Written by HornRod

30 Apr 2009

By HornRod

A few years ago Mandy and I decided we had enough of this sweaty city and needed a break. While we're both in our late 40s we decided to relive our youth and go camping to Wexford.

It was the first week in August and the weather was up. The days were blistering hot and the nights were warm.

The first night in the campsite we decided to head up town to take in the atmosphere and try out the local hostelries.

We found this quaint little pub where the drink was cheap and some great music and craic going on. We edged our way into a corner table with our drinks. A while later an elderly looking man and a younger woman asked if they could sit alongside us. We had no problem with this. We got into conversation and quickly learned the two were a married couple. Matt at 60 had lost his wife four years previously and remarried 24-year old Jane. They were living on a small holding about two miles from the pub. We had great craic with them that night. Matt was so opened minded as was Jane.

Now when I drink about five drink, I kinda have to admit I get a bit, lets say randy. Mandy knows this and started teasing me about it in front of Matt and Jane. Matt told us, he doesn't need to have drink to get randy with Jane, that she was a human dynamo when it comes to, ahem, what he termed relations. This had Jane blushing.

Anyway, I had passed my limit, and I think Mandy had too. At closing time Matt and Jane invited us back to their place. We agreed. As I walked up road with Matt behind the two women Matt told me that Mandy had a great looking arse. I stopped for a brief second, looked at it and agreed with him. I then admitted to Matt that I had been ogling his wife's tits during the night and had thoughts of nibbling on them.

What he said then brought my cock to attention. He said, play your cards right tonight when we get back young man and your thoughts might become realities. Fuck me I thought, whats he suggesting?

What I didn't know was Many and Jane were also discussing both their men and their sexual attributes and prowess in bed.

When we got to their place, the cottage was so cosy looking. In the sitting room there were four large sheepskin rugs together laid out on the floor. Matt told us to make ourselves comfortable as he went to get the drinks. Mandy was admiring the sheepskins when Jane suggested we all sit on it to feel its quality and comfort. She said it was a great place on which to fuck. This brought a slight intake of breath from both Mandy and I.

When Matt came back he suggested we play a game of cards. You guessed right, strip poker. Mandy, Jane and I said we were up for it. Mandy was first to lose her cloths followed by Matt, me and finally Jane.

We were all sitting there as naked as the day we were born. Now what, asked Matt, whose cock was throbbing. Can I stoke it, said Mandy to Jane. If I can stroke Joes said Jane. Both women started stroking our cocks. Matt's cock was already straining. His togger was about 8 inches long and very thick while mine at full mast just about touches 6 inches, but equal to Matts girth.

Jane was working wonders with her magical fingers and she tickled my balls and drew her fingernails slowly up my shaft and started flicking the opening on the top of my nob. Matt by this stage was panting and doing all in his might from reaching over to fondle Mandy breasts. I looked between Mandys legs and saw her juices glistening on her public hair. I left Jane stroking my cock and leaned over between Mandys legs and started licking up the crack of her pubic hair. It tasted delicious. Mandy was begining to moan in ecstasy. I slid my tongue down her crack and found her clit that was now protruding, took it between my teeth and started to gently nibble on it. Within seconds Mandy was cumming all over my face. Jane by now, with her other hand was frantically rubbing her pubic bone and her nipples as I had visualised were hardened to their full extent. Matt moved over to Mandy and placed the top of his cock onto her bottom lip. Mandy needed no more encouragement and took his throbbing red knob into her mouth. I twisted my body, while I was still sucking Mandy out and felt Jane hover her pussy lips over the head of my cock.

Mandy was quivering as one orgasm after another coursed through her mature body.

I felt my foreskin stretch as Jane lowered her pussy down on it. Her pussy felt so tight, moist and warm. If slowly engulfed my enlarged cock as she started to slide up and down on it. Each time she lifted off it, her lips brought my foreskin right up to a point that it was sticking to her lips and when she eased back down the sensation of my foreskin stretching back was out of this world.

Matt had to withdraw his cock from Mandys spit filled mouth. As he did so, I saw presume oozing from the eye of it. I stopped sucking out Mandy as she turned and opened her legs. Her public hair parted and I could see her fanny lips were running with a mixture of love juice and my spittle. Matt positioned himself on his knees and with one almighty lunge ploughed his 8 inch throbbing cock up to its hilt into Mandy waiting cunt hole. He started off slowly and then built up a rhythm that I never saw before. He was like a piston ramming in and out. Mandy was screaming in ecstasy telling him to fuck her faster and to fuck her harder and harder At the same time, I started lurching upwards to take Jane as she was making her way down on my six inch cock. I turned my head to Mandy and both of us kissed each other so deeply that I lost all sense of where I was and what I was doing. It was pure heaven.

My back straightened. I felt the blood rushing through my cock. I knew that this was it. There was no stopping now. I grabbed hold of Janes arse cheeks. Let my fingers part them and slid my middle finger into her tight arse hole. This had an immediate affect on Jane. She too stiffened. I felt a tremendous heat suddenly engulf her pussy lips and immediately red hot gushes of cum slider pass my rigid cock. My rod started to quiver. I felt my balls contract and pressure come on the g spot between my balls and the butt of my prick just before I felt the sensations of my cock squirting stream after stream of spunk up into her love tunnel. My eyes were rolling in my head as Jane started to cum again. Matt let out a gruff noise and began shouting oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck as he slammed his huge member deep into the swollen pussy lips of Mandy and shot his huge load up into her stomach. Like a vice Mandy locked her legs around Matts waist, lifted herself off the ground and ground her public mound into him as wave after wave of her juices squirted from her pussy onto his shaft and down between the crack in his arse.

The four of us slowly disengaged from each other as my cock by now spent and shrivelled fell from Janes sloppy and mushy cunt and we lay back exhausted.

Sometimes when return to Wexford on our camping trips we call in to see Matt and Jane and talk about the time we christened the sheepskin rugs.