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The House invite

Invitation to First meet at House


1 minute read

Margaret and I had exchange good few messages and after few phone calls we both decided to meet up. I went to her local village to meet her and the exact location to be kept secret. her main problem was that she is in a small country village that every know knows who is going and stopping . Bits of busybodies . So the first invite was simple introduction and and planning for other events. We both arranged to meet again and go out to the nearest town where we could socialise and see if there was a spark, by God yes more than one spark. We had good banter betwwen us and it was time for going home when we really hit off as regards to opening up to each other , as all the questions and answers session was completes i was getting a stiff neck in my pants and margaret said you need to go and get that seen to . I ask where was the best practioner and she replies let you know shortly so we packed and left for Margarets House. So on goes the kettle as i was driving and was not in to other berverages when i would have to drive home, as we were chatting away i started to cuddle Margaret and she duly was responding to my moves

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