Written by Anonymous

26 Apr 2009

Both Mandy and I are in our late 40s. A friend's son Mark, had a fallen out with him and asked if he could stay for a while in our house until he got fixed up somewhere else.

We had no problems with that so we fixed him up in a spare bedroom.

Mark is 22 and fit, blond and bronzed and we knew he had the pick of any of the young women he wanted. However he never brought them back to our house.

On night however, while Mandy and I were watching a blue movie on TV, Mark walked in on us. We felt a bit embarrassed but Mark wasn't put out a bit and said he'd like to see the movie along with us.

Mandy and I had been sitting on the couch and Mark sat down on the other side of Mandy. There was some really hot stuff going on in the skin flick and I felt my cock getting aroused. Mandy must have been the same as she snuggled into me and put her hand lightly on my crouch. I looked around at Mark and could see a huge bulge in his jeans and knew he was getting horny watching the movie.

Mandy must have see his bulge too because she stood up and asked if we wanted a beer while the movie was playing. We all agreed and Mandy left the room to get them.

After a while she returned with the beers and a flimsy nightgown on her. I could see her erect nipples sticking out and the cheeks of her arse and the strap from her thong drove between her arse cheeks.

Mark also noticed her as well and let out a low whistle telling her she should consider doing a porno as she has a great body.

Mandy took her cue and started massaging her tits in front of us. Mark turned to me and gave me a look as if to say, should I be here? I nodded across to him and gave him the thumbs up.

Mary then sat down between us and put her hands on both of our straining cocks and started to massage them together. Jesus, it was great watching her stroke another man's hard on. I put my hand on her thigh and started stroking it. I turned to Mark and told him, if she wanted to play, we should also do the same. He took the hint and started fondling Mandy big tits. Mandy was moaning by now. I saw that red flush on her face that I knew to mean she was as randy as hell and wanted a good seeing to.

I broke away from the other two and took off my top. It was Mandy's turn to whistle now and said I too would be great in a porno. She turned to Mark and asked him what he looked like under his cloths. He stood and took off his top. Both of us were standing there with our cocks straining at the leash to get out, but neither wanted to do so, for fear of embarrassment. It was Mandy who broke the ice.

She said, I'm prepared to go the whole way, if you two will do the same. Both of us agreed.

Mandy stood up and took off her flimsy nightgown and let her big bobs bounce out. She stood there in just her thong. She put her fingers down the sides of it and started to slowly pull it down. It was amazing to see the first sights of her dark public hair and then that crack between her fanny. I noticed it glistened and knew her juices were already running between her legs.

She turned to me and said, take em off. I dropped my strides in an instant and out sprung my six inch member. Turning to Mark she said, let's see what you have big boy. Within an instant Mark had his trousers and briefs off and his cock stood straight up touching his navel. His nogger was also about six inches but a thinner than mine.

Mandy then sat down and told us to sit either side of her and continue on with what we had been doing earlier.

Mark instead of fingering her tits leaned over and took one of her nipples in her mouth. I leaned down and slid my tongue along the hairy slippery crack of her cunt. Both of our cocks were being skilfully rubbed by Mandy.

She parted her legs even wider which allowed my mouth to find her clit. I began gently nibbling on it. This brought a low moan from Mandy.

She turned to Mark and told him she wanted to feel his cock in her mouth. He duly obliged and stood as Mandy reached out and brought his cock between her lips. She flicked the top of his nob with her tongue, which brought precum from the eye of his flute. When she tasted this she opened her lips and guided his cock in between them and told him to ride her face slowly.

I couldn't take any more and readjusted her to where I was in a standing position with my rod in perfect position to bury it up her dripping hole. I put the top of my nob against her swollen pussy lips and slowly inched it up into her. Every inward movement brought a stiffed moan from her.

Mark had to stop pumping, as her told Mandy he was finding it hard holding back from shooting in her mouth. Mandy wasn't having any of it. She told him to continue pumping his cock into her mouth that she loved the taste of spunk. Without hesitation Mark readied himself and began in earnest to face fuck her. It didn't take him long. While I was fucking her pussy I had a bird's eye view of Mark's cock. I saw the tell tail signs, as the long vein at the back of a cock swelled, his balls went up into him, he grabbed Mandy by the back of the head and exploded into her mouth. She grabbed hold of the butt of his cock and pulled it out, as his cock continued squirting his cum all over her face. I have never seen anyone cum so much. If dribbled from her face, from over her eyes and on down onto her big tits.

The sight brought me to a climax as well . I roughly pulled my cock from her fanny and sprayed my spunk all over her belly.

At 22 Mark could keep his erection. So when I came, Mandy told Mark to take over from me and to screw her pussy. She got off the couch and told him to lie on the floor. His cock was still stiff and pointing straight up. As he lay on his back, Mandy sat on his tool. She slowly lowered herself onto it and began pumping up and down on it. Her rhythm quickened and I could tell she was building to a climax. With a huge cry she let out a scream and I could see her juices rolling down Mark's Balls. This sight brought my cock back to arousal. She lay back with Mark still shafting her from behind. I moved over between their legs and grabbed the purplish red head of my nob. The other two had slowed and I nudged my cock into Mandy cunt while Mark's cock was still in there. Her love juices had made it easy to slip up her. The heat inside her fanny was extreme. As I slid further up, I felt the head of my cock knock of Mark's and began riding Mandy. Every time I pulled out and went to push in, the head of my cock touched off Marks. I felt my cock swell inside Mandy's cunt, and my ball sack tighten as I began to jerk and unloaded a massive load of cum up her love tunnel.

Mandy felt me swell and unload inside her and she too climaxed. My cock shrived back to normal and fell out of Mandy slippery cunt hole. When it fell out of her, lobs of spunk fell onto Mark's balls. He began riding Mandy from behind. I reached under him and started messaging the spunk into his balls and up into the crack in his arse. I slipped one finger up his hole. This brought him to the extreme. He stiffened. He rammed his cock home and began pumping wads of spunk into Mandy again. She felt his organism and screamed out as I saw her swollen pussy lips, tighten, quiver and the love juice just flow from her fanny.

When the finally disengaged. The three of us hugged each other and promised the next time, someone would have a camera and who knows, we could be porn stars.