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The Three of Us

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You meet me at the door of the hotel room. I come in drop the bag and kiss you. Hips move immediately. ...I press against you and you get hard instantly. Mmm. I lower my hands over your hard cock then open belt and buttons. I drop to my knees and pull your clothes down. I take your cock deep and enjoy long delicious strokes and the sound of your breathing changing. You pull my head back, hold my throat hard and tell me to stand up. I do as I am told. You drop your hand inside my jeans and panties. ... You gasp at the wetness and heat of my cunt. You quickly undress me. I lay back on the bed and am excited. ....ready to be used. You kneel between my legs and start kissing my cunt. Thumbing my clit in circles. I raise my hips to your kisses. You are driving me inane. I want to touch u but u tell me to stop. You slap my tits and tell be to be good. .... you kiss again. I am lost. The softness of your kisses along my cunt. Your probing tongue. I arch moan and beg for more. I hear a sound and realise we aren't alone. U have asked M to join us. I am shocked but excited. U raise your head and tell me to kiss and enjoy. M comes over. ...we are both nervous. U kneel up and finger my cunt so u can watch. My hips are thrusting against your fingers. M kisses me gently and I kiss back. He starts to touch my tits. .... the sensation of being pleasured in my cunt and my tits being caressed is too much. I raise my head to take Ms cock in my mouth. U push it back and M starts to stoke his cock....still touching my breasts with the other hand. I start to touch myself to relieve my desires. Hands everywhere. .... Yours. .mine…..M’s. .... it feels good. You move me to the side of the bed and raise my legs. I can see your cock. It is huge, thick and hard. . U spread my legs and cunt lips and in one motion, you are buried balls deep in my cunt. It feels so good. You move slowly a few times ...out. ...slamming balls against my dripping cunt. M is kissing me and touching my tits. You are enjoying my reaction. I am literally bucking back on you. U pull out and tell M it is his turn. He stands between my legs and drives his cock deep into me. I am looking into your eyes. You are enjoying this. I open my mouth and you push your cock deep to the back of my throat. It tastes yum. Pre cum drops along your tip. After a few minutes ...u pull away and tell me to move over on the bed. U lie in front of the mirror and tell me to straddle your cock cow girl. I slide down your shaft. Still so fucking big and hard. Delicious sensations coursing through me. I pull M over and take his cock in my mouth. I ride you hard and suck Ms cock like a pro. You lay back and enjoy the view in the mirror. Tits swaying and being grabbed and squeezed by M. ……cock deep in my throat. Your hands at my waist moving to my hips while I ride you hard. You slap my ass and tell me to take both cocks deep. I can hear Ms Breathing change. .. he pulls out and comes all over my tits. I sit up and continue to ride u while M touches my tits then slides one hand to my cunt. He thumbs my clit as I ride u. It sends me over the edge and I orgasm hard. You can feel the clenching and spasm around ur cock. U thrust deep and fill me with cum. I fall down to the bed. Take Ms hand and we spoon. ..... quietly.
Written by Cathfinn

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