Written by Anonymous

26 Apr 2009

Mandy and I have been married for almost 25-years and our sex life has always been brilliant. During our sex sessions Mandy sometimes asked me to tell her stories about other men shagging her.

One night I suggested we should really try it out. To my surprise she jumped at the idea and told me to get to it by signing up to Swing4Ireland.

After about a week we had received four emails from married couples telling us they would were interested in linking up.

After sifting through the four we finally settled on one. John and Mary from Kilkenny. Like us they were first time swingers. A number of exchange emails, photos and telephone calls we arranged to meet in a hotel in Kildare.

As we prepared that night I could see Mandy was real horny. While taking a shower to get ready she called me in. When I went in, I saw her rubbing her hairy pussy. My cock was throbbing. I immediately joined her under the cascading water. It wasn't long until she was on her knees taking the top of my knob into her mouth. I felt the blood rush along its entire length and had to pull her head away because I felt I was about to shot my load into her mouth. I stood up and positioned myself against the back of the shower. Mandy mounted my hard cock. I felt it slowly slid up her now slippery cunt hole until it could go no further. I grabbed her around her waist and began lifting her up and down the entire length of my cock. I could hear her breathing get deeper and deeper as her hands grabbed hold of my arse cheeks. In this position we turned and I began banging my hard rod against her as her back started slapping off the shower wall. I felt her fingernails dig deeper into my arse cheeks as she let out a loud cry, `Joe, Joe, I'm fucking cumming....'

I felt the warm fluid of her love juices slide down my stiff cock and onto my now swelling balls. I knew that feeling, as my ball sack tightened and my cock stiffened before it exploded up inside her moist cunt. When we finally disengaged she whispered in my ear, "now I know you won't come too quickly tonight."

About 10pm we walked into the hotel bar. Mary had written she would be wearing a red tight miniskirt and that would be how we would know them. Mandy was wearing a loose fitting dress with no knickers or bra underneath. I for my part had a shirt and a pair of jeans on. Mandy had asked me not to wear underwear, She said she wanted to visualise my cock rubbing off my jeans.

We sat down across from John and Mary. My first impressions of the other couple were that he was in his mid to late 40s as was Mary. I could plainly see Mary was not wearing a bra either. After a few drinks, we started to relax and the subject turned to sex.

John was really up for a foursome, but Mary was a little hesitant. To my surprise Mandy went over to John and began snuggling up to him, which left me having to go to Mary. Another two drinks I could tell that Mary was beginning to relax a bit more.

By midnight, the scene was set and We checked into the hotel bedroom that we had booked earlier in the week.

The four of us sat on either side of the bed, Mandy beside John and me beside Mary. I was trembling as I reached over to Mary to put my hand on her thigh. When my hand went on it, I heard her let out a soft moan. Mandy put her arms around John and pulled him to her and began kissing him. All four of us fell back onto the bed and began stroking each other. I slid my hand further up Mary's thigh until I got to her knickers and felt they were wringing wet. I felt her trembling hand touch off my large cock that was straining to get out of my jeans and she began stroking it. I could hear Mandy moaning and knew John had found her waiting pussy lips. A bit of movement from the other side of the bed caught our attention as John went down on his knees and put his head up Mandy's skirt and began sucking on her hairy fanny.

By this time I had got my hand inside Mary's knickers and could feel her shaven pussy oozing love juice from it, while Mary was slowly letting down the zip of my jeans to unleash my hardened cock.

I stood up. Let my jeans fall to the floor as my cock sprung to attention and took off my top. I noticed Mandy watching me and licking her lips as John was slurping away on her slippery cunt hole.

I stood bollick naked in front of Mary and pulled up her top. She had a massive set of tits and the largest nipples I had ever seen. She too stood up and slid off her skirt and knickers. Both of us were facing each other as Mandy let out a scream, `oh ye, oh yeh, stick your fucking tongue deeper in, I want you to suck and lick my cunt until I squirt all over your fucking mouth and face'.

John quickened his pace and in no time at all Mandy was bucking over the bed as she had multiple orgasms and sprayed her cum all over John's mouth and face.

This seemed to have an affect on Mary as she grabbed my throbbing cock in one of her hands, lay back on the bed spread her legs and told me to `shove that throbbing cock up into my hole.'

I positioned my cock at the entrance to her shaven pussy and inch by inch slipped it into her waiting wet fanny. As it went slowly up her moist cunt, I felt her legs tighten around by back. By the time I had buried it in as far as it could go, Mary's legs were clamped tight around my waist and I could feel her fanny lips pulsating and I slowly started to ride her in and out.

I recall hearing Mandy telling John to `strip and give it to me,' as I continued pounding my shaft into Mary.

Both women were now taking cock. Mandy reached back and started fondling Mary's tits and she in turn wriggled up and started kissing Mandy on the lips.

Such a sight sent me into overdrive and I began pumping my hard on as deep as I could into Mary. I looked over and saw John arc his back and knew he was about to shoot his load. I was right. He started bucking and stiffened. He let out a loud shout, `oh yeh, oh yeh, you fucking bitch, you're such a good fucking ride.' He continued grinding into Mandy until finally he was spent and his cock slipped from her moist pussy.

Mary was writhing under me and I could feel her pussy lips swell. Mandy had been right. Because I had rode her earlier in the night, I could stay longer and could keep from cumming.

Mary was in such a heightened state that she crawled at my back trying to pull me deeper into her swollen cunt.

The next thing I felt was Mandy's hands feeling the back of my balls and slipping her finger up my hole. This she knew, I couldn't resist. She kept this up for a while until the next I felt was her tongue licking at my shaft and at Mary's cunt and arse. I felt Mary tighten and her whole body shook as she went onto an orgasmic spasm. This was enough to send me over the edge. I stiffened my back and piled drived my rigid hard cock into Mary's cunt as I unleashed the biggest load of spunk I have ever unleashed.

When I was eventually spent I rolled to on side of the bed. With that Mandy went down on Mary's pussy and started to suck out all the love juices and spunk that was now flowing freeing from it and down between the cheeks of her arse hole.

John came over. He had been wanking as he watched me fucking Mary and his rod was now hard again. While Mandy was licking his wife's fanny, he positioned himself behind Mandy and rammed his cock back into Mandy gaping pussy.

I climbed up onto Mary's chest and began wanking my cock back to its full hardness and shoved it into her mouth and began riding her face.

The smell of sex was everywhere. We were all riding each other in perfect sequence. It finally happened, as if on cue.

I was the first to shoot my load into Mary's mouth. I felt her teeth gently bite down on my shaft as it jerked forth its spunk. She stiffened again and I heard her let out a low moan as she shot her love juices into Mandy's face. Mandy's voice was muffled, because she was buried in Mary's love hole, as she came when John shot his load again into her hairy cunt hole.

After this the four of use just lay where we fell, exhausted.

On the way home in the car, Mandy turned to me and said `Joe, that was the best fucking ridding session I ever got in my life. We'll have to do it again. Who else has contacted us on Swing4Ireland? Make sure you get us fixed up again for next week. Next time I want to fuck you while I eat out a woman's pussy and suck on a cock at the same time. Do you think there is anyone out there who'd be interested?'