Written by admin

26 Aug 2009

My Naughty Wife part 2'¦'¦..

Just had a glorious fuck with Alison before I continue this story, when she came back from Paris I did'nt need to wait for info on her sexploits,as she went on her knees unzipped me and started to suck my cock in a frenzy.I knew then that she had had lots of cock on her trip.

I will start from where we left off by now Alison's friend Lisa had straped on her large black cock and smothered it with lube Alison was excitedly on all fours when Lisa slammed the huge strap on cock into her wet pussy.Alison's eyes rolled in her head as Lisa fucked her hard until she fell flat on the bed after lovely multiple orgasms, before getting ready for there night out, they turned 69 on each other and moaned with joy feeling their lips suck on pussy lips taste of honey.

Getting ready to go out wasn't easy as they were horny as hell and kept finger fucking,French kissing, and trying more fucking positions with their trusty strap on cock.

Alison wore a one piece body with diamonte detail,and a press clip release crotch,I had bought her this before going way as they are great for unexpected sex in a public places.She wore a body hugging leopard print dress over this , and high heel boots sexyyyy.She told me her friend Lisa borrowed a black suspender belt set & g string from her, covered up with a straight black skirt and crisp white blouse showing ample cleavage.

Now we get back to where they were dining on a river boat on the Seine they were invited to join a table with five visiting American men which they promptly did'¦.

To be continued.