Written by ted001

27 Mar 2010

how bizzar how bizzar continued

we went back to work it was a great fantisity a dream i had but gone now a week had passed nessa would disappear and show up again i worked like mad to keep every thing going while nessa was on the phone...but it wasn't enough one day during nessas break the mgr called up we were well behind on our work and he started yelling the house down i cud see nessa approaching in the backround so i gave the look she knew and marched straight to me appoligising what wrong the mgr asked iv had a very bad time today... he looked confused in fact for the last week ... again confusion... my monthlies ohhhh and ted was covering for u so.. yes sir i kinda didn't want to talk about her bits and bobs they have so many well u know id be killed the mgr laughs and walks away.. thanks nessa my ass was about to be grass she smiles he ohhh my phone she walks away talking on her phone .my cell rings and its her ... he just herd u getting an ear full off the mgr y ... im a slow ass ha ha she laughs and says that nessa has told him all about it... it happens nessa would do the same for me well i gotta go the mgr might be up... wait ted u don't want to know y i called ..... honestly no im killing my self here as ye two are having the time of u lives with nessa.. yea say it the imiture kid and his green monster.. envy isn't just for the young u know my grand loves my new trainers but cant wear em... ha ha ah ted we want u to play but u have to do xzactly as told u hear... ur answer ted ... i almost jump at the phone .. yes .... we will be playing solo for a bit and not always picture maybe just phone ... always answer if u have one missed call its over u get me .... yes bye ... the line is dead.. nessa walks back and smiles he told me i cant ask u anything about ur conversation.... your monthlies then jesus nice one the mgr ran a mile ...we both got txts to go and talk she told me i was not to flirt with nessa and she was to do the same... ok mad after her but never flirted... anyway.... we met up again it seemed more awkard.. watching i said and she also looked like one having troublewe went like this for the day i got a call i went to the loo she was jacking off and ordered me to do the same i was instantly hard... my cock bulged out my pants and i did as was told fubbed my balls and wanked myself off near the phone so she could hear me... i came and she hung up ... as i left the toilet nessa had left the ladies... omg she had done the same ... rules as i smiled at her i looked down.. i felt like i was at school trying to swap note ....a week went by call at 3 4 in the morning her wanking her self off on the phone me wanking back her telling me what she was wearing but no show... and little or no chatt from nessa.. i was horney every time she touched my hand my cock urged to burst out ..but rules ... the call came we were to go to the window he was there she was sucking his cock nessa got all red and she started to play with her self in front of me .... i angled away slightly as to ease her but me cell rang and i too must play i lurked into the corner as nessa walked and wanked her way to the manjor... the curtins were pulled and i was ordered back to the center nessa too we protested if sum one was toc us we were in more that trouble... id be some ones bitch in prison... ur my bitch she states get into the manjor in i went and she opened the curtains.. again sucking his cock... nessa followed too ordered... again play with ur self i herd his order clear nessa looked at me and then reached inside her panties and worked away ted u too .... my god i was cumming at the sight of nessa my breath fast and short ... ted stop now... i stopped look at us we both keept looking nessa still wanking away...he began to eat her pussy nessa way on the verge i cud hear her cringing deep inside for the realise the xtc that she yearned for stop nessa he ordered ted eat her pussy now.... ahhhhhh......... nessa looked at me she couldn't know what was about to happen... ammm nessa has he told u anything no ted just hurry he wont let me finish till u do as she asked....nessa but ted for fuck sake ur killing me ... DO IT NOW I DONT CARE WHAT JUST DO IT.... with that i pushed her down and spread her legs and licked her moist fingers till she moved them ted ted what are u doinnnnnng........ ohhhh.. ohhhh ohhh fuck yea... ohhh she tasted soo good i licked her tighs but theshe was driven by the want she plunged my face straight into her.. i did so and laped it all up also rubbing her clit with my finger... she went buck ape. It wasn't long before she came ... her sweet juices i loved their sent and taste worried i might not get the opportunity again i savoured the taste and licked her deep with every touch of my thoung she bounced her pulsating pussy into my face .... ted stop i herd her voice not bad for a novice she laughs..... nessa talking to him as i lay back she smiles at me and i ask her is she ok with this she tellsme to stand up upset in her voice fuck what have i done ohhh ooo why did she make me do that,,, i wanted it but nessa will never speak to me again .... nessa ted what as i turn around and pushes me to the ground... guess what he ordered me to do.........WANT MORE STORE ROOM FUN STORIES?? LET ME KNOW TED AND NESSA HAVE REAL FUN...