Written by Cathfinn

14 Jan 2016

You are out for the evening. I am home alone. Friday night. I am looking forward to our weekend ahead knowing you will either fuck me awake when you come in or me you in the morning. I bath, shave my cunt carefully and moisturize all over. I dry my hair and go to bed. I wear your favorite nightdress....I snooze and half wake up to the sheets pulled back on the bed and your thumbs alternating strokes along my slit and clit. I moan thinking this is a nice dream. You spread my legs and start licking, nipping, and teasing my cunt. You haven't shaved since morning so your stubble is a nice contrast against my smooth soft cunt. I hear whispering, you tell me to wake up..... No dream.... You have been out and taken Pat and another friend back. You have the small light on and I can see the three of you are bulging beneath your jeans. I ask what do you want. They want to watch... Maybe touch if I am up for that. I immediately kneel and open your jeans..... Lower your boxers and your cock springs forward in my face. I run my tongue along the rim and down the length. Gently but deep. As I do I help you out of your clothes. You tell the other guys to feel free to stroke. You are very hard.... I turn you round and bend you over slightly, I probe your ass gently with my tongue...then finger. U tell me to show u how hungry I am for cock .....by licking and probing your ass. I am so hungry, as I kneel I can feel the inside of my thighs soaking.... Wet and hot. The more I probe the hornier you get. I can see precum dropping down on the floor. You turn me round, say good girl ...open and I do what I am told. You put both hands on the back of my head and ram your cock in my throat. Fuck it's good. I am excited by the guys being there, you see that and ask do I want more. Yes please! They come either side. I stroke one cock and raise my nightie for the other.

You say careful lads, she is mine. So Pat just fingers me to start with. I have you rock hard, so you take over at the back. You tell Pat to see if I will deep throat him.... I do because I want him to know what we have. You ram me pushing my head so deep on his cock that I can hardly breathe....... You tell me to lie over the edge of the bed, neck back. I do. U give pat my ankles, tell him to hold tight. He deep threats me hike u palm me senseless. I need more. I can't talk to beg for your cock. I am still stroking the other cock.

My legs are around pats neck. I am being throat fucked senseless, orgasm just those tiny little touches away. U finger my ass and missionary anal for me. Fuck I want cunt but I can't talk. U slide 2,3,4.... Fingers in, I want to ask what u r doing but can't. U tell your friend to stand behind u and ass fuck u. He is so turned on he holds your hips and enters u slowly at first. He can see u in my ass and pat deep in my throat. He doesn't expect what happens next. I respond to your fingers in my cunt....that is where I need u. U push your fist in and I nearly swallow pats balls. He too is watching which gives me a chance to lick and kiss his cock and balls a bit. You are being fucked, you are so aroused....you slide out of my ass and open your fist slightly.

You take your cock and guide it into your fist in my cunt. U stroke your cock in my cunt. I am literally gagging for it. Hips responding pushing, legs spreading even further.... I am so aroused. I feel my orgasm build, it feels intense...fuck as I feel your fullness, fist, huge thick cock, my mouth full, your ass full...two cocks and a fist pushing into my cunt...fuck I explode, orgasm...pee ...I just can't control it. U r so pleased for me. U and your friend continue to pound and breathing starts to change.....I think....file me please, leave me aching and dripping cum for the day. U do..... U two gently withdraw. You lube and palm me gently, your friend gently massages my tits. Pat still hasn't cum.

You massage his balls and tell me to open wide. Pat stands back and I finish him off with my hand.....cum splashing down my face. I like that a lot. I feel like a complete whore, really fucked and satisfied. I tell u three to lay back on the bed and I lick u all clean, cocks and balls. Sucking gently after your orgasms. Then you tell the guys we will give them a shout tomorrow for coffee...to see what they thought, and what else they can offer.