Written by Anonymous

15 Apr 2009

we went away for a weekend on european city break n the last nite alas we got quite merry after good meal n lots of wine. I was my usual very horny self thru drink and asked hub to check out nearby sex shop. He bought me a very sexy dress and i asked guy where i could try it on as I am not slim n the usual thing with these dresses are they are small fitting but as they had no fitting room i asked could i go behind counter he said ok. I went in n took off my top n bra n put on dress which really shud have been enuff but was so horny took off my pants n knicks n felt so hot naked in this sexy dress. I asked guy if there were any clubs n he said just ask any taxi so we got taxi to take us to a club. The whole way there i cud feel my pussy gettin wetter n throbbin. We paid in n went into bar and was disappointed to find it so quiet but the girl on reception came in after a few mins n asked me to dance n tho I am not slim have always been described as sexy n within minutes 2 guys came out to dance with me n she left the floor. One guy started dirty dancin with me and evry time he put his leg between mine i rode his leg and I knew he was gettin hard he then caught my hand to lead me to one of the rooms and i went.By now by pussy was so wet i could feel my juices runnin down my legs and couldnt wait for his touch. He was a very handsome older man and laid me on the bed and as he ran his hand up my leg my by now very wet cunt was gaggin to be fucked and as his hand reached me he patted my pussy and i could feel my orgasm startin to rise up He then dropped his pants n pulled me to edge of bed and raised my legs up and shoved his big hard cock deep into saying he cudnt wait a moment longer. I raised my legs higher and pressed my feet to the wall so as to let him pound my hot cunt till he couldnt hold off any longer and he exploded into his condom. He then gave my pussy a few gentle slaps n i came all over his hand which he gladly licked off. We went back to bar n i sat on hubs lap n told him to feel me n he couldnt believe how wet i was n said my pussy was still gapin 4 more so i said great your turn but before we could get up the other guy asked me to dance and same thing led me to a room but this time i looked back at hub hoping he would come too. This guy was much younger and def far hornier and almost immediately started fucking me so hard n deep and oh so fast then i noticed hub standing over us. I came there n then n grabbed hub over yanked out his big hard throbbin cock and sucked him like i never sucked him before and then asked him to fuck me. I yanked the condom off the other guys cock and took him in my mouth wondering what hub would think of fucking me and watching me deep throat another guys cock and within secs i got my answer as hub fucked me the hardest he ever fucked me. They then swopped over again n young guy really went to town on me then pondin my cunt so hard n rubbin my clit with his thumb while i took hubs cock n sucked til i felt the guy reaching his climax n told him to pull out and cum on me so he pulled off condom n sprayed me with his thick creamy cum to which hub followed n i rubbed their cum into my big tits to their delite. When we went back to our hotel later hub said all the other guys from the bar had been watchin too but i hadnt noticed he said they had their cocks out n he thought they were gonna have a go too. Pity they didnt as i was oh so ready for more. Now that i eventually got hub to take first step he wants more n so do i. Have to go to mallorca alone for one nite in 2 weeks and would love to try the club there but no singles allowed alas