The boss wife part 3 Fact

The wife was now breathing heavily, she started to move out of the room and I was left hunched over standing. The boss looked at me, cmon into the living room he said.

We walked into the living room and his wife was now naked on the sofa but still wearing her high heels. I looked at the boss and he nodded towards his wife and then sat down in an armchair.

I approached the wife and went to suck her tit again when she opened her legs and look… Read more

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The boss wife part 2 Fact

I could feel the boss watching me looking at his wife, he interupted me by excusing himself to go to toilet. His wife stepped towards me,
I Really enjoyed our dance,did you? I smiled and said yes. She undid the belt of her dressing gown, and she was naked, pale skinned and trimmed.

She put her hand on the back of my head and slowly pulled me towards her tits, she guided my mouth to her nipple, terrified I pulled away as the boss walked back … Read more

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The Boss wife Fact

I had been working for the office fit out company for three or four months and the Christmas party was approaching fast. I wasn't that pushed on a river boat trip down the thames, but the food sounded ok and there was bar and dancing. On the night of the do, me and a couple of lads arrived early and started on the pints, the boss arrived after an hour or so with his wife,this was my first time meeting her as I was new to the company. They were ve… Read more

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...then her husband tried something Fact

There we were, both of our cocks hard as rocks, his wife asleep on top of me full of my cum, with his cum drying on her back and hair where he had sprayed her as she rode me. We were looking at each other, both feeling embarrassed but also excited. "I'm not gay Tony" J said. "I'm not either J!" said I, reddening. L stirred and woke just then, and as only a woman can, she immediately sensed the atmosphere between us. Her cheeks flushed a little, a… Read more

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3some Fact

Few years back wife with a few drinks on board started discussing the possibility of a 3some with another female.I ran with the idea and the deal was that she would choose the lady.Next day to my surprise the subject was brought up again and she named the individual that she had in mind.This lady was married and I had already fucked her several months previously unknown to wife on a drunken night out.I knew this lady would be well up for it but h… Read more

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my start Fact

ok this was a very long time and my b/ hubby now just dating and after a movie he brought me home as normal
we were very horny as normal we went down a lane way near my home kissing and touching we were both virgins so we had to be careful so just manual orgasams were planed
omg a voice from the darkness ...WHAT ARE YOU DOING.....we froze......a man walked up a lot older than us like 50 we were so going to tell on you he … Read more

...then her husband wanted to be there Fact

In the week after my encounter with L we exchanged many texts. She showed them all to her husband J and she told me they had never fucked so much ... he was constantly aroused by our references to what we had done with each other and what we would like to do. Though his cock was shorter than mine it was thicker and according to L he could use it like a piston! She texted me late one evening with the message "Call me now! I'm at the sink washing u… Read more

Her husband asked me to have her Fact

About 10 years ago I started chatting to a lady I had met through a personals ad in a paper - the old way :-)
We talked a few times on the phone. She wanted to be sure I was genuine i.e. that I really did like big women. She was English and had moved here a few years before with her husband, a building contractor. When in England he had introduced her to bi sex and they had enjoyed a few ladies in their bed, but never a man. She wanted her turn … Read more

Horny mother in law story 2 Fact

Hope ye all liked my first story and I will now follow up with my 2nd meeting.

A few weeks had passed since we first met and slept together, we continued to text and send exciting snapchats to each other on a daily basis. I had a weekend coming up which meant I’d be staying in her town town on a Saturday night. I was going out to a family night and had planned on staying in a cousins house. She was also out but not with me. Later on that nig… Read more

Our start Fact

Most of my friends and strangers tell me that I'm a very lucky man when they meet Laura. She's young, beautiful, chatty and playful. She's full of energy and lots of fun to be around. She gives out a sexy vibe without being slutty or vulgar. A real gem!

