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Oh He'll! 7 years ago

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We had spoken it about often just before cumming but tonite we were putting in action wht we had often cum talking about. My wife went out wearing a plunging sheer red dress that showed the outline of her nipples with black FMBs and wht cud be best described as a thong or a picee of string swallowed up by her pussy lips. As we left for home outside the city, she walked the taxi rank looking for a suitable driver to deliver us to the end of our journey. She saw an Eastern European driving one of those old Mercs with lots of room. Whilst leaning in the driver window, giving a gud flash she haggled a price and tapped on top of the driver's semi!. We settled into the back set with my wife having set in the middle, I quickly puller her dress up over her hips and dropped the hand into her red lacy thong. Not long after the driver slowed down so not to crash whilst adjusting his mirror to see my wife's pussy tht was fastly spreading a pleasing smell of "want" through the cab. It didn't take long before the thong was down on one ankle and she was mounting me in the middle facing the driver who had now pulled over and was massaging his own cock. I threw out the thong and told him to take a sniff to help himself but he also decided to place his hand inside the her top and pull out her breast and lick her hard nipple, then it all went mad!. Before I knew it her rose bud was facing back to me as she leant further forward and I gave it a quick couple of licks with my tongue as I cud feel her reach forward to blow the driver, the dress was was down and up to round her waist and there she was loving it having to manage 2 hard cocks. After putting a couple of fingers into her pussy it felt right to mount from behind and push her further forward until she was being split roasted which was a totally new experience for us, shortly afterwards after she came hard we both left loads of spunk where it leaked out down her thigh and a small bit on her chin that she couldn't wipe with her tongue. As we arrived home he told us there was no charge and passed his business card to us for any repeat trips home! We got inside and went through wht just happened and decided there was only one thing to do and that was to fill her ass with what ever spunk I had left and wait to see what stains waited for us on the pillow case and sheets in the morning!,

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