Written by Anonymous

4 May 2009

By HornRod

Mandy and I are both in our late 40s and love the outdoor life. About four times a year we go camping to Wexford. It's such a great county with plenty of good craic and local pubs. We travel around the various camp sites and have gotten to know some great people over the years who also camp on the same sites.

It was a hot night about three years ago. We were sitting out enjoying a couple of bottles of claret when a couple from a camp down a bit from us came by and stopped to chat. Cat, short for Catherine, was her name and Declan was his. Both were in their mid 30s. We shared our wine with them and really enjoyed the conversation. By midnight the air has turned chilly and we bid each other goodnight before telling each other to drop by again when passing each others tent.

Mandy and I normally sleep bollick naked, and this night was no different. We had zipped two double sleeping bags together and when we snuggled into each other we were, as the proverbial saying goes, as snug as a bug in a rug.

It can get very hot inside these sleeping bags and almost always, both Mandy and I end up fucking the brains out of each other. And tonight was no different.

When we began to heat up I felt Mandy stretch her hand out and cup my balls and begin messaging them between her fingers until my six inch cock hardened to its full potential. I started to rub between Mandy's legs but she pulled my hand away telling me not to waste my time that she was ready to take my seed up her slippery cunt hole.

She wasted no time throwing her leg over me and impaling my throbbing cock up her very, very slippery love tunnel. What the fuck has you so horny I asked? Shut the fuck up and let me rub my fanny into the top of your hairy cock she panted. She began pounding down on my cock and rubbing her public bone up and down my stomach. Her pussy was boiling hot and I felt her fanny lips expand, before a massive orgasm ripped through her body. Her juices slipped down the shaft of my cock and onto my balls.

Mandy them dismounted me and shifted her position until her by now dripping cunt was just above my face waiting to be sucked out and licked off. Take my clit you bastard and make me cum again, she demanded and she forcefully took my cock in both her hands and started to pump it up and down. I had no problem finding her clit. The only problem was trying to grab it between my teeth with so much gooie juice dribbling out of her. I managed to secure it when I sucked it inwards between my lips and started to slowly put pressure on it with them. And still the juices oozed from her hairy snatch.

But by now my erect cock was straining to bursting point. Mandy knew this and as I just about to explode and unload she placed her middle finger just below the base of my cock and between my arse crack which had the affect of holding my orgasm back. With her other hand she continued pumping my cock. With her clit firmly between my teeth now Mandy lifted her self off me slowly and began pumping herself up and down on my face. Her clit stretched so far up that at times I thought it might snap off. It didn't take long before I could see her pussy lips expand and fill, like small long balloons, her fanny open slightly and jets of her juice squirt out onto my face and into my mouth. With that, there was no holding me back. Mandy had taken the pressure from the back of my bollicks and I violently unloaded a massive load of cum that shot up onto her face on a few occasions as spasm after spasm of cum splashed onto her and into her mouth.

We both fell back totally drained.

What the fuck was that all about I asked Mandy.

Joe when we were out talking with Cat and Declan I was imaging Cat and me shagging the fuck out of each other while you and Declan were spanking yourselves off watching us. Was there anywhere in your imagination where you saw me screwing Cat by any chance I asked her.

What if we tried to hook up with them and see can asked Mandy as she went down on my cock again and began sucking my cum off it.

The next morning I met Cat as she was going for a piss at about 6am. I wanted outside the ladies toilets until she came out. She said she had a great night the previous night, but had forgotten her watch and had to return to our tent to collect it. She looked me in the eye and whispered I heard ye at it last night. At what I asked? The two of you going at it like rampant rabbits. Oh that. We're like that most nights. Oh Mandy is a lucky cunt to have someone like you service her so regularly. Oh and I also heard what Mandy said before she went down on you again, the wicked bitch.

Taking the bull by the, ahem, horn, I ventured, well would ye be up for it. Hell fucking yes she said. When I got back from collecting my watch, I told Declan about your saucy antics and all about Mandy's imagination. We had the best fuck ever after that thinking of what we could expect off each other. Declan can't wait to fuck the cunt out of Mandy and I'm looking forward to getting my cunt hole licked out by her as well.

My prick was throbbing and bulging the front of my shorts. Cat must have seen this. She said, I'd like to have a quick glace at what I can expect later on. Lets go back into the toilets and you can show me in there. The two of us snuck into a shower cubicle. Cat rubbed along the shaft of my rigid tool and began breathing heavy. Oh I can't wait to have that up in me. She grabbed me around the neck and both of us kissed. I felt her rigid nipples press into my chest and knew that she was as horny as fuck. I dropped my hand between her legs and find her fanny was running with juices. I rubbed between her lips until my middle finger found the long protruding clit and I began squeezing it with two fingers. It wasn't long until Cat was arching her back and grinding the lower part of her stomach into my rock hard member. I slid down her wet knickers and she dropped my shorts until I was standing there with my prick aching to be planted up her hole.

Moving in towards her, there was no need to grip my tool and guide it home. She was so wet that the head of my knob found the path and slipped up into her. I wasted no time and drove it home until it could go further before I began pumping it in and out of her. She lifted herself off the ground and placed both her legs around my waist. I kept on pumping. I could hear her low moans as orgasm after orgasm erupted inside her body. She was quivering and throwing back her head in pure ecstasy. I felt the blood rush through my cock and knew within seconds there was going to be a huge surge of cum unleashed inside her body. How right I was. My ball sack tightened. My cock became even more rigid as wave after wave of cum was pumped deep into her moist and warm fanny.

Cat and I cleaned ourselves after this and both waked from the Ladies with big smiles on our faces promising we'd see each other later on in the evening.

We did and I'll tell ye what happened some other time.