Written by Cathfinn

8 Jan 2016

We are at our favorite hotel We have checked in and fucked hard. You take Tablet and we shower and dress for dinner. No panties you demand. I put extra body lotion on. ...then my hold ups bra and black zip dress. You take me to tea. We have a lovely tea. You buy me some wine and I get giddy. I spread legs under the table and you finger my cunt. Lady reading ipad at nearby table watches us under her lashes. She shifts on her seat. We joke that we are turning her on and u finger harder. I open my legs to show her shaved cunt while I stroke through ur jeans.

She gets embarrassed and settles her bill. I go up to counter after her and tell her we have a room in if she is interested. I explain this is new to us and that we will go gently.

We go to car and she follows us out and tells us she will follow us to hotel. We park. U open door for me and then we go to her car and wait for her. She gets out slowly and u kiss her gently. .... then I do. ... we hold hands

I slide my hands over her breasts and up the inside of her leg. Brushing the side of her cunt through her panties

She is seriously wet so I suggest our room. U r gentleman and put ur arm around our backs and walk us to room.

U ask me to take her clothes off. I stand in front of her. ... u behind me

I gently kiss her on the lips and u slide ur hand up the inside of my legs to my cunt. U stroke along my slit. I turn her round and open her dress. .. drop it to the ground. U r turning me on and asking me to do more. ..for u

I kiss gently. Some tongue. Then I run my hands down to her breasts and cup them. Opening her bra and letting it drop to the ground. She turns to me. I kiss and touch her breasts. U r kissing my neck from behind and fingering me hard

I want to please u so run my hands down to her stomach. ... into her panties. She spreads automatically and I run my fingers over her slit. ...fingering her gently. I offer them to u cause I know u love your cunt juices.

I take her panties down and she steps out of them. I take her hand and lay her on the bed.

I ask u to help. U come over and we undress u. U lay between us. You kiss her to make her comfortable and I take ur cock in my mouth kneeling in front of u. I open her legs and take your fingers to her cunt. The two of us finger together as I suck u. U r showing me. She responds with hungry kisses for u while I can feel ur cock thicken in my mouth. Mmmm

U r thick so I sit up and lower myself on to your face facing ur cock. She straddles u and myself and her hold hands. We kiss while u tongue Fuck me and she rides u hard. Myself and her touch tits and moan as u pleasure us both. I can see her face colour and expression change she is close. I tell u to Fuck her Divad...fill her cunt. U do. She squirms and grinds down to hit her spot . She cries out and I hold her face close and kiss her gently .... this sends my cunt and clit to the edge. U don't stop even though I ask. I shout out stop and pull away. She is full of ur cum and I am a bit jealous. I clean u up. ..sucking and licking like a good slut.

U lay her back and lick her. ... showing me how. I gingerly lick along her slit. ..but get ur taste and like the dirty slut that I am I hungrily lick ur cum up. ... that is always mine D. X

We switch positions, u fucking her cunt . Me on her face. U and me kissing and slapping my tits.