Written by divad

8 Jan 2016

We have an apartment in town. You have everything set up so nicely. We have our own space, so we buy whips, paddles, everything we want. You have a full length mirror angled towards the bed and one hanging from the ceiling over the bed.

One Saturday morning you ask me to shower. You come in as I do and tell me to shave carefully.... I dry myself off, dry my hair and moisturize. You tell me you are going out for a short while but that when you come back you expect me to be ready. You tie my breasts how I like them to be tied. Triangle around breasts up around my neck. You use a soft silk rope. You leave a length at the back of my neck and tell me you have a surprise. I can feel my tits starting to tingle and my cunt getting wet.

You go out of the bedroom and come back with a set of stocks. You have designed it yourself and it is beautiful. You open it and I eagerly run over to it smiling. I put my head and wrists in. You secure me there and I am ready for you. You pick up your phone, and text someone and tell me you will be back shortly.

You head out and meet Pat for brunch. You ask him if he would consider fucking me. He says yes. You tell him now is your chance but that you will be there too. You take tablets out and you both take one. He is not sure if you are winding him up

You come back to the apartment and I can hear you talking to someone. I have already had my surprise, the stocks, so I am confused. You open the bedroom door and walk in. Pat is very surprised, we haven't told him about us. You explain that we both like sex a lot, like it pretty rough.... He doesn't need to know more than that. I am feeling very self-conscious but can't move. You tell me to keep my legs spread and start undoing your belt. Pat is unsure. He watches as you step out of your trousers and plunge your cock deep into my hot wet cunt. You look in the mirror. I have my head down and am moaning. I needed that after the anticipation. You get the rope and pull my head up. You tie it onto a notch on the stocks and tell me to watch. U keep stroking deep into me and take your shirt off. Pat is standing there watching and you ask him what he is waiting for. He comes over kisses me and asks me if I am ok with this. My eyes glint and I say very. He doesn't wait to be told twice. He takes off his clothes. And stands in front of me. You tell me to suck cock. I do. You are both very big from the excitement and the tablet. You grab my shoulders and ram your cock deep into my cunt. Pat fucks deep. He is getting that this is what we do. You run your hands over my back as you fuck me... Cock ....In out.... Hands up and down my back. Occasionally wandering to my tied and over sensitive breasts. I gasp and struggle to breath. You know my ways better so you ask pat does he want a go from behind. He says hell yes. You come round to me and kiss me and ask if I am ok. I say yes but beg for cum explosion. I need to feel it trickling down my throat and between my thighs. You call me a greedy slut and tell Pat to slap my ass, this surprises him and he hesitates. So you come round and do it. Very very hard, it makes me wild, wet and tingling. You gently laugh and tell him he doesn't get me or know what he is missing. You come round to me and tell me to swallow deep. You ram your cock in my throat and tell him to fuck my cunt. As you throat fuck me you gently slap my red tits. They are bigger than normal from being tied you love that. You come round and sit under the stocks and gently tease my nipples with your lips and teeth. You cup my breasts and put you face between them squeezing them together so you can kiss both. Pat is slamming into me. You cup his balls and massage them to heighten his orgasm. He explodes. You can see he is weak and trembling. You have thought of everything and have a stool. You sit him in front of me and tell me to suck and lick Pat. Your turn now, you come behind me and lube your fingers. You probe my ass with 1/2/3 fingers.... I moan. You know what I want. Pat is weak but watching eagerly. U smack me and tell me to have patience. You lube your huge thick hard cock and gently start to fuck me, each time getting deeper into my tightness. Pat says fuck me, you do like it rough. He is enjoying the view and the gentle sucking after his orgasm. You are enjoying fucking my ass but as I have been a good slut you decide to reward me. You pull slightly out of my ass and slide your lubed fist into my cunt. You separate your fingers and push your cock back in, feeling your cock against the tightness of my ass and your fingers. Pat jumps off the stool and says holy fuck, what are you doing?!! You tell him if he doesn't like it leave. He says, No I like it, that he would like a turn. You say next time. He is hard again and you ask does he want another fuck. He says yes. You tell him the only ass on offer to him today is yours. He says he has no problem with that that he has wanted to fuck male ass to see what it’s like. He comes behind you, lubes his cock and your ass. You bend over slightly and he enters you. You both get your rhythm and start to fuck me. Fist and cock in me, Pats cock in u. I am so aroused, watching u both in the mirror. You both move deep and steady. I can feel my orgasm build, fuck it explodes around your fist you can feel it on your cock. It sends you over the edge and you fill my ass with cum. You pull me deep to steady yourself while Pat pumps your ass hard and fills your ass with warm sticky cum. He slaps your ass as he pulls out. You tell him to go clean up and show him the bathroom. You gently take me out of the stocks and undo the ropes. You kiss me and thank me. I go to the en suite to shower. I come out in pjs and go to kitchen. You shower. When you and Pat come out I have lunch made. We sit and talk, laugh about what happened, say what we liked and what we would like to try. Mmmm we all liked it. X