Written by ted001

9 Sep 2009

you like it when she cuckolds u.... yes ken replies.. i was the one who suggested it huh... such a long time ago now... any regretts i ask... no...definately not ken replies in a rapid and cert manner i have had the best sex of my life with her and i know she loves me as i love her.... nice i reply but she fucks other men u cant just sit there and let her. listen ur right she only lets me watch some times ken then laughs this is more at my confusion than the thaught of himself out side the bed room door hearing all his wife can take waiting for his turn to pleasure her .this is what we are and like it or not we love it...............................ted u have to understand its ok..ken ur my best mate i cant let sum guy do this to u .. if i see any one ill... well ill.. ted if our friendship is anything to u ,u wont... please...." ok sorry i got carried away...im talking to ken my mate as iv seen his wife in a car park with another man the story so far is that kens wife elona the most beautiful goddess i have ever seen is messing about on ken and i have asked the guy in question to stop doing what he was doing to my best mates wife in the most polite and care free manner ha ha ha cum on really what would u have done in my position... my only saving grace is that he is married and cant report me to the wizzz coppers, bobbies or as i know them as p$%^ no im not that shallow..... i know em as ken and elona yes its a small town..."( sorry about this but ull have to read the rest on the next instalment.. please rate it and leave comments but wait to read it all)