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mjohnson713 12 years ago


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I am lucky to have a very beautiful girlfriend who likes nothing more than to abuse my obedience to the maximum. Who knows that when I'm sexually aroused there is nothing I won't do for her. You often make me go a few days without coming, knowing that I will be that much more aroused and submissive when you're ready to have your fun. The other night, I arrive home and find you lying on the couch, wearing nothing but your high heels and a crimson red tong.. As soon as I see you I develop an immediate hard on, thus becoming a slave to your desires. You order me onto my hands and knees and commanded me to crawl to your side. You then raise a foot to my face and say "Lick my foot slave!" I happily lick your foot as you rub it all over my face. You then push my face away with your foot and toss a satin thong at me saying, "Put on your uniform, and go draw me a bath, slave!" I answer, "Yes, Mistress," and go to the bathroom to change into the thong and prepare your bath. As soon as I finish readying your bath, you enter the bathroom and tell me to get on my hands and knees in the tub. I start to remove the thong, but you tell me to leave it on. I get on my hands and knees and you remove the robe to reveal your beautiful naked body. You sat down in the tub in front of me and said, "Stick your head under the water and eat my pussy slave!" `I'm having a friend around tonight' which is news to me. `It's going to get extremely naughty, and unfortunately for you, you'll not be taking part in anything'. Where on earth is this going? I wonder to myself as I stick my head down between your legs and start running my tongue up and down your pussy. When I come up for a breath, you count to three and then push my head back into your crotch. When you tire of this you have me wash your entire body. When I finish, you step out of the tub, dry yourself off, and throw me the wet towel to dry off with. "I know you love to wear that thong," You say, "so just keep it on, slave, and go into the bedroom when you're done drying off." I finish drying, except for the soggy thong, and go into the bedroom. My raging hard-on is sticking out the top of the thong. You walk into the bedroom a few minutes later wearing a red satin camisole, garter, nylons and red patent leather high heels. You come over to the edge of the bed where I'm sitting, grab my balls, and tell me to open my mouth. You then stuff my mouth with a couple pairs of your panties and tie a scarf around my head to form a gag. You bind my wrists behind my back and tie my ankles together to insure I'm immobile. As you finish tying me up I wonder what you have in store for me this evening. You usually don't tie me up, as I'm always very cooperative. "Get up, slave!" You order. I stand up unsteadily and you push me toward a chair in the middle of the bedroom. I hobble toward the chair as quickly as the binds on my ankles permit. You motion for me to sit down in the chair. Once I'm seated, you securely tie me to the chair with rope. You reach down and seize my rock-hard cock and say, "Don't make a sound. Do you understand?" I nod my head. You walk out of the bedroom and close the door behind you. I'm left sitting in the darkness of the room with a raging hard-on, not knowing what's next. I hear the doorbell ring after a few minutes. I sit in the darkness for about an hour, straining to hear the voices from the living room. I hear a door open and the light switch click on. I'm startled. My heart leaps when you enter the bedroom followed by a very fine looking girl with a firm supple body. You are still wearing the lingerie you have on earlier and your friend is clad in a pink g-string, pink garter belt, stockings and bra. You look over at me, saying `this is my slave, ignore him. Look at his throbbing cock, bet he would love to have it licked and sucked'. Your friend leans in to you and softly kisses me the corner of your mouth and at the same time she slowly slides her hand up the inside of your leg. Her lips stay close waiting for you to reciprocate. You turn and gently kiss her on the lips. By now your pussy is throbbing at the anticipation of having a women pleasure you whilst having your slave watch helplessly. You lie down on the bed and she goes down between your legs with her knees on the floor. You lift your ass slightly so she can see your wetness. She starts at your knees kissing her way up each leg while placing her hands on your outer thighs. You slide forward allowing her a better view of your pussy. You call over to me asking `if my slave likes what he's sees' I know I'm not allowed answer but when you look at my throbbing knob you smile to yourself. With your panties pulled tight to your pussy she protrudes her lips and kisses you on your inner thighs and cunt through your underwear. After a few seconds she is running her tongue up and down the gusset of your nylon covered pussy. You can feel your lips part at her probing. She puts both her ands on the nylon gusset and pulls them to the side so she can continue to lick and kiss your cunt. The