Laura is 24.Above average height at 5,10" and the rest of her is well.. attractive - Size 8/10 nice C cup tits, good legs and ass. Her dress sense makes all the difference. She wears low cut t… Read more

The horny mother in law Fact

So everything in this story is 100% real, I will tell the first encounter first and if there is interest I will also write about our other few meetings

So I’m 26 and I’m in a relationship with a girl for the past few years. Myself and her mother have always got along. She is 44 and is very good looking for her age, probably a size 14 with huge tits. The fact that she is split up from her husband is probably what first started to attract me… Read more

Naughty Neighbour Pt2. Fact

Just to fill those who may be interested in the follow up from my last:

Friday came and went no contact from Jan re my blowjob promise, i hadn't really seen her this week although the odd bit of sexting had occurred. I was busying myself at home on Saturday when my mobile went, hi its Jan sorry i never got back to you but hubbies Mum appeared unannounced and i had to look after her, she's a pain in the butt but the children adore her, and the … Read more

I can do what I want now! Fact

I am a petite brunette with a small but shapely figure, late forties at the time and twice married, brown eyes with hair that sits on my shoulders. I certainly get noticed by guys which for obvious reasons I fully enjoy, much to my amusement (and thrill) I have been described as a MILF. I am quite vivacious and even mischievous at times. I can be very open and even upfront and I love life. I do regard myself as sexy, even quite naughty. I am inte… Read more

Naughty Neighbour Fact

Hi folks my casual encounters with members of the opposite sex are becoming a rarity. I moved to the village i live in 5 years ago and get on with those i come into contact with. When i sit in my lounge i can see the world pass and in particular the dog walkers as i have a tree on lawn which the blighters piss on. A number of the village Ladies perform the dog walking duties so its nice to check them outs they pass. One in particular takes my at… Read more

Sarah goes pro. Fact

From our previous stories people will know we have been in the scene for some time, Sarah is in her forties, very good looking, slim body with nice big tits, her pussy is always wet but very tight. She adores sex and has an enormous appetite for cock. I had to take a job in another country and I asked a married friend if she could call on him to service her in my absence, he did for a short while but got cold feet about getting caught out. He got… Read more

1st MMF Fact

So K and myself J have been discussing having another man join us. In reality it was my idea and I had introduced the idea. So we discussed for several months and we would role play and talk about another man in the room with us and it always made me so horny.

The time came and we discussed the going to a club and see what happens. We thought this would be the best place to go and be no pressure.

So the day came and we were both very nerv… Read more

The German Fact

So this happened a while back.We tend to dip in and out of the scene when the feeling takes us.We love a good mmf..but this meet was slightly different.
We got chatting to a German business man who joined this site who was over for a short period of time .Deciding to meet and see where it went.I was well up for sharing the wife and pleasing her over and over.So excitedly we went and met in a bar near his rented apartment.We arrived first and wai… Read more

Walk in the woods Fact

Walking in Kilrush woods I found myself catching up with a woman in an orange dress. I slowed down to stay behind and admire her beautiful behind. She stopped to look up at the trees. I stopped next to her, we engaged in a bit of small talk. Sex appeal was oozing from her, not a beautiful woman, but definitely attractive. I got cheeky, used some sexual innuendo. She blushed a bit but laughed and even seemed to get closer to me. "I have a strong i… Read more

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Holiday Fling Fact

Hi all,

My wife and I are a regular couple, mid forties, normal hectic lives with kids and college etc. We hadn't a decent holiday for a few years due to my hectic work commitments and the past 12 months being particularly stressful for us both. We just booked a week in the sun in mid June and went late July. Our general sex life is good but had been sparse of late as we were both tired and stressed.
The first few days we spent relaxing by t… Read more

Wife making up for lost time Fact

My wife "Mary" and I are in our late fifties but to be honest she looks about 45, keeps in great shape too, goes to the gym on a regular basis so she looks great. Over the years our sex life has been great too, but she admitted to me recently that she often wishes she had been a bit more adventurous before she met me as she never slept with another man and as we got married early she always had a slight regret. I've had a few in my time and even … Read more

park fun Fact

we went for a drive one sunday morning on our way to the airport to pick up a friend we were way too early so we stopped in the park and went for a walk,she was wearing a vest top and denim shorts which were a little too loose on her.we found ourselves in a dark cold section of the woods and well we found it very erotic we sat on a fallen tree taking in the sounds and feeling of the forest.we stared kissing and i put my hand down her shorts i was… Read more

