Written by ted001

20 Mar 2010

how bizzar how bizzar continued down and out??

I was Horney nessa was too i cud see her in a new way a kinky minded woman... and then my mind told me shut up ur only 17 she has her pick of the crop y u ...... i smiled and she asked what was i thinking off ... my mind thought of something to say but all i cud think was nessa sucking my cock..... i hope they call soon i hate waiting to see sequels... nessa giggled dont worry he has a quick turn around we go backto work nessa looks like nothing happened .. icant help but take in her beautiful body.... long legs silky white skin... ohh how i want her i want to soo bad it hurts....through out the day she smiles over at me .... looking at her phone and watch... i know what she wants the phone to ring. How are we going to get away i txt her.. t break and then well work out something her phone rings she nearly drops it with excitement but her smile turns to nothing.... yes i know i know dad ill get that too.... ohhh great her da get off the phone .... my mind alight with what i was about to see again con centraight on ur work ted... i hear the mgr shouting at me .. nessa take care of that fool help him in the store with the new delivery...... ok she smirks at me and nods to go upstairs... a chance to talk finally....... nessa yes ted what what u do when he calls u . ted i listen... he sometimes tells me to do things if i want to continue watching i have to do em... ok cool ahhhh mmmh what things nessa well i stripped for him and her down to my panties and i had to rub my well had to do something thru my knickers and then sent em to him... fuck nessa thats hot yea i know ted next day he had em and they both licked em in the window i cud see him and her licking it for taste.... nessa you really did this .. i was nervous the first time but now i love to show my self to them... the first time nessa how many does he have ... well none ted he gets her to play in them and sends em back to me ..... wow nessa i never knew .... my cock was at full mast nessa smiled... i knew she say it as she smiled i went crimson with embarrassment then as if to save me from further agony my mobile rang... hello nessa then too hello ... the window quick they were there and she had him sucking her nipples as she asked me what i taught of their little games they played.....i was dumb struck what games i asked im sure she has told u she puts on a show for us too some times and that we use an post as pars of our sex life she giggles as does nessa ... are u a virgin ted..... yes i whisper nessa looks at me shocked..... awww man u have me on conference don�t u ... a laugh from him as she confirms my fear... one eyed i look at nessa. She manages a ginger smile at me as if to say its ok.... b ut to me my whole image gone so gone id need a passport to get it back ......its ok if u don�t want me here i tell her nessa has a frown on her face he stands up and walks away from her with his phone i think nessa walks away too she has been told this i suppose as she asks me more questions...if i was to com over there right now what would happen she asks... well ud be asked to wear some clothes as its a family shop i say cheekily she laughs smart and witty i can c ur gonna be fun to play with but he must say yes too as ur only a novice i don�t think he like to play with beginners.... huh i let out she asks what in an authoritive manner no sorry when u said that i feel like i should have a red l in my forehead... again she laughs ohhh im gonna have fun with u i hope he says yes..... Ok then I say but iv no where to hang the fuzzy dice.... she says well if he says yes ull have an up and Cumming place to hang it I prom ice....nessa cums back and i tell herthat he must decide weither i can play or not .. before u make a call on it will u tell him nomatter the decision i wont tell any one so nessa can still play solo if u want... that good of u she says but i know that tone in her voice its always bad news when i cums out like that.. nessa walks to the manger on he phone and mine goes dead i know this its a no.. nessa i got to hit the shelves other wise mgr will know enjoy..... she doesn�t reply not allowed or just engrossed i don�t even go near the window to have a final look might up set the cart... soo close but soo far... dam it ahh well back to work.. i delete the number and nessa shows up about 30 mins later she has a acknowledging smile for me she was about to talk and i cut her off its gonna be hard for me but she might as well be guilt free how was the break i laugh u mix it up and have a coffee instead ha ha the mgrcums up and asks whats happeningwe were well behind what needed to be done .. well u see i stocked the shelves wrong when nessa was on tea break.. so she had tyo show me how to do it right.. sorry ur a idiot from now on ur on t together so as not bto make the same error .. ok sorry... he leaves nessa asks what was that well i was hardly gonna grass u up was i ... ohhh she says i but a gut but he xpects alot of work to be done as there is 2 up here.. don�t worry about break... iv got a place to have t here.. any way lets get cracking or he might change us around and then ull have problems with ur am phone breaks...