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Anonymous 12 years ago

first 3 sum

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3 min
we have always loved 3sums we try to meet up with our fuck buddies as much as possible because there as horny as we are..1 day we were doing the weekly shopping we always go together and look at the yummy mummys walking around..we bumped into 1 of our friends and got talking about a recent 21st we all attended ..while we were talking our friends daughter walked up with a bottle of water she wanted her mum to get her ..she was hot about 23 long brown hair beatiful green eyes and a ass youd love to suck on..while talking to her mum i noticed her staring at bigtits and her tiny top she was wearing ..we said our goodbyes anyway and as they walked off the daughter looked around and caught us both staring at her ass she just giggled and walked off wiggling it as she went...a week or so lter we were in the pub having a drink and in walked our friends daughter..she came over and said would we mind if she waited with us till her mates arrived it was no problem at all because she was wearing a mini skirt and her tits were alling out of her tiny top she had on...we got chating and drunker when she realised her friends werent gona turn up we asked if she would like to come back to ours for a drink ...we got the wine out of the fridge and started having a great time talking about friends we all knew,after a while both girls went to the toilet,i heard them coming back and turned to the door when i heard bigtits calling me in the door frame stood our friends daughter naked except for a red thong and bigtits behind her in the same,she had told bigtits that she wanted to fuck me but bigtits suggested that we had a 3sum,she walked over to me licking her lips and asked bigtits if she could suck my dick when she gave her the go ahead i couldnt believe how good she was at giving head she took my dick in her mouth and swallowed it whole it was the blowjob iv ever had im sitting there with our friends daughter deep throating me and bigtits fingering herself beside me on the sofa.i nearly shot my load down her throat but held back,she stood up and asked me to fuck her and i was only to happt to oblige..she leaned over the armrest of the sofa and pulled her thong to 1 side to reveal a shaved pussy it was so smooth.bigtits got underneath her and started sucking on her nipples while playing with her clit,i eased my dick into her hot tight pussy and fucked her for all i was worth,i fliped her over onto her back and stuck my dick back up her tight pussy she was filthy,she was asking me to fuck her hard at the same time licking bigtits's pussy both girls moaning as they came was to much for me and as i said im coming both girls got a facial as i came over both there faces,i sat back and watched as they kissed and stroked each others tits it was onlt then she told us that she had never had a 3sum before but would now be having them as often as she could,we were of course only to happy to invite her over anytime she wanted to be fucked :)

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