Written by HornRod

4 Nov 2012

I was lying on my back with Mandy on top grinding her pubic bone into me. My stiff cock was moist with her wet pussy juices. I heard her groan quietly, knowing that she was nearing another orgasm. I felt her breasts tip off my chest each time she slid down my cock. She was so wet that the juices running from her were flowing down my arse cheeks. She suddenly threw her head back, drove her pussy onto me and shuddered as a massive orgasm raced through her body like an electric current. She lay quivering, as my prick began to shudder. I felt a surge through its shaft and recognised that telltale tingle, which I knew that within seconds I was going to explode deep in her love hole. Obeying the natural animalistic signs, I grabbed Mandy’s hips, raised my cock to bury it deep in her before feeling my entire manhood pulsating wave after wave of spunk into her.

We lay entangled together for another few minutes, until Mandy disengaged and brought her dripping fanny up to my face. She lowered it and slowly began rubbing it off my mouth. The smell of our mingling juices was sensual. She lowered her soft pussy lips onto my mouth and I began sucking her out, slowly at first. I could feel her becoming aroused as her pussy lips began to swell and part. Her rhythmic motion on my mouth soon had more juices flowing from her. When I found her clit I began nibbling gently on it. This I knew would have the desired affect. Within seconds, she climaxed and shot stream after stream of her love juices into my mouth.

As we laid back exhausted, she came to me kissed me and said, that it had been the best fuck she’s had in a long time. I asked her what had her so horny? She told me that as she was riding me she was fantasising about the time we had a threesome with young Tom O’ Hara.

Both Mandy and I are in our early 50s and are as fit and as randy as fuck. ‘Young’ O’Hara, as Mandy refers to him, is in his mid 20s. He had come to stay with us for a weekend, as we knew his parents. He needed somewhere to crash because he had a party to go to on a weekend night and had no transport to get him home.

Young Tom had been to the party that Friday night. He came in at about 3pm the next afternoon and said he was going to bed.

At about nine that night both Mandy and I had a few glasses of wine and said, with young Tom in bed we’d take out a skin flick and get ourselves in the mood before hitting the sack. We both settled down with another bottle of wine. The flick was steamy and we both were getting horny. Forgetting that we had a guest in the house, we began caressing each other, until we had nearly each other’s cloths off. From the back of the room, we heard a slight cough. Turning we saw young O’Hara standing there very embarrassed looking. He told us that he had awoken and decided he was going out to try a nearby pub. He said that was sorry that he had barged in on us. With both Mandy and I slightly tipsy, we told him that there was no need for him to be sorry. That instead of going to the pub he could join us with a glass of wine or a few cans of beer that we had in the fridge and watch the movie, if he wanted.

He was a bit hesitant at first until Mandy told him that he might as well stay because it was raining outside anyway.

Mandy got up again and bent down in front of us rooting for another skin flick. With only her knickers and bra left on her from our earlier fondling, you could see a damp patch at the back of her knickers. She asked young O’Hara, what he was into and he said it was all the same to them that he gets horny at the drop of a hat anyway. I knew the response had tweaked Mandy senses as I saw her legs squirm slightly, when he had said it. She duly slid the DVD in and we all sat back to enjoy the movie.

That boy O’Hara must have been very thirsty because within half an hour he had downed two glasses of wine and two good glasses of whiskey.

By then however, Mandy was getting pretty horny because she moved closer to me and began rubbing the top of my leg just inches below the band on my pants. I looked over at O’Hara and could plainly see that he was drunk and enthralled with what Mandy was up to, forgetting all about the movie. Catching his eye also, Mandy asked him was the film no good? He said that the movie was good, but the real thing going on in front of him was better. She told him to come a bit closer to get a better view. Moving over he sat down on the other side of her on the couch.

O’ Hara looked to me as if to say, well would that he ok. I nodded my approval and watched as Mandy began caressing him. It didn’t take him long to cast off his cloths. As he sat there in just his jocks, his stiff cock was bulging from it. Mandy came back to me and began stroking my cock into life. O’Hara moved closer until Mandy was tightly wedged between the two of us. I reached round, unclasped her bra, and watched as it fell from her, unveiling her beautiful full breasts. O’Hara reached round and began fondling one. I took the other in my mouth and began flicking my tongue off her hardened nipple. I felt Mandy tugging at my briefs and knew it was time to release my swelling member. Standing up, I watched as she turned and moved her hand inside O’Hara’s jocks and take his rock solid prick into it. She began pumping. Slowly as first until she built into a quicker rhythm. O’Hara threw his head back and I could see pre-cum begin to glisten on the eye of his swollen penis.

Mandy noticed also and stopped. Turning to me, she took my cock into her hand and commenced stroking me until she had me where she wanted. O’Hara had continued playing with himself as he watched Mandy do her magic. She then stepped back and took down her knickers revealing her hairy moist mound.

She sat down, ordered me to sit as well, and told O’Hara to remove his jocks. When he did, His cock sprung from it measuring a good 7 inches and broader than mine.

Mandy’s eyes widened when she saw the size if it and asked me to play with her pussy, to get it very slippery to, what she said, “to get that fucking monster into me.”

I had just begun to slide two of my fingers into her wet pussy when he took my hand away. Like a she wolf, she pouched on O’Hara and within seconds had his throbbing cock impaled deep up her cunt. She was like a woman possessed. She fiercely rode his cock like a stem piston. I knew by O’Hara that he was near orgasm as he clenched his eyes shut, praying he could hold back. BHer pounding was relentless. Mandy was having orgasm after orgasm. O’Hara took a deep breath. I knew at that point that he was going to drive his huge ramrod deep up Mandy. Within seconds, both Mandy and O’Hara were deep fucking each other. He was like a stallion pounding his meat deeper every time Mandy drove herself down on him. They both fucked each other for what seemed like hours in this position, until Mandy slowed and began gulping in air.

O’Hara, being a young buck remained hard deep inside Mandy. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I went over, positioned my throbbing cock at Mandy’s hole, and began jabbing it into it until she relaxed her arse muscles and I eventually got the knob of it into the rim. I slowly inserted it deeper and deeper onto it. It was wonderfully tight and with O’Hara still large in her fanny, it wasn’t long before I began moving it up and down inside her. My movement up her hole must have turned both O’Hara and Mandy on again as they both began moving in sequence with me. I felt my cock bulging and that tingling sensation begin to rise in it. I felt my ball sack tighten and my balls rise into the base of my stomach. I knew I was just there. The same time as I exploded deep into Mandy’s hole both her and O’Hara surged as the three of us had a climatic orgasm with love juice and spunk merging from all holes.

As we lay back, totally drained, Mandy said that she had never ever experienced anything that that before. Bit of news for you honey, I said to her, neither had I and I bet you neither has young O’Hara.

O’Hara pays us occasional visits and yep, you are right. We do sometimes share a bottle of vino and look at a film with him, now and again, just for old time’s sake.