Written by Anonymous

11 Jan 2009

My girlfriend emma and i have been 2gether for 8 years, since she was 16 and i was 18. i had slept with numerous girls before and during our relationship but she was a virgin before we met and has not slept with anybody else since. for the first few years of our relationship, sex was very routine and boring. that was until i decided 2 introduce the idea of a 3some with another man to emma. from the second i mentioned it i cud see she was excited by the prospect, in fact she couldn't believe her luck dat i was going to let her touch/see/suck a different cock for the first time in her life. for a couple of years we just talked about it until recently when i decided dat we shud just go thru with it and see one way r the other if we both enjoyed it. we put an ad on a contacts site and got bout 100 replys. after trawling thru them we decided on a 28 yr old italian guy who lived in meath. we swapped pictures and contact info and arranged to meet in dublin for a few drinks. we booked a hotel room and went to meet him. emma, who rarely dresses provocatively, wore a very short black dress which showed off her very sexy legs, and no underwear. she hasnt the biggest tits in the world but she has lovely big firm nipples which were visible thru the dress. we met alex in a city centre pub which was fairly busy. he was quite attractive with a well toned body which was obvious thru his tight t-shirt. we had a couple of drinks, had a chat and whilst he was in the toilet i told emma 2 start 2 get flirty. when he sat back down emma uncrossed her legs and sat opposite him with them clearly spread showing him her pussy. i cud see his eyes light up and i sensed now wud be a gud time for me to go to the gents. i hung round the toilets for bout ten mins 2 give them a chance to talk alone, at the same time i was extremely turned on by the thoughts of some other guy seeing my g.friends lovely pussy. when i got back to my surprise they had moved to a dark corner of the bar where they were standing against the wall kissing passionately. alexs hand was obviously up emmas skirt and she was clearly enjoying it. i watched eagerly for a few mins but the bulge in my trousers was about ready to explode so i interrupted them and suggested we head for the hotel. as soon as we reached the room emma pulled her dress over her head to reveal her gorgeous naked body, and sat on the edge of the bed. she told us both 2 get naked which we did. to my utter shock i saw that alex was hung like a racehorse! i'm a fairly small 5 1/2 inches myself but his was dat size un-erect. after emma gave it a few strokes of her hand it grew to bout 9 r 10 inches. i cud see emma was excited by it but a little nervous 2 because she'd only ever had my small cock in her before. she sucked us both off 2gether, alternating between the 2 cocks. i must admit dat mine looked pathetic beside the italian stallion but i didnt really care. i decided to take a back seat and let them get on with it so having blown my load in emmas mouth i went 4 a quick shower whilst they got down 2 it. when i came out i saw emma taking it from behind doggy style and she was clearly enjoying it as her moans were deafening. after bout 5 mins, he blew his load all over her arse before she sucked him dry. he then gave her head for bout ten mins before she came, screaming like a woman possessed. we all fell asleep at sum stage but i woke some time later 2 find emma sucking his cock again, so i rubbed her clit whilst she did dat. after they both came again emma blew me before we fell asleep again. i woke round 6 am to find them shagging again and all told, by the time we left alex had shagged her a further 3 times. we parted ways and went home where we talked bout it over and over and shagged thru the following nite. emma thought it was amazing and i was happy to share her. she was stunned by the size of his dick and was curious to see some more cocks to compare them. since then we've met up with bout 20 other guys whos cocks hae varied from 9 inches to bout 4 inches. we both get a great thrill out of her being with other men and plan 2 continue it for the foreseeable future.