Written by And

18 Jul 2015

I was just visiting a swinger club in central Europe. It was a nice stylish place. Like other girls in the lifestyle, I like places with style. Swimming pool, sauna, 3-floors, and even a disco. There were about twenty people in the club, mostly the type of folks who go in groups, like those physical worker types, who go out with their workmates and do not socialize well with others. Yeah, I was bored. Of course, I got looks from the man, but being a single girl, I can always choose. This time, I chose to go home.

I took off my sexy black dress, my stockings and as it was very hot outside, I put on white mini skirt, matching high heels and a top that let my shoulders show. I tied my long blond hair together as I did not want to go on the street being too sexy in a city that I don't know so well. I was about to ask the owner to call me a cab when a tall, strong man came through the door.

I pretended to be busy with my bag while he quickly took off his clothes and put in a policeman outfit, he even had a baton. No, not the SDM type but the real policy type that policeman wear on the street.

I looked at him with innocent eyes and asked, " Are you planning to scare all the people in there?". He laughed and said, "No, I am the dancer, I came to work."

I was still amazed when he noticed we both have white shoes on and he said and even said so, "our shoes are similar." From this I knew, he is not the brainy type but who cares, he was honestly good looking… I wanted to have him.

I took the band out of my hair, shook my hair, and I asked some innocent questions about his "job". I could see he is not so anxious to leave the dressing room. He looked into my eyes, moved closer, a la macho, and said, I see you are leaving but I maybe we can meet sometime?

Holding strong his eye contact, I moved an inch close to him. I reached down with both of my hands, pulled my skirt up, pushed my panty a bit down and let it fall to the floor. I made sure he could see exactly what I am doing. He immediately pulled me close. Picked me up while kissing. He pushed my back to the cabinets and the touch of the cold metal, made me jump a bit. He noticed. He immediately, let my feet fall to the floor and put me down but without stopping for a moment. Turned me over, I put my palms high up on the cabinet and looked behind my shoulders straight into his eyes and said, "I want you!" It took him only a moment to push his trousers down, slip into a condom and throw his man part hard into me. I was so wet. We both moaned. He whispered into my ears, " I won't stop until you come…. Come!" He just said the perfect words for me. Wow, sometimes the feeling is just so strong, it just takes you with all its force, it pulls you in, and you just lose all control of yourself and I came within seconds.

We did not exchange phone numbers. The evening was perfect this way, with a perfect stranger that I will never see again. Yes, what an adventure to remember!