feelings in his body, tenderness, some aches were due to the events of the previous day. "The shit that I ge… Read more...


Kiss me. I just want to know what it feels like but its ok if you don't want to I understand if you..." I interrupted youre nervous babbling by placing my lips on youres. Warning bells were sounding in my head but i shoved them aside and pushed my tongue onto youre lips until you subsided and let my tongue explore every inch of yours. you moaned involuntarily which made me deepen the kiss and put all the passion i felt for you into it. i held yo… Read more...

  • Written by Bryan48 21 Jun 2017, 5:40 p.m.
  • Fiction


It was what she was hanging out on the washing line that caught my attention. I was doing some gardening work for a local good looking housewife, Audrey,mowning the grass, clipping the hedges, pulling some weeds etc.
When she contacted me , she also mentioned that she need some bushes trimmed.
' My husband is away on business,' she said, 'and i cant do these things.'
' Maybe you need your own bush trimmed,' I thought to myse… Read more...

We're in a warm seaside resort in Europe. Lying on a beach. The heat is getting us nice 'n relaxed, 'n because we are relaxed we soon have horny thoughts. There are alot of beautiful women topless sunbathing. You find yourself enjoying the view as I do. There is one who is playing volleyball. About 22 with beautiful pert tits. She is playing volleyball with 2 men. After a while they go into the sea. We can see her enjoying it as one kisses her ne… Read more...

  • Written by Sebastian R Hard 4 Dec 2016, 8:03 a.m.
  • Fiction

She was waiting for them in the hotel room when they arrived. She was standing with her back to the door, legs open and bent over the bed, wearing black stockings, black suspenders, no knickers… and wet.

Just like we asked her. No, *told* her, thought Sebastian.

And then he was over to her, pulling his firming cock out as he went.
He drew his pelvis level with her face, grabbed her hair, and guided her mouth on to his cock. He noted… Read more...

...On this particular autumn evening, you come home from a rough day. I, not knowing this, get in your face a bit about you being late for dinner.
As a general rule, we always eat dinner together and spend some time together. You give me a snappy response and I snap back.
I get your meal and set it on the table for you to eat. You take notice that only your place setting is set and you ask why I wasn't eating with you. I tell you that I am no… Read more...


As her bra fell away, I could see Andrea’s breasts rising and falling on her ribs. She was audibly breathless, gasping as I sucked slowly on the lobe of her ear, kissed and licked her neck, slowly moving downwards and leaving a trail of saliva soaked glistening skin that led down over her shoulder blade towards her boobs. The dimples on her pink areola stood proud and her long nipple stiffened as her skin sensed my hot breath. I gently kissed h… Read more...

  • Written by Mr. Kelly 31 May 2016, 11:04 a.m.
  • Fiction

So I play GAA for a local club in county Sligo. I'm 24, good looking and pretty confident. A couple of weeks back I noticed this MILF was coming to some of training sessions only i knew she wasn't any of the lads mums. I figured she was with the coach or something only they never left together. So one night when training over and this was back in November i think and it was already pretty cold and dark, and the MILF (lets call her Sarah) looked c… Read more...


The bar is dark speakers blare all the greats Zepplin, AcDc Metallica. Your having the time of your life, hair is flying, hips swaying and ass shaking. You fun increased by the fact that your every move is being savoured by a guy at the bar. And just no ordinary guy, boots, worn jeans, tee shirt displaying big arms and air about him that suggests hes at home in places like this... You catch his eye, all the while swaying to the music. He holds yo… Read more...


The fire cast long shadows across the room. On the floor directly in front of in lay blankets heaped high partially covering the writhing bodies. Sounds of kisses, giggles and laughter escape the from the wriggling mass. Two wine glasses lay on the floor on their sides. Her body glistens slick with sweat from the heat & her exertions. The blankets slide to one side revealing that she is not only bound but also blind folded. He lavishes her body w… Read more...

  • Written by Bryan48 26 Jan 2016, 1:54 p.m.
  • Fiction

High Security Search

I suppose for us older men it’s a nice idea or even a fantasy to have sex with a younger woman, say someone in their early 20’s. You have the notion that you can teach them a lot and give them experiences that younger guys in too much off hurry will not take the time to do .And their sweet young pussies are tighter……and understandably so, as they haven’t as yet given birth to two or three babies. I’ve had sex w… Read more...

Wrapping the towel around my waist, I slowly made my way along the hallway towards our bedroom and paused momentarily at the sight of the unusual glow of hazy light leaking from the opening in the door. Pushing it open, I found our bedroom furniture adorned with rows and rows of candles, each one with a flickering flame that contributed to a halo of light around the bed and a show of dancing shadows on the ceiling. I could feel the warmth on my s… Read more...

