Written by Anonymous

25 Aug 2009

Myself & alison had talked about threesomes I had had with an old mate john when I was single years before we met,she had had only one threesome with two old boyfriends of hers and loved it.She used to get so excited talking about it she would have a female ejaculation all over my face while I was eating her pussy I mean EXPLOSIVE lovely.

Anyway I contacted John and arranged a night in a Hotel for all three of us, he was well up for it.Alison and I agreed that she would take John to our room for at least an hour fucking before I would go up.

As I entered the room I could see her 69 on top of John with his face disappearing into her soaking pussy,and his reddened cock deep in her mouth,I quickly threw my clothes off to release my rock hard cock.I joined John in lapping her clearly full of cum pussy, then I pushed my cock doggy style into her pussy and started to fuck her really hard.John to my surprise started sucking my balls and fingering my anus which made me even harder and I had the hardest longest orgasm I think I have ever had.I rolled off alison onto the bed and quick as a flash she straddled my face with a hot wet pussy.She said she wanted two cocks in her pussy so as she caressed my face with her big wet pussy she started sucking my cock,and soon John was at my cock too both of them nibbling,& sucking.When my cock was hard again alison position herself on top of me cock in pussy her legs in between mine.John moved around behind her and edged his cock in with mine in her pussy, we had the most glorious 10 or 15 mins of grinding, rubbing,and full on screaming fucking the heat of a glorious pussy and unusual sensation of two cocks fucking one pussy.When we came there was cum & pussy juice all over us so we had a feast of sucking,licking,& eating.

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