Written by Ilovelargeladies

16 Nov 2017

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In the week after my encounter with L we exchanged many texts. She showed them all to her husband J and she told me they had never fucked so much ... he was constantly aroused by our references to what we had done with each other and what we would like to do. Though his cock was shorter than mine it was thicker and according to L he could use it like a piston! She texted me late one evening with the message "Call me now! I'm at the sink washing up and he's in me from behind. He wants you to hear."!

I got an immediate hard on and nervously dialled. I could hear shuffling and grunting and a few little yelps - the sort L gave every time I had thrust into her. They must have had the phone on speaker as their sounds seemed far away. L called out "He's in me Tony! God he's giving it to me hard!" I had to release my cock from my jeans and I began to stroke it, slowly at first and then quicker and quicker. "Tony!" grunted J hoarsely "I want to see your long cock going into her - right up!" I nearly came! "I have my hands around her soft belly I know you like her belly.." he continued. "Her arse is jiggling about here, its lovely. Come on and join us." I couldn't help it, I squirted my cum all over my jeans and my desk in my home office. I picked up the phone. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yeah bud, come on, she needs a good seeing to!" "Yes please Tony!" came L's voice.

I did myself up and got in the car and drove to their house - about an hour's drive. When I knocked, L came to the door and pulled me inside quickly. Her dress was open all down the front, showing her sexy black underwear and sheer black tights complete with suspender belt - but no knickers. My hand seemed to slip of its own accord between her creamy thighs, and I felt her wetness. She pulled my head towards her and gave me a long deep tongueing kiss. As we kissed, her hands undid my jeans again and we kissed and fondled and stroked right there inside her front door. J came into the hall and over to us. He put a hand on my shoulder and said "Come on up to our bedroom Tony I want a show!"

The three of us tumbled up the stairs, all flushed and excited. J sat in an armchair in the corner of the room, pulled out his cock and began tugging at it, leering at us all the while. Part of me was a bit embarrassed, part of me didn't really like the way he was treating us both as things for his pleasure - but most of me was excited and trembling! As I took off my clothes L stripped off everything but her suspender belt. She pushed me backwards on to their bed and lowered her wet pussy on to my swollen throbbing cock. She kissed and tongued me again, riding up and down on my cock, her ample white arse turned full on towards her wanking husband. He was getting an eyeful of my cock sliding in and out of his wife's pussy and was loving it. I could hear him beginning to gasp as he wanked, and I could hear the squelching sound as his pre-cum oozed out over his busy fingers. I could feel L's warm wet tongue urgently flicking and rolling around mine, I could smell her musky aroma rising up between our bellies as she thrust up and down, and I finally felt her pussy juices squirt down along my shaft as she came loudly, throwing her head back and opening her mouth in a series of loud grunts and squeals. I couldn't hold it any longer! I let fly deep into her cunt with gobs of cum, grabbing her arse cheeks hard and grinding my pelvis against hers. J let out a yell and stumbled awkwardly over, showering L's back and hair with jets of cum from his short thick dick. It was the best cum I've ever had.

I was looking at J's cock as it began to subside, and I felt L grow heavy on top of me as she relaxed after her shuddering climax. I stroked her back and hugged her, enjoying the feel of her warm belly on my softening cock. I looked back at J's cock again, then up into his eyes. His cock twitched! And so did mine! L began to breathe more evenly and then to our surprise she started to gently snore! We looked at each other again, not knowing really what to do. It felt uncomfortable yet there was a thrill. Our cocks betrayed us - J's was now standing out straight again and mine was like a hot rod squashed along his sleeping wife's belly.

I have to go now but next I will tell you all what happened next. All true and I still get hard thinking about it.

Next story in series: ...then her husband tried something