Written by ted001

11 Mar 2010

how bizzar how bizzar...........

rember the song that summer ohhh so long ago now well my story short as it is goes back that far.....17 years old and innocent, green behind the ears.... or to be honest stupid as he day is long ha ha ...im talking about me back then.. things have changed longer hair... bigger in size .... anyway i was working as a stock boy in a store in town that summer and on the radio that fucking song over and over... if i saw that caddy driving thru the street id have beaten him wow still angry at that ...well im here in the store like a upper class pound store..u can buy sweets to clothes.... toys to jewlery.....tvs to tools ... everything but porn unfortionately.... only 2 guys working in the store and the rest are woemen ranging from 21 to 45... at my tender age back then cash was wat i needed to get my gun.. yep not trigger happy but love the clay shoots six days a week cash in hand cant beet those days ... the girls loved my work rate they gave a list and they had what they needed. nessa a lovely red head with white skin blood red lips caled to me she was 27 and not interested in a mere boy but i wanted her ... like a heroin addict nothing else compelled me like her sure the others like ann she was older 38/40 a milf in the true meaning of the word.. her body defined. carring just the perfect muscle like the ones in playboy id seen.. she knowingly flaunted herself at every one even me... the lowely store boy.. as she passed me hands full with boxes she always pushed her huge tits into my face.... and rubbed her clit off my crotch... she wore skin tight clothes and when stacking her shelves she left me hard ... yet still i jonsed for nessa.. her shy attitude man the whole package drove me wild at that tender age a pair of silky nickers in dunnes would have the same effect.... it was a hot summers day and a long one too when i decided to pop up to the canteen for tea..u cud see across to the flats on the otherside of the street . im having my bru when i c a couple going at it in their sitting room ... she was a stunner he the lucky fucker was doggy on her pump ing her hard her tits were slapping her face with the force.... she looks up and smiles at me fuck im caught... im supporting a semi by now.... but she smiled what a kinky chick.. then he looks up and points but not at me ... to my left... i look to the left an old xmass display left in the window the manjor and crib... me too lazy to move it ud only see it from the flats any way.... but i hear a sound and again i look i see a hand ... ohh my nessa red with embarresment cums out of the manjor... i was was ... i cut her short u see those two fucking... man thats cool... nessa looks at me asks how long iv been there long enough to know u saw em starting... this isnt the first time they have done it she says ... i say a while ago and he put a number up on a page for me to call i did and i had visual and audio.... when they are going for a fuck midday they txt me and i watch.... and some times listen.......u kept tis quiet didnt u ... her phone rings .... im still here with ted he is the store boy... he is 17 why... u want his number y..... a smile spread across my face... my phone rang a female voice at the other end hi ted u like the show....i hope... yes idid.. well we are taking abreak for dinner but if ur here later yes but ill ... no ur now a pair wewont show for one person anymore.. nessa looked almost sad,,, i dont know was my reply nessa would have to be ok with that.... her face smiled ur up for it then .. yes in deed.... save this number ted the voice told me ill only talk to u an he will only talk to nessa... that is clear... yes whats ur nam........ she was gone nessa and walked to the window to his entire body twitch and her soon after.. lights off..... TO BE CONTINUED