Written by admin

13 Feb 2009

Sitting in the hotel getting ready for the night ahead i sent him to the bar. I was extremely nervous but i can hide it well.. I new this is what we wanted to do, the pillow talk and the searching was finally reality. The thought of what was about to happen, it got me so wet, i went to the bathroom, i took out my massive cock and rubbed it around my clit, i needed to control myself before the night ahead. I watched in the mirror as i bent over the bath and inserted the 10 " into my pussy oh its so good!! This cock is big, oh how i love it big. I got carried away when the phone rang just at my climax, i was so wet! Out off breath, i continued this massive cock was too good, to just stop and answer the call. Even though i wished who ever was on the phone could join my fun and help me out with there bits either cock or pussy...........

Time had passed he left the room an hour ago now i needed yet another steamy shower to clean the pussy juice, the phone rang again. MORE TO THIS STOREY KEEP READING