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27 Aug 2009

My Naughty Wife part 3

Sorry for the delay in finishing this story Alison only got home yesterday morning I took the day off as I know she is always horny as hell when she has had sex away.Even before she started telling me about her weekend SEXPLOITS she dropped to her knees whipped out my cock and started eating it,I knew then that she had fucked her way through the weekend and I had an explosive cum shot in her mouth, no she didnt swallow she jumped up and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we both swallowed delicious.

Then it was off with the clothes and up to our king size play bed she would ½nt start telling me her tales until she had my cock deep in her pussy.What a tease but I love it.

As you can imagine there was a lot of fucking and oral sex which we love,it took all of yesterday to get the full HORNY details from her,she packed a lot of activity into 3 days as you can see what a horn devil no fear of her pussy going out of action anytime soon she wants me to organise another threesome with my friend John when I get back from Amsterdam that will make another story.

Anyway back to the boat on the Seine where Alison & Lisa had joined a table with 5 visiting American business men.Food was over and they were all enjoying lots of bubbly champagne, one of the guys suggested that the girls might return to the hotel for a party as one of had a large penthouse suite.

Alison immediately said yes, but if there was going to be an orgy it had to be on the girls rules.The bill was quickly paid and the guys agreed the girls were in charge.Alisons pussy was already dripping in anticipation, she slid her hand under the table and up Lisas skirt and felt her socking pussy also.She turned to Lisa and started the deepest longest French kiss she had ever given another woman she could hear the men groaning,and as they stood up could see quite a few swollen cocks bulging in trousers.

Lisa went in a taxi with two of the guys,she told Alison that she had given both of them head on the way to the hotel.Alison went with the other three and had invited one to open the clips on the crotch of her bodysuit and he got on his knees in the cab and dived into her sweet wet pussy,meanwhile she was getting off with the guys either side of her,what a taxi ride.

At the hotel room champagne was ordered and Alison and Lisa said they would freshen up in the bathroom and decide what games were to be played.They told the guys to strip and start masturbating so that they would all have hard cocks ready for use.

In the bathroom Alison and Lisa quickly stripped and had a quick shower they then decided to lubricate each others anus with lube just in case any cock ended up in there.They put together a little game plan and out they went Alison had put on the big black strap on cock and was lubricating it as they went back into the main room.

The boys were doing as instructed and were scattered around the room wanking a mixture of large and medium cocks.Alison said this is the deal I will start by fucking Lisa doggy style as she likes it,we want you boys to do something you have probably never done before.We want one volunteer to go 69 under Lisa so she has a nice cock to suck on while I give her a good fucking,and the lucky volunteer gets to play with my arse at the same time,quick as a flash the youngest guy there jumped up cock in hand.

Alison said right the other four will only get to fuck us if you go 69 on eachother until you have all cum at least once,the girls said they were reluctant at first but surprisingly once they were in position and started sucking each others cocks the moans and groans of pleasure were�¢ï¿½ï¿½nt long in starting.The sight of this got Alison & Lisa well revved up and the lucky volunteer got the blowjob of his life.

When the guys had all cum and sucked each others cocks througly clean,girls and boys moved onto the big bed together.Lisa decided to move off with lucky volunteer as she loved his circumcised cock.This left lucky Alison with four rapidly growing cocks she said lets start with one in the pussy, one in anus, and two in my mouth,they fucked her silly but she loved it.She emptied all there cocks and then lay back so they could concentrate on licking ,sucking,fingering, and generally fondling her anyway they wanted,until they could harden there cocks again.When they were ready she lay there and took one cock at a time filling her pussy with cum juice,two of them managed it twice with a little oral from Alison.With an overflowing pussy she pulled her legs up to her shoulders and let the four of them clean her out with her tongues.For guys that were reluctant to swallow spunk they sure got to like it.

When the fucking was over Alison and Lisa jumped a taxi back to their own hotel where they once again they stripped off and fell exhausted into bed.Lisa spooned Alison and finger fucked her to sleep.

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