Written by Ilovelargeladies

12 Nov 2017

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About 10 years ago I started chatting to a lady I had met through a personals ad in a paper - the old way :-)

We talked a few times on the phone. She wanted to be sure I was genuine i.e. that I really did like big women. She was English and had moved here a few years before with her husband, a building contractor. When in England he had introduced her to bi sex and they had enjoyed a few ladies in their bed, but never a man. She wanted her turn and he wanted her to have it.

We organised to meet half way between our houses. We met first in an airport car park, then went for a coffee to be sure we would get on. She was really nervous but flushed with excitement. I was hard as hell especially as I could see she had lovely large breasts. She was blonde (real she told me) and about 5'2" with 44DD breasts and a lovely soft belly. Her name was L, her husband was J. Half way through coffee she said J had asked her to call him and put me on the phone to him before we did anything. I was nervous but agreed. I had a good chat with him as he sussed me out - then he said - "Give her a good hard one for me. Enjoy!" I nearly came at that!

We went to a nearby hotel. L was more and more nervous. At the lift she turned to run away! I just held her, kissed her and told her it was OK if she wanted to go. She kind of slumped against me and let me lead her into the lift. I got us into the bedroom, laid her on the bed, raised her dress and began to tongue her through her knickers. She was in ecstasy. I peeled them down and licked and tasted her pussy, sliding my hands up under her bra, until she trembled and came in many little tremors. "oooooooooooooo" she gasped, "let me flip over!" She tore off the rest of her clothes and I took off mine then she lay face down on the bed and pulled her ass cheeks apart. "Come on, give me more you sexy Irishman!" she said hoarsely. "Your cock reaches in much deeper than J's." I slid into her and pumped her that way for nearly an hour, cumming a few times deep in her. "God we have to do this again!" she said as we got dressed. And we did, and included J! More laterx

Next story in series: ...then her husband wanted to be there