Written by Ilovelargeladies

1 Dec 2017

There we were, both of our cocks hard as rocks, his wife asleep on top of me full of my cum, with his cum drying on her back and hair where he had sprayed her as she rode me. We were looking at each other, both feeling embarrassed but also excited. "I'm not gay Tony" J said. "I'm not either J!" said I, reddening. L stirred and woke just then, and as only a woman can, she immediately sensed the atmosphere between us. Her cheeks flushed a little, and she grinned widely as she said "Ooooo have the boys got something else in mind?" She sat up and held her husband's cock in one hand and mine in the other. "Now come on you two, give ME a show!" she said. Reluctantly we shuffled towards each other as she guided us, pulling on our cocks to position us - then she rubbed our cock tips together! J and I were now both blushing furiously, both excited too, and not sure what to do. L bent down and licked our touching cocks. We began to relax. Then she said quietly: "J, kneel down here beside me. You promised you would try...". They had obviously discussed this before, and though reluctant still, J got on his knees in front of me. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, not too wide. L guided my hard tool straight into his mouth and he gamely began sucking. His mouth was so hot! I mean, physically hot, much warmer than L's. He sucked for a few minutes. I was trembling at the knees full of shame, embarrassment, delight and oncoming ecstasy. J suddenly pulled away. "Look guys I'm sorry! I'm not gay. I tried anyway." L gave him a long passionate kiss. "Yes you did love, thank you. It's not for you I guess. Thats OK." Then she asked me if I would suck J! "I will try." I said. But J didn't want to. "Look guys I'm sorry, it really is not for me. Tell you what, you two stay here and fuck the night away. I'll sleep in the spare room, and maybe watch you in the morning again." I couldn't believe it! He went off, and L and I spent the next hour fucking in many positions. L was not able to do anal because of a bad experience years ago - although she wanted to try again with me. We did try, but to no avail. We spent ourselves anyway! True to his word, next morning, about 7am, J came into their bedroom, climbed into bed, and lay under the clothes watching my cock pump his wife. At one point just before I came he reached over and cupped my balls, squeezing them a bit as I pumped into her. Then he knelt up behind me and let the tip of his cock tip against my bum each time I pulled back. I was loving it but also scared and still not sure. Suddenly I came again deep in L, who was in her favourite face down position. As my thrusts subsided I lay on her, cock still in her. "Tony can I slide my cock up and down your arse?" J said. "I won't fuck it, just a wank. Please?" I agreed and L began fingering herself as she felt the weight of me lying on her and her husband sliding his cock up and down my buttcrack. My cock was stiffening again inside her. We just let go - we were all three loving this! It went on for ages until we all came together, quite a gentle small cum from me and L - and quite a loud and wet one from J as he splashed all over my arse and back. The three of us collapsed on the bed, and lay there for a little while. Then we got up, showered and went our seperate ways to work. We met a few times after that again, but never repeated that session, just L and I putting on a show for J. They moved back to the UK a few months later.

And since that time, as well as knowing I LOVE large ladies, I have a lot of exciting thoughts about sucking a cock that I have yet to fulfil....

Hope you all enjoyed these true stories.