8 Feb 2016

Well, I went to Hazelbank for a wee cruise and as usual, nothing going on. I then went to Shaws Bridge for a wee look and it was like wacky races with people flying round from shaws to minnowburn to Malone House and back again. Anyhow, sat and waited and no one was interested, I decided, one more look at shaws, have a smoke then head home. There was a car parked and it looked like no one was in it, so I got out and fixed my stockings and panties and then got back in to the car. The car that was in front of me then reversed next to me and the window was wound down, it was a couple. She was a bit of a looker too. She said hi and I replied in my best deep voice

I half expected them to say ok, sorry, but she was asking me what I was wearing, I was fully dressed, wig etc. The guy was butting in asking if I was bi and what I was doing there, I said I was out looking a bit of fun nut had drawn a blank. I asked what they were out for and they said the same. I asked if they liked being watched and he said I like watching her getting fucked or played with. She then asked me if I fancied doing something, I nearly passed out and said yes of course. She then got out of the car and came in to mine where she felt my boobs, complimented me on my dress and then lifted my dress up and exposed my stockings and panties. She started rubbing my cock and made me very hard and then she took it out and started to suck me off. I was playing with her tits and ass.

I noticed the guy still in his car and he was straining to look, so I said, shall we get out so he can see. So we did, I went to the car, she opened the door, said to him, look at how sexy he is in his hold ups and panties, she took my cock out again and stroked me hard, then both of them sucked me, she then bent over and pulled my cock in to her while she sucked him off, i fucked her and could hear her moaning, she then turned round and wanked me until I came and fed him my cum.

This might sound like I have just had a good dream, it happened last night, 02/09/15. We meet again on Friday, they both want another 3 TV's to be there.