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First time cuckold Fact

Caroline and I have been married 3 years, she is 26 and I'm 28. She's a stunning red head, slim with nice tits and a trimmed bush. For a while now we've been fantasising during sex, and the thing that gets her really hot is when I use a dildo on her and she imagines she's been pleasured by two men. I never thought she was serious but enjoyed the effect it had on her. Recently we were on a weekend away and went into a strip club, we were just drin… Read more

Turkish delight for Aine Fact

Aine and I are in our mid forties and have been married for twenty years, we are a normal couple but are always looking to open new doors. We were half way through a holiday in turkey, just relaxing and having a nice time. This day we were staying in the hotel, Aine laying by the pool, me just drinking in the bar and playing pool. Aine is a slim petite red head, really good looking woman that never is short of attention. She looks after herself, … Read more

A big surprise!!! ??? Fact

This happened a few years ago, 4 years ago actually.
I was coming back from a business trip from Spain, i was away for almost 1 month. My husband was waiting for me like crazy.
In the last few months we talked about swing and having sex with other people, but we did it just once and wasn't so great. But now he told me he spoked with a man online and maybe after I come back home we can have a chat. I said ok no problem.
Arrived the day I was … Read more

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That 1 person Fact

We all have them. You know that 1 person that you think is so uppidy that you want to hard fuck them to get back at them. There was this girl i worked with, tall slim with great body, by god was she annoying. I'd come in after heavy weekend of boozing and riding but she'd always have had a supposedly better weekend or she'd chastise me about what i was up to. My response was always the same"go suck on my left testicle ". Fuck me she was hot. Wea… Read more

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first 3sum Fact

It all started a small bit of chat. About how we I would love to have a threesome. L wasn't too keen. She said we have no need to have someone else in our bed. I reckoned we were only young and lets not regret not doing something. So she agreed but one condition. She'd have a threesome, with a girl like I wanted, but first we did it with a guy.... I got a lump in my throat. This wasn't what I wanted. I mean she was mine to fuck. Not someone else'… Read more

It's true Fact

I'm 32 and married for 8 years now, my marriage is ok but my wife is not very adventurous and sex is not a priority for her. I work for myself and my job provides me with opportunities to get some extra, and I don't think my wife would really care as long as I'm discrete. Recently I've been working for an elderly widow, Claire is in her late sixties but doesn't look it at all. She is a petite lady, always made up and very respected in our town. O… Read more

Old friend Fact

I had known Kay years ago, we were just teenagers at the time, I remember she pulled me off one night outside a disco. We met up by accident about a year ago, at a funeral of all places, it was strange to meet after all those years ,almost 30. We chatted and it was like electricity was crashing all round us. Anyway we were disturbed by someone joining in and then her husband came over. I thought no more of the meeting and then last week I bumped … Read more

Much more than we bargained for. Fact

My wife and I are both in our late twenties and have been married for 6 years, our sex life is fantastic but we have found that lately our best sex is when we discuss fantasies. One fantasy that really gets her going is having two cocks together, and preferably a black cock. I took it on to arrange it all, with her approval of course. I went on line and eventually found a lovely black guy who was only too happy to help us fulfill our fantasy, he … Read more

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Hitch-hiking 1993 Fact

Hitch-hiking 1993

How to flirt by e-mail? Through stories of past experiences, perhaps? What was your first experience with a fella? Where did you meet him? How did it come about? Was it a once off, or the beginning of something special? How did you feel?

Mine was in 1993, so I was quite young, as I hitch-hiked from Dublin to Cork. A man picked me up, in a nice big car. He was in his late forties with a bushy beard. He had a pleasant mann… Read more

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