Written by Paddy

28 Jun 2012

School disco time :

We love school discos because we always have a great night & its a great place to meet likeminded people who are up for a good time and as we both have a uniform fetish its a good place to go,,

MY girl J gets dressed in her old school uniform, a short blue skirt with no tights showing off her tanned legs, a striped white shirt with the collar up, a shaped blue v neck jumper with her shirt hanging out, hair in pig tails & wearing a white lacy thong. I knew that thong wouldnt be staying on to long cos i knew she was as horny as me thinking about the night ahead, I got dressed in my school disco clothes, a grey pants ,white shirt & school tie & a green v neck school jumper. As we were both ready & had a bit of time before the taxi arrived, we started to get frisky kissing and groping each other , J tugged at my pants to get my cock out & was soon wanking me hard, she then dropped to her knees & started sucking me off while cupping my balls in her hands, she then started tea bagging my balls while wanking me off, i grabbed her pig tails as she blew me and it wasnt long before i shot my load into her mouth which she promptly swallowed down , i made my way down on her grabbing & feeling her arse & tits, i could smell the sweet smell of her pussy through her wet knickers , i pulled the knickers off her & i dived right in letting my tongue & fingers go wild at the same time, everytime i felt she was about to orgasm i would stop & then go back down again to pleasure her, my cock was rock hard again so this time when i felt her trembling & about to come i left it happen & then she orgasomed over & over till she slid down the wall on to the floor, she was moaning and her eyes were rolling in her head so i lifted her up on to the counter top & hitched up her skirt , i plunged my cock deep in to her as i grabbed her legs and put them up on my shoulders so i could go as deep inside her as possible, i was shagging her as hard as i could and was looking at the expression of ecstacy on her face, as I was about to shoot my load she grabbed her clit and started flicking furiously until we both came at the same time, i could feel the muscles in her pussy moving as my cock was inside her,as i pulled out of her my cum and her pussy juice was running out of her pussy & down her legs,just then the buzzer went, it was our taxi to pick us up,we were still breathless, as i told him 2 minutes, we wiped ourselves down & she put back on her moist knickers, we were still so horny & couldn't wait to get to the club to pick up some strangers to share with each other,,,as we got into the taxi I could see the driver looking at my girl , He said your a bit late for school arent ye..when we arrived at the club the sight of all the people in uniform got us so hot that we raced in & got some drinks & began to seek out potential partners for the night, until we spotted a couple that we had been with before, they were K & L who were both quite good looking, the last few times we had been with them we had a great time as they like the same things we do,L worked in the bank & K worked in a factory, we went over to them & they introduced us to 2 of their friends G & E, the moment we saw E we recognised her from another party, G & E werent a couple they were just good friends & fuck buddies, I hoped they were up for it as E had a great body and i knew a few people who were with her before, it didn't take long for all of us to get friendly with each other, we were playing around with eachother all night and as the drink flowed we were getting hot and hornier, i was getting with E and was loving every minute of it as she was well up for it, i was kissing her on the dance floor and began grabbing her ass , i signaled my girl that we were moving over near the toilets so she lead G by the hand over there aswell, he asked me was i ok with this & i said go for it you will love every second of it, I knew it was his first time in this type of place,my girl was kissing G & directed his hands down to her pussy , she put his hand into her knickers & he began fingering her & then his other hand dissappeared up under her jumper & i could work out the outline of his hand on her tits and he was loving it,i was getting very friendly with E next to them , she was very forward and knew exactly what she wanted out of the night,we were really getting into it, I knew that i couldnt shag her there & then because everybody was not of the same thinking as us, so i asked her to go to the toilet with me but i couldnt bare to not see my girl getting pleasured by G, so we moved down the club to where everybody was with eachother, i could see my girl putting a condom on G and pushing her knickers to the side and directing his cock into her,he began shagging my girl up on a bench seat, i could see him thrusting as hard as he could into her and it was great to see it, I was fingering E as she was tugging my cock ,i pulled her shirt out of her skirt and put my hand up under her shirt to feel her tits , she had really nice tits and i licked my hand and began carressing her nipples, i lifted up her grey skirt and pulled her really sexy red knickers off of her , i put on a condom and began shagging her , her pussy was lovely and tight. i then turned around but she said no anal not on the first time so i stuck my cock back into her pussy and was shagging her from behind as i i reached a hand around and played with her clit, we were having a great time , i noticed that G was finished fucking my girl J already and i could see my girl was yearning for more, we gestured her over to us, she came over to us and began fondling and kissing me and then E, E began fingering her as they were both kissing as soon as i had shot my load and E had cum, the girls were still together as i watched, it was a lovely sight to see 2 sexy hot girls dressed in school uniforms fingering kissing & fondling eachother, when they were done i asked E could i keep her knickers for my collection , she was a bit hesitant but then agreed, so i stuffed them into my pocket, my girl then gave G her knickers & E grabbed them for herself & put them on, my girl was happy to go knickerless because it was like a score trophy to do so ,we went back to the bar but i had no doubt we would be metting up with G & E some stage. We went to the bar and had some more drinks before going home. As soon as we were home we re-acted what we had been up to at the club with our new friends. We had some great sex at home that night...