  • Written by Bryan48 3 Jul 2015, 12:32 p.m.
  • Fiction

Sasha was an amateur photographer. She was also a fine looking woman, athletic in build, fit and active. She was sexy. I’ve a had many fantasies about her,( very bad thoughts). If I still was a confession goer then I’ve have to tell them to the priest. Indeed lucky the priest who would hear my sins of impurity. The thoughts were the usual, sleeping with her, tittle fucking her ample and firm breasts, 69 positions and doggie style penetration,… Read more...


I did wonder what she wore under her lovely outfit, and even checked to see if i could detect a panty line, which i didnt. I know my wife Joan didnt see my eyes linger on Paula's body as she moved around the room. It may have been too obvious as it was hard not to take my eyes off her.
I can imagine her in a lovely hotel bedroom on a beautiful day unlike today, the sun shining strongly through the large window, accentuating the curves of her s… Read more...

  • Written by mick1512 28 Oct 2014, 9:20 a.m.
  • Fiction

Just a fantasy i was thinking about when i seen and chatted too very sexy woman at a wedding. Lady in question was in late 40s maybe early 50s id say i thought she was flirting with me in front of her husband. well dressed classy yet very hot. Black dress great curves very friendly im early thirties

Im at a wedding a cpl comes over and introduces themselves. Quite friendly cant help noticing shes stunning classy black dress can see outline of … Read more...

  • Written by Anna Mosity 29 Sep 2014, 5:15 p.m.
  • Fiction

There is something primitively erotic about letting strangers watch you have sex. Knowing that all those eyes are upon you and knowing that those people are themselves becoming aroused by what you are doing stimulates your own arousal to amazing heights. Yet when you haven’t done it before, the prospect is ridiculously nerve wracking.

When Susan and I first talked about going on cam for others to watch, the thought of it totally appealed… Read more...

  • Written by TKMax 12 Sep 2014, 3:36 a.m.
  • Fiction

This happened on a recent holiday Sarah and I had in Greece. We stayed in a lovely small family run hotel, bistro style bar, stunning views and a lovely pool which Sarah adores. We spent our days exploring the area and chilling out by the pool. Gio was the owner, he was a real charmer and entertained the crowds at night as well as working the bar and serving food. His wife worked in the kitchen, his son waited tables and did whatever was asked of… Read more...

  • Written by kirishlad 11 Sep 2014, 11:17 p.m.
  • Fiction

this is a Story that a lady ask me to write for her, originally it was supposed to be just private and for her eyes only but she enjoyed it so much she told me to share it with ye here on swing, it is my first fictional story so please enjoy.

It had been a long build up to the meeting the had just finished, our newly signed clients had just left the boardroom of our company headquarters after signing a contract that would secure our companies… Read more...

  • Written by Anna Mosity 17 Mar 2014, 11:55 p.m.
  • Fiction

I first saw her standing in a clip joint doorway in Soho. While walking past she caught my eye and as she smiled she beckoned me over. I knew what she was trying to do. They lure tourists inside on the offer of a cheap sex show, but then insist that the punter has to buy their host a drink and pay for her time, which could cost as much as £400 - £500. When the customer can’t or won’t pay they get some big thug to march them to a nearby cash… Read more...

  • Written by Anna Mosity 26 Jan 2014, 10:15 p.m.
  • Fiction

There was no doubt that The Garage Nightclub was definitely more fun on gay night. The crowd on gay night was anything but exclusively gay, but there was a party atmosphere and buzz on those nights that just wasn’t there on any other night of the week. I have to admit that the first time that my girlfriend Angie I went, we felt like fish out water. Angie’s best friend, Clare, was bi and was familiar with the gay and bisexual scene and raved … Read more...

  • Written by Anna Mosity 16 Jan 2014, 11:50 p.m.
  • Fiction

I arrived at the hotel around ten minutes early, with nerves creating a knot in my stomach. What on earth was I thinking? I must have been mad.

We had exchanged emails for about two weeks, and every request for a picture had met with an excuse. After all, in this day and age of camera phones and cams, how hard is it to take a quick snap and text it to someone? Not hard at all, and so a refusal to send a picture usually set the alarm bells rin… Read more...

  • Written by Coconutty 13 Oct 2013, 10:06 p.m.
  • Fiction

When I walked in, the cafe was tiny and she was nowhere to be seen. I ordered my coffee and behind the collection area was a stairway leading into the basement. I paid and took my coffee... There were no free tables in the cafe and the girl behind the counter indicated that I should head down, with a smile.

As I descended the stairway, I saw her face. It was just like in the picture and she was gorgeous!! I struck gold! She's a stunner but… Read more...