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7 Aug 2015

Taxi Home


2 minute read

its been a fantasy of mine for my hot wife to blow me and the taxi driver on our trips home from our nights out, we live 40mins away from nearest city. Last weekend, we headed out and after a few beers I went for a quick rub of her ass, only to discover she was going commando, immediate hard on for my part!. She usually won't go to the bar on busy nights as she says she's constantly getting rubbed up, this time I insisted so that she could tell me if anyone guessed and what they might whisper in her ear and with her ample breasts pushed up barmen are usually slow to serve her as they like the view. There was plenty of lewd comments said to her and to be honest she found this a bit of a turn off so at half one we decided it was time to head home. Usual trick is to have her lean in the drivers window to bargain a set price which always works well, €10-15 discount on fare. As we set in, I couldn't wait and opened my jeans to let my hard on free, after being ignored for a while and with a little persistence she took me in her hand and started to wank me. I whispered blow me not thinking she would but she slowly lowered her head and started, we must have been on the loud side as the Eastern European driver stopped the car to watch and started wanking himself off and offering encouragement for her to " swallow slut", I filled her mouth and she let it spill down her chin and around her tits. The driver asked for his go but she declined offering to finish him off by hand which he accepted and covered her hand with sprayed cum

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