3 Nov 2015

Continued from previous

The bite to eat that night after travelling south from the midlands county was the tick lips of her hairy juicy fanny

She sat on top of my face and really pinned me to the kitchen floor opening her legs wide and almost taking my breath wiggling both legs with the joy she was experiencing. I licked her out and also fingers her and tickling her clit

we then went to the kitchen table where she lay on her back and I standing screwing that fanny and A was pushing herself out towards me when one of the table legs broke and with the weight of both of us it went all to one end and went to the room

we were so up for it we fucked on the bed and kept going A then sucked both of my balls not that interested on the shaft ,she always said it was the plums she like to taste most, after about 3 hours I had my bag emptied and her fanny pumped we both went back to the kitchen and got a light snack but had to eat from the chairs as we failed to repair the table on the night/morning