Written by HornRod

29 Mar 2014

By HornROD

Mandy and I have never had as many responses, or photos from couples since we put up our profiles here on Swing4Ireland.

One such couple we decided to meet up with for a wild hot foursome swing session were Brian and Janet from Offaly.

We arranged to meet the at a hotel in Portlaoise.

Both were in their 40s and looked good. Janet was a leggy 5'-8' with a nice round bust. She was wearing a tight mini-skirt that if it had of been an inch higher I would have been able to see the crease in her arse cheeks. Brian was sporting a good old middle-aged spread, which we like, and stood about 5'-10''.

A few bevy's down and we decided to retire to get in some fun.

Whatever was up with me, I had a massive stiffy. Janet copped this and began rubbing the front of my trouser crotch. “Hmm, that really feels hard,” she said as we both sat at the edge of the bed. Whatever way she sat down her tight skirt rode up on her hips and she exposed a bald crack. She continued rubbing my rod as I dropped my hand on her tight fanny lips. I pushed my middle finger between the lips and immediately it slipped in. I felt her clit as her cunt lips began to swell and spread. I took her growing clit beteen my thumb and finger and began gently rubbing it as Janet started to quietly moan.

Over on the other side of the bed Mandy had been busy. She by now had pulled Brian's zipper down and had her hand in there really giving his cock a god pulling and dragging at. At the same time she had took Brian's hand and had pushed it up between her legs with her skirt pulled up around her waist.

“Stop, stop,” pleaded Janet as her love juices were running down between her legs. She stood up and began to undress. I looked over at Brian and Mandy and they too were undressing. While Brian might have been a tall lad I have to say his cock which was as rigid as a pole stood about 5''. But he made up for its length by its width, which I can honestly say, I have never seen one as wide. It was about 3'' in girth.

“Fuck me,” said Mandy. “That's some fucking weapon you have there Brian. How the fuck will I be able to take that into me,” she asked?

Both Janet and I moved over to them, intrigued as to how Brian was going to lash his nogger into Mandy.

Janet moved to where Mandy was and went down on her. She positioned her self in the 69 position and began slurping on Mandy's cunt. I watched as Mandy gently licked Janet. After a few minutes of this both women were moaning and riding about on the bed. Janet got off Mandy, turned to Brian and said: “Try her now. Her cunt is so slippery that you'll have no problem pumping that thick cock of yours right up into her willing hole.”

We both watched as Brian positioned himself before just touching the top of his knob at the entrance to Mandy's open and by now dribbling gash.

“