Written by LV

5 Feb 2016


Thought I should introduce myself on the forum. My boyfriend/fiancé shares our stories online and wanted me to get into it too. I don't know where to start to I'll start at the beginning.

I am 26, 5,7' tall, slim 65kg, white with dark brown hair...I fist had sex when I was 17, before that I was into porn and would rub myself to orgasm almost every night, there were nights where I was up till 3am having orgasm after orgasm till my clit was too sore to touch.

My first fuck was 26, we met at a club. He was a nice guy, handsome and showed me a good time. We went back to his place and that was the start. Him being 26 may have been the reason that I went so deep in to sex from the start. He showed me how to give a good blowjob, he showed me all the positions, we watched porn like it was tuition for sex and tried everything under the sun. Once this started it was like a drug.. I wasn't able to stop myself. We would fuck all day and night. He would fuck me all night and I still wanted more.

I was bored within a month and wanted more, I started giving blowjobs to guys in clubs.. I wanted to practice, I wanted to enjoy the feeling of giving someone an orgasm and how they looked at me and lusted after me. I dated a few guys and wasn't able to hold a relationship, I would cheat or get bored...

When I was 19 I found a nice guy, again very handsome he was 22 and in college, we had great sex we would fuck all night .4 months into our relationship I fucked his roommate while he was in college, I was fucking two guys in the same apartment... a few days later the cat was obviously out of the bag. We were watching a film and he started to lift my shirt up in-front of his flat mate and that was my first threesome. We fucked from Friday night till 8am on Saturday. They both kept licking and fucking me making me orgasm over and over again.. It was like nothing I've felt before. Two men focused on me and my orgasms .. all I had to do was keep them hard and make sure they were having fun too. This was going well for a few months and I got bored again.

At 20 I met another guy while working part time, he was 30 and lot more experienced than any of my previous guys. He understood what I wanted and always made sure I got my share of orgasms. He was ok with me having sex with other men too. After a few months with him he opened my eyes to the world of swinging and how I am not the only one who was like this. He took me to my first party and I had group sex for the 1st time. 4 girls, 8 guys in a flat.. I fucked all 8 guys that night and had my first lesbian experience.. I didn't enjoy licking another girl but I was fine with a girl licking me... a few parties later I got into it and was happy to bring other women to orgasm while other men were fucking me.

By age 20 I had slept with more men than I could count, had hundreds or thousands of orgasms and had given as many orgasms to others. From then till now I have been with a few boyfriends, been shared in groups and parties, and I loved every bit of it. A new horizon was when a guy I was seeing took me to central Europe for a holiday... this is when I got my first gangbang in a seedy swinger club. I was the only girl in the room,wearing a tank top and a short skirt and all it took was a few drinks and a nod from a guy to get me to lay on a table with my legs open with a row of 8 guys ready to fuck me. I fucked my first black guy that night there were two of them there and it was nice to know that men can go that hard and long ... my boyfriend was keen to see me do a black guy and he was right, I loved it! I had more orgasms that I had ever had in a night, 8 men's hands on me just to make me cum...

By the time I was 22 I had graduated and worked in tourism. I had a good well paying job and had a good social life. I got to travel a lot with work so that let me let my hair loose and pick up men in foreign places while having a stable man at home, I would go to conferences and pick up men who'd hit on me, if I failed I hit the club...being slim, tall and "hot" helps, so I had my pick .... I had a few stable fuck buddies and never a boyfriend. Any stable guy I had dumped me when it started getting serious they said that I wasn't what they want long term.

None of my friends knew my lust for sex, those I confided in called me a slut or sex addict. Their boyfriends would look at me like I was a porn star, needless to say I kept my secret to myself. At 22 I got online Counceling but came to realise that it's who I am and lost all my inhibitions and started swinging on my own. In Prague I went to clubs "gang bang nights" where I was Guaranteed a night of orgasms and not have to worry about being judged by a partner.

In 2012 I did a horrible thing to a very nice guy. I dated him for a year pretending that I'm a saint. I wanted a man who would stay with me. I told him nothing, he believed that he was my 3rd boyfriend ... I tried to make it work I was faithful for 3 months but had to masturbate often, when I was away I Skyped him all night and fucked a dildo for him to see .... It didn't work... After a Skype call I was so horny that I went to hotel bar and fucked the first good looking guy that spoke to me. The next night I Skyped him again but he wasn't in ... I was upset so I went to a club and brought back three guys from a stag party to my room and fucked them all night. I loved my boyfriend a lot but sex made me want more. He was the fist guy that I let cum in my mouth, I had saved that for him but a few weeks again and I didn't care I let guys cum where ever they wanted I started to feel like a slut and it wasn't nice. I was cheating on this nice guy, going to his parent's for dinner one week and fucking 20some thing italian guys on the weekend. After almost a year I got found. I used his laptop to open my second Facebook and he had logged my password / hacked me he saw all the messages from men who I had fucked. He called me slut and a bitch and never spoke to me again.

In 2013 I met a lovely man. There were no secrets. We met on a swinger site for straight sex. We met every weekend for sex and I started staying over. He knew all my secrets and I knew his.

He was 31 and already divorced. He married his college love but was cheating on her. Swinger clubs, prostitutes, affaires ... He too was found by his wife and they split. After 6 months I moved in and we've been happy since. He is free to fulfill his needs as am I. He travels too and gets plenty of women, I get to travel and have my fun ... All he asks is that I use condoms and bring photos! We don't swing at home but we travel to sex clubs and he shares me with men we find online, as a couple we get to open more doors to more exclusive parties and places and he gets to fuck more single girls who answer our ads looking for a lesbian/ bisexual girl.

So this is now, after a turbulent past I've found a man who loves me for who I am. We keep each other happy.He encourages me to explore and he encourages me to try new things, he lets me go to Cancun or SF on my own to find well hung black college guys to fuck me, he invites his old college friends and makes me flash them my tits or thongs... He enjoys watching his friends lust after me... I'm writing at his request to journal my past and share my stories for him and other men to read ... Thanks for reading.