Written by Raven

29 Nov 2014

Had an amazing time with a wonderful European couple I'm in Berlin for the weekend and I was doing a walking tour and met a lovely girl and her boyfriend. Her names Katerina and he was Ivo. We all had to introduce ourselves and people were keen on my background as I am brown yet from Ireland. These two were from Prague and asked me some tips about visiting dublin/ ireland and I was glad to give them advice on visiting.

We had a 3-4h walk and we got to know each other well. The girl was stunning, about 5,8 skinny, dark hair and really sharp features. She was wearing stockings and a short skirt and I was constantly chewing out her long legs and I didn't hide it from her boy friend. She's 25 and he's 27 and both professionals. We sat together at lunch and got really close and agreed to do the pub crawl tonight.

The offer includes 2h of unlimited beer and spirits for 20€ it was hard to say no! We met at the bar and we are plastered by half nine. The girl was very forward and touchy and the guy was very pleasant. Once I was drunk enough to make a move I asked the guy about the swinger and sex clubs in Prague saying that I'd love to go some time. He wasn't taken a back at all and told me all about the sex scene. We were dancing and i was holding Katerina close and at one stage Ivo and I were both holding her on each side. While getting a drink at the next bar I told Ivo how lucky he is to have such a hot girlfriend and asked if they would be into swinging at all he said it's something they had wanted to try and that he'd ask her. I went to the loo and got back he smiled and gave me a thumbs up and she was going red. I asked them both of they want to ditch the pub crawl and go back to my hotel. They agreed.