Written by Paddy

6 Jul 2012

Role play & steamy swinging

Great , we get the news that a couple D & M , who we met before are coming over on Saturday evening,  they are not new to swinging and we have met before and we had a very good sexual experience then, I was in charge of getting the food and drink prepared for the evening, I knew we were going to have a great night because D had asked could he see J in her Air hostess uniform & we were going to go one better than that because we had a spare uniform for M to wear and we knew that they would love it ,, as soon as they arrived the 2 girls went into the bedroom and got togged out , they both came out of the bedroom together and were both dressed in J's  uniforms and they looked really great in tight skirts and waistcoats with white shirts underneath and neck scarves on topped off with heels and nylon stockings,  I could tell that D approved, we sat down to have some food and some drinks , after a while we moved into the lounge and got comfortable with each other , I couldn't wait to see J getting pleasured by D almost as much as I wanted to get with M ,  we got the rules out of the way which was a code word we could use if we wanted to stop & the condom rule, we also set up a camera to record everything ,  D & M wanted to role play the air hostess theme for a while so the girls served us some drinks and pranced around, they were rubbing off each other for a while,, the girls soon began kissing & were getting pretty hot with J taking the lead getting me involved with D joining quickly, M was lying down on the floor being pleasured by the three of us when I spread M's legs and began licking her out while playing with her clit , I turned M on to all fours and began fucking her from behind while she sucked D off , J was lying under M  fondling her tits under her uniform, we were spit roasting M and she was loving it, I took my cock out of her pussy and lubed up her ass and then shoved my cock deep up her ass, her ass was much tighter than her pussy which was great, J began fingering and licking her pussy as we carried on , we swopped  positions a few times so as to ensure that me and D didn't shoot our loads, the girls then swopped positions and I couldn't wait to see J get fucked by D again because he had good rhythm and she really enjoyed it , I watched as D lubed up his cock and it slid straight in to J's wet pussy, he began fucking her like a pornstar , her forehead was dripping with sweat as she moaned and screamed to D' s rhythm , I stuffed my cock into J's mouth so now D& me were spit roasting J as I tongue fucked M's wet pussy, we were really enjoying ourselves and were lost in pleasure, J wanted me to fuck her up the ass and D could fuck her in the pussy as she pleasured M, it  was a tricky position but we managed it and loved it , we then did the same to M and began orgasming . Our first round was finished , we were all dripping in sweat especially the girls who were still togged out in the uniforms although a bit disheveled  at this stage with skirts hitched up, shirts hanging out & tits hanging free and damp patches everywhere, we took off our condoms which were packed full of cum ,we had another drink or two, then  I suggested we all had showers , we all went into our wet room which is like a very large shower room , we stripped and went in, the steam filled the room , i was getting very hard and i noticed that D was to , It didn't take long for the girls to notice either and M grabbed my cock and began wanking me & I dropped my hand into M's box, D & J began doing the same in a mirror image of us, I went to the bathroom cabinet and grabbed two more condoms and we both slipped them on , it was a really pleasurable experience fucking M up against the wall as she dug her nails into my back  as I pounded her with all my might , she was loving it, the water flowing down her body as I fucked her with water tickling my balls made me feel great also , i could see J riding D something that she was very good at,    As I was fucking M i was also pleasuring her clit and it was driving her wild and she was orgasoming over and over , I intended to make this a very pleasurable time for all of us because I wanted to be sure that D& M would make this a regular visit. As soon as me & M were done we watched as J riding D, she was screaming that im not getting off him till i get my orgasom, as soon as she came off, D flipped positions and finished himself off giving J one until he shot his load into his condom , as soon as he was finished we washed each other, I couldn't help noticing nail marks all over my back from both J & M, we  dressed and returned to the lounge and had some more drinks before we said our goodbyes for the night...we couldn't wait to get them out the door so that we could watch the new home movie that we had made,, as we watched it we were getting horny again and by the time the movie was over we were fucking each other up on the sofa , on the floor, up against the wall, on the coffee table etc., until we both collapsed with exhaustion as we came off,, 

That was a great night of swinging and role play sex!!!!!