7 Dec 2015

By HornRod

Mandy and I are just back from a weekend away in County Clare.

We stayed in this beautiful B&B just outside Ennis.

We arrived on Friday evening and were met by a very welcoming landlady in her 60s who showed us to our room. She gave us our key and told us if we wanted anything just to ring down.

We went out that night and had a few drinks. The weather was atrocious and we were drenched when we got back to the house.

We quickly stripped off our wet cloths and started to dry ourselves with the two towels that were in the bathroom.

A knock came to the door. Mandy opened it and the landlady was standing there with warm towels saying that she heard us come in and thought we could do with more towels to dry off.

Mandy invited her in telling her we had brought a bottle of JD and Powers back with us and invited her to join us for a drink to warm up. She took up the offer and sat at the end of the bed while myself and Mandy continued to dry ourselves off.

Mandy, being Mandy, as regular readers of our stories will know, is no shrinking violet, when it comes to slyly exposing her self to other women, (accidentally) dropped the towel that was around her and exposed her hairy snatch and bouncing tits to the landlady who gasped at the sight.

On seeing this, I apologised to her for Mandy's slip. But the woman said she had no problem with it. She said: “Hmmm. Your wife has a very fine body.”

I was standing there with a towel wrapped around my midriff. The small bulge where my cock and balls were nesting was very pronounced.

The landlady asked if we didn't mind if she stayed a while to chat because there were no other residents in the house that night and she was enjoying our company.

No problem, we replied as we filled up our glasses again.

About an hour later and an empty JD bottle we cracked open the bottle of Powers. By this stage the three of us were tipsy.

Mandy took her towel off, lay flat on the bed and asked me to rub her back, while still talking to the landlady, who didn't seem surprised by her move. I sat alongside Mandy and began rubbing her lower back, the spot where I know, turns her on. The landlady leaned over, began massaging Mandy's feet and asked if it would be all right if she began rubbing Mandy's legs, to which there were no objections.

I felt my cock twitch as I watched her caressing Mandy's legs. She must have noticed the jerking movements as she slid a hand up my towel, asking if I minded, to which I just shook my head saying nothing, but kept watching as her hand slid up between Mandy's legs and onto the back of her pussy.

Mandy felt the other woman's hand sliding up along he hairy crack and spread her legs to allow the hand to manoeuvre into a position where the other woman could slide two of her fingers into her by now wet snatch.

By this stage my cock was rock hard as the landlady's other hand was slowly sliding up and down it.

Mandy turned around and asked Jan, (the landlady) if she was interested in having some threesome fun.

Jan stripped off quicker than I can shoot my load. Within minutes she was laying beside Mandy sucking on her erect nipples.

And if anyone says, at this stage, that a woman in her 60s can't do what a woman in her 30s or 40s can do in bed, then Jan would prove you all wrong.

What followed was the hottest sex session that myself and Mandy have had in years.

Seeing Jan sucking on Mandy's tits and her hand caressing between her legs, I moved around to the back of her and positioned my rigid nob squarely between the crack in her arse cheeks. Jan felt it and arched her arse towards it where it was at the straining point to burst up her hole. She relaxed her muscles and the top of my nob popped inside her arse. Felling it there Jan clenched her arse and trapped the top of my nob there and stated jerking her arse back and forward.

By this stage Mandy's was moaning and her cunt was dripping wet, while Jan continued to expertly finger her and suck on her tits. I reached around and began rubbing Jan's slippery gee and before long had two fingers buried up it and rubbing on her clit. Jan reached back and pulled my cock from her arse and began flicking her finger over its eye. I looked down at my rod and saw the pre-cum oozing from it.

Mandy asked Jan to reposition herself. Mandy wanted to suck Jan off. Both women were now in the 69 position and licking each others dripping fannies. My cock was rigid and was still oozing pre-cum, when I positioned it in between Jan's cunt hole and Mandy's mouth. I slowly inserted my throbbing member into Jan's waiting hole, while Mandy licked along it's shaft while it made it was deeper into Jan's ever moistening snatch. I looked down and saw the froth begin to dribble from her hole, which made me drive my rod deeper up her hole.

Mandy was beginning to buck and scream as Jan's expert tongue brought her to almighty climax, while all the time gobbling up ever drop of pre-cum and fanny juice oozing into her mouth.

Jan asked me to dismount her which I reluctantly did, just moments away from shooting my load into her. I slipped my rod out of her and was amazed to see a wad of pre-cum dripping from the top of my nob.

Jan lay on her back and asked Mandy to squat down her on face and to ride her fanny into her mouth and asked me to bury my rod deep up into her wringing wet pussy.

Mandy did what she was told and within seconds in that position was cumming and dribbling her juices on top of Jan's tongue and into her mouth. The smell of sex had me at a heightened state. I grabbed hold of my rigid horn and slid straight up Jan's waiting hole and began riding her like fuck. I felt her pussy lips go into convulsions as I felt pulse after pulse of orgasms rip through her entire body.

I was again within seconds of unleashing my load. That tingling feeling was circling the top of my nob, my ball sac was tightening and I felt the beginnings of the volcanic orgasm begin to rumble between the base of my balls and my arse, when Jan moved and my rigid cock again popped from her cunt. Jan then got on her knees, told Mandy to lick the back of her pussy before grabbing hold of my cock and circling her mouth around it, expertly tonguing the slit in the top of it, which again was dripping pre-cum from it.

Mandy must have hit Jan's G-spot because I felt her lips tighten around my cock and begin sucking it like fuck.

By this stage I just couldn’t hold back any more and Jan knew it.

I grabbed hold of her ears and began fucking her mouth. That feeling came back of my ball sac as my balls tightened, that tingling sensation rose and I exploded load after load into Jan's mouth. I just couldn't stop cumming. Jan, by now had one of her fingers driven up my hole which brought forward another orgasm and load after load of spunk, that dripped from her mouth.

When I was done, my cock swivelled up and fell from her mouth and I lay back on the bed exhausted. But Jan wasn't finished. A woman in her 60s was going to fuck all night. She turned with my mouthful of spunk and went down on Mandy's reddened cunt lips and licked the cum deep into her pussy which again brought Mandy to the height of another climax.

Lay back and watched both women go at it for near on another hour, each climaxing as they finger fucked and licked each other out.

The three of us fell asleep in each others arms.

I was awoken the next morning by Jan wanking on my cock. When she got it to the desired hardness she got on top of it and rode me, till I shot my wad up into her dribbling hole.

Mandy and I waved goodbye to Jan on Monday morning after fucking each others brains out for the weekend and have agreed to book the same B&B.