Written by HornRod

17 Mar 2014

By HornRod

Trawling through the many emails from Swing4Ireand a couple of weeks ago, I came upon this one called:

-HardRod wants to meet up with HornRod.-

Opening it, I read that this guy Rod and his wife Cathy wanted to meet up with Mandy and myself for a foursome. They also supplied photos of themselves both naked and clothed. I have to say I was well impressed with Cathy’s hairy snatch.

I showed the email to Mandy. She was intrigued by the way Rod’s erect cock kind of bent slightly to the left.

‘Reply to them, Joe’ Mandy said. ‘Pass on our phone number and also supply them with one of my sexy posing pictures. God knows I’m in need of a good seeing to by two cocks. It must be five or six months since both my holes were filled at the same time. I’m also looking forward to tasting some nicely scented fanny as well.’

Fired off the email and within hours Rod and I were exchanging more photos of both Mandy and Cathy and ourselves.

We arranged to meet in hotel on the N7 out of Dublin.

We arrived early at the meet. Mandy was wearing a flowing skirt with no knickers on underneath. She said she wanted to sit opposite Rod and flash the top of her thigh to see what reaction she got from him.

A couple mid-40s I say approached us and asked if we were Joe and Mandy. ‘Cathy Rod, nice to meet you in the flesh’ I joked and they sat down and settled in while I went to get drinks.

A couple of drinks in and the discussion, as anticipated, turned to getting a room and shagging the fuck out of each other.

While in the lift on the way to the room Mandy just lashed out and grabbed Rod between his legs with one hand. Cathy let out a gasp as she watched Mandy turn and mould Rod’s balls in her hand. While Rod moaned softly. He lift stopped on the floor and the doors opened. Mandy exited still with Rod’s balls in her hand and led him down the corridor to our room.

When we went in I looked down and saw that Rod had a massive stiffy. We decided to begin proceedings with a game of strip poker while sitting on the bed.

I was as horny as fuck as this stage and purposely kept trying to loose every game. I can’t recall who lost their clothes first, but what I do recall is that Mandy was up to her old tricks again and was grabbing Rod by his ball sack and rolling his balls again. I reached over and began massaging Cathy’s hairy cunt.

I continued dong this for a while until felt a slow trickle of her juices ooze down the crack in her legs. The next thing I felt was Rod’s hand grabbing my stiff cock and begin stroking along its shaft. Mandy had positioned herself between his legs and had taken the bulbous head of his throbbing member between her lips. I could hear her as she sucked in his knob and saw her tongue expertly flick across the eye of his flute and see the glistening pre-cum as it made his exit from that tight slit.

My cock was bone hard by this stage. I repositioned Cathy on her hands and knees. I bent over her back and grabbed her by her hips. I positioned my hardened penis at the entrance to her slippery fanny and slowly pushed it in, inch by inch, by inch until it could go in no more. I left it in that position as Cathy squirmed about lowly moaning.

Rods back had stiffened as he came in Mandy’s mouth. ‘Go on ya dirty bastard, shoot every last fucking drop you have into her,’ I heard myself shout and I began to ram by piston in and out of Cathy.

‘Rod,’ I panted, ‘fuck Mandy up her hole. She said she wanted every hole in her filled with spunk tonight,’ as I continued banging away at Cathy who was panting feverishly and moaning louder every time I thrust my cock deeper into her.

I was surprised to see that Rod’s member had not shrunk after her had off loaded his cum into Mandy’s mouth and that she was mounting him. I watched as I saw her grab his steel hard cock in both hands and hunch down over it before ramming herself hard down on it and begin riding him like a bitch in heat.

Cathy shook and quivered as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her with every deep driving heave I ramrod into her, until she went limp and lay exhausted face down on the bed.

I was still massively stiff as I inched my way over to both Mandy and Rod. Mandy was still on top of Rod’s cock fucking him like a woman possessed. I saw his balls squash every time she drove down on his rack hard cock. I moved on over. I managed to grab hold of Mandy’s hips and slow her down as I got on my hunkers, positioned by rock hard cock at the entrance to her arse and drove it deep into her.

Both Rod and myself rode like fuck as we pounded out meat deep into both of Mandy’s hole. I hadn’t cum yet and knew that Rod could last a bit longer than I could. However, by now I didn’t care. I clamped Mandy by the hips. Got into the same rhythmic motion as Rod and began in earnest fucking Mandy.

The old ball sack began to constrict. Heat went up from the ring in my hole up my cock shaft until I stiffened, grabbed hold of Mandy and rammed by cock as far as I could up her and felt wave after wave of an orgasm crash through my body. I stayed in that position for what felt like an eternity, enjoying every fucking moment and all the rime could feel Rods cock as it slammed into Mandy’s fanny. My cock slipped out of Cathy and with it a stream of cum that dribbled down onto Rods balls.

Both Cathy and I lay watching as Rod repositioned himself on Mandy with her now lying underneath him. He took both her ankles by his hands and pulled them apart. He shuffled up the bed until we saw his throbbing hardness easily slip into Mandy’s fanny, before he roughly drove it up to the hilt and began trusting in and out until he released a huge roar shouting, ‘Now you’ve got what you wanted,” and shot load after load of his sticky jism up her wringing snatch.

The four of us lay exhausted but happy on the bed.

Cathy and Rod were the first to move. They said that they had to be back in Dublin and could und two. We told them that if they ever wanted a rematch to just email us again and we‘d have no hesitation in tag teaming again.