Written by ted001

12 Sep 2009

u have to try it ken says... im single u sarcastic twat... ken smiles... knowing iv been flying solo for a while... all the more reason to give it a shot... ken replies... i dont know... i just dont know... ken says he knows a couple from kikkenny.. looking for a bit of play... they are on the scene for a while and are good for new cummers... im thinking what the f*&k.. i came here to tell my mate his goddess of a misses is shagging the country side and now im doing interviews foe couples sex.... fuck me ken would sell ice to an china man lol...elona comes into the room sheepishly.. not looking me in the eye... fuck ken.. i dont know... elona im sorry but but guy i got to go... out the front door i go .. to my place of solace.. my one true spot where me and my mind can be at peace.. yes im in the ( bet all the girls think im gonna say pub....)car.. ottis redding on dock of the bay soothing my mind as i just drive.. dart vader tells me iv a message from luke... iv a txt msg...ken asking to talk... my phone oinks... kens personal ring tone(he gave it to me ) i answer jesus ted please dont tell any one its our careeres.. ken ken listen ur my mate dont worry i just need space.. ok.thank you elona wants to no ken i cant talk to her.. iknow its not her fault but i cant... ken hangs up he knows how i drive lol..its been a week i havent my old drinking partner.. no tuesday pasta night and dvd nights in...crap y am i so judgemental... knock knock.. i open the door ken with a beautiful. tall well stacked lady... jesus ken what the fuck....ken laughs.. its the kilkenny couple i told u about ..sarah..her plae complection..long dark hair almost goth like but not she is about 6"1... and well shaped lovely curved buns... from what i cud see in her skirt... she smiles its warm.. i get lost in her gaze.. my cock stirs.. back to reality.. what ken.. what are u talking about... well i told them all about you and phil is at home waiting for the call.. at ur house ken fuck is elona there...ken... for .. no ted he is in kilkenny sarah said he couldnt cum this time... ken has a smile acros his face ur gonna love me... ken leaves this beautiful girl at my door and rightly helps himself to my fridge and beer.. cant complain ido it to his.... ahhhh hi sarah.. im ted ha ha sarah smiles again warmth.. jesus my cock moans in my shorts... dont worry ted we will just sit and talk if u want.. ken told me all about u and i got so hot.. for the first time in months i let phil fuck me with out any one else...ok then sit down sarah... what exactily did ken tell u cause 1. its been a while .A. i wasnt any good at it back then as thats why edel proberly left me... no ted the way u stood up for him and elona.. the way u just went to the house and told the truth and the way u turned us down...now sarah he didnt show me a photo.. and heleft out a few details like ur hotarating..my what!!.. HOTA rating u c y im still single 28 year old man mind of a 16 year old boy. ken stirs u fucked her yet ted proberly cum pretty quickly been that long... haaaaaa.. there would be the second reason y im single cause of that ASSSSSS!!!!!!! raiding my fridge... sarah smiles again the sun shine warms my face and again my cock groans .. like awakening from a great slumber.. but this time he awakes with a twang lol sarah smiles...edel was a silly girl.. u knew her i blurt out.. no ted she left a well equiped man.. SHIT!! i follow sarahas eyes down i know where they will end my now cherry red face and voice all meak.. proberly the cooking then ha ha no didnt cover it sarah hasnt stopped looking at my now not so shy tool hidden away in my shorts.. YEAH he cant cook for ken looks over ans sees sarah and kissing..she asks can she use my phone it on the ground there let me no ted its ok... she leans over and auto matically i look at her ass pushed up against her skirt..holy shit whats happening..sarah talks low and n a definate tone.. u are to be beside the phone from now till i call u.. wear the panties i baught u and use the plug let me hear u put it in... ok rember im watching..... sarah turns back to me where were we ...oh yea she kisses me slowley swirling her toung around mine... only making my cock grow.. her hand massages my balls and slides to under them and she plays my ass slow pulses with her finger with each pulse i think she will push thru into my ass... its weird but strangely exciting ohhh ted we are gonna like this sarah informs me as im gasping from the long forgotten pleasure of a sexual woman.she pulls off her top to reaveal ample breasts and beautiful erect nipples... i nibble and lick the as i massage her breasts she yanks at my shorts cords the smell in the air its me my cock is already dripping with antisipstion...not yet ted sarah whispers her pale skin.. dark hair.. breasts .. slowley like a stripper she eases off the skirt... and the her neatly trimmed pussy her lips there asknig , begging to be licked., fingered, kissed nibbled fucked... on my knees like a flash.. i slowly massage her pussy.. she twitches slightly..yes i know what she likes now as i finger her pussy i gently nibble her clit nose and thoung all working harder than ever be foure.. sarah gasps fuck yes please please keep going.. like a hound on the hunt i know not to stop but got at it harder and faster... sarah starts to buck pushing her wet dripping pussy in to my face driving my thoung and fingers further into her... with alast gasp sarah flinches a great spasm takes over her whole body sarah moans yesssssssss and goes rigid for a brief moment then body all flacid as if poured onto the couch..she tastes sooo good i lap up all she has to offer as i clean her lovely nectar she twitches slightly.. ohh and ahhh ing sarah says fuck ted that was good ur are a horney git...with that she mounts my cock and says fuck me hard ted i i no ted shoot ur load deep in to me sarah.. rides me like a wild animal..its not long befoure i cum sarah smiles i look as if iv done a bad thing ... oh dont worry now i know ur here ill be back... oh hi ken , elona shit i forgot he was there elona but i lookback there she is naked wanking ken.. she was in the jeep. and wanted to say hi...sarah picks up the phone and walks into the other room it will be about 10 mins is that ok.. i nod my head .. sarah leaves.. ken and his sex god of a wife fix their clothes... ken laughs next time u can have elona if u want... as he goes in to the kitchen.. elona looks at me and smiles warmth hmmm fuck no.. but cud i ????