13 Mar 2016

We arrived into Melbourne Australia and straight away got online to check out swingers club, we found one in the suburbs of MEL.

We arrived around 9pm to a packed bar full of like minded people. CB and I decided to check the place out... rooms with beds in, you can leave the door open for others to look or join in. I then found the swing room, the mirror room ( I know I am going to have fun tonight), orgy room, spa and many other rooms to have fun in.

We headed back to the bar for a drink, around 10pm you change into either sexy lingerie or nothing at all, we chose the latter.

We got chatting to a couple Paul and Ann, I could tell we were going to have a good night with them... Paul was checking me out, you can touch if you like and straight away he did.. he started to caress and cup my tits, my nipples started to harden, I look over at CB his dick is erect, that makes me horny and Ann is looking down at CB she likes what she sees.

Paul and Ann head off for some fun, we finish our drinks and follow.... People are into it straight away, room after room the doors are open for all to see. Passing one of the rooms I hear my name been called it was Paul and Ann. Ann is lying on her back, legs spread will Paul licking , sucking and fingering her fanny.... We enter the room, I get on the bed straight away on all fours and take over from Paul, playing with Ann's pussy. Paul is behind me and starts to finger me, at this stage I am so wet, juice running down my leg and I want to be fucked. Seeing CB getting a blowjob from Ann dosen't help as I love to see how other woman can handle CB's big cock. Paul looks for the OK from CB, I then feel his dick teasing me, but I want to be fucked, long and hard... I start to gyrate and move me arse closer to Paul so I can feel his dick deep inside... fuck me fast, fuck me hard... I can feel myself coming.. CB knows how I love sucking his big dick as I come, so he and Ann spin around with CB fucking my mouth and Ann licking, tongueing my Clit... oh the pleasure, two dicks fucking me, been licked and been watched by another couple who have entered the room to watch us all come together... I can feel Paul cum inside me, as CB comes in my mouth I suck hard to get every bit out of him... I swallow with a smile.... THis is just the beginning of the night.... there is plenty more, do you wanna hear more??????