26 Jan 2016

As i pull my panties up and get ready he texts me asking me to keep the door open and tell him what room i am in i text him back to tell him the 2nd room and ask what time will he be here. 5 mins was his text. I quickly pull the tights up my soft shaved legs which he loves put my make up on and wig and the sexy secretary look is complete.

I hear him come in down stairs and close the front door.I am sitting on a bed with only candle light in the room. I hear him taking the steps, closer and closer he comes to me till i see his silhouette in the bedroom door. I assume position on my knees zipping down his pants slowly he is rock hard already. Out pops this Hard Big Headed cock as i make my way down his shaft i smell paint from his work overalls. deeper and deeper i go feeling his cock pulsating in my warm wet mouth till he is balls deep in my mouth.

I look up at and he starts to fuck my mouth. holding my head in place and his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and getting speed up. O Rosie u slut he says as he slaps his cock off my face .Im close he tells me then stands me up bends me over my bed pulled up and short skirt to reveal my tong. he is wanking with one hand and squeezing my ass checks with the other then i hear him breathing heavy i know whats going to come i hear him moan then..... it finishes he pulls up his pants and walks away. Until the next time.

Rosie xxx