pleasure is mounting and your breathing is intensifying. With your pussy exposed she starts to kiss you tenderly. Parting your lips with slow strokes of her tongue. It reaches and circles on your swollen clit. Thrilling sensations run through your body as you come for the first time. After a magical few minutes of this she adjusts herself to start licking your asshole. She tickles your ass for a few minutes. You find this sensation tobe slightly removed from the direct sexual pleasure of her attending to your pussy but you love and are soon dripping your juices all over her chin. Returning to your pussy and leaving no nook or cranny untouched She inserts her tongue in to your vagina and licks your inner lips whilst at the same time pushing one of her fingers into your ass. At this stage my cock is trembling, I'm trying to create some friction between my cock and the thong you have made me wear. I've never seen something to erotic and all I want to do is join in. I love seeing and hearing how much you enjoy this and it only heightens my arousal. You are aware of your wetness by the sliding of her tongue. You can feel an orgasm growing. She moves back to your clit and you whimper at her teasing. Moments later you start to shake and quiver, your back arching up, your clit throbbing, your pussy lips tingling, your blood pulsing making you light headed. After a few minutes of panting and groaning she raises her head to you and starts to kiss you deeply. She sits beside you and throws one her nylon clad legs over your lap. Leaning forward you reach down with your hand to between her thighs and gently rub through her panties. You can feel her pussy react to your touch and her breathing intensifies. `I need to kiss your pussy' you tell her. For the first time you force the issue. She then bends over her face directly in front of me but showing her ass to you. She just looks at me as you start kissing her inner thighs, before moving to her cunt. You start licking her and she starts to pant and quietly moan. Her hips start to rock slightly backing into your face. You know her pleasure is rising quickly. You begin teasing her lips with your tongue separating her pussy, lapping at her juice. It's silky and slightly sweet. You move to her clit, gently nibbling it which increases her hip thrusting. You flick your tongue over her clit as quickly as you can. She lets out a cross between a groan and a squeal. You keep licking until her hips stop moving. When she's finished you place your entire mouth on her pussy and kiss it as if kissing her mouth. Finally, she collapses on the bed beside you. The sight of this has me trembling and shaking all over. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get to experience something like this. Ever sinew in my body strains against the binds that keep me stuck to the chair. I've never wanted to fuck you so much and god help you when you eventually untie me. After you both recover your friend showers, kisses you deeply and leaves. You come back into the bedroom and address me for the first time in 2 hours; `well slave, did you enjoy that? I bet you did you dirty fucker. This is what happens to you when you don't do as I say. This time you were lucky, maybe one day I'll bring home a real man and suck and fuck him in front of you'. You come over to me and start to untie me, firstly taking of my gag and removing the panties that are stuck in my throat. Then you unshackle the ankle cuffs and my legs, I just sit still, calm just waiting for my hands to be free. Eventually, and not before you tease me some more by running you tongue up and down my cock you release my hands. As soon as I feel the cuffs fall off my wrists, I stand; staring at you like a wild animal. I grab you forcefully towards me and start licking your face, desparetely wanting to taste your friends juices. You pull away but you're not getting away from me. I throw you to the bed and grab your hands so that they're pinned behind your back. I take my throbbing, aching dick and plunge it straight into your tight hot hole. You trying to say something but I'm not listening, after what I just had to endure you're going to get the hardest fucking of your life. I take each of your wrists in my hands and pull you back towards you making your head arch up towards the ceiling. My cock is pumping in and out of your cunt like a piston. Your swollen lips cling to the shaft as it pounds in and out, over and over, harder and harder faster and faster. Your body starts to quiver and I can feel you come as your cunt grips my cock in a vice grip. This sets me off and I know I'm going to come soon so in these last few strokes every bit of my waning energy goes into making sure your cunt knows that you've just had the hardest shagging ever. I'm driving into you so hard now that I'm taking you off your feet, your hips and ass cushion each blow as my balls slap against your pussy. I roar as my cock explodes deep inside you and burst after burst of hot sticky come fills you up. We collapse onto the bed trying to catch our breath, covered in sweat and smiling at each other we hold each other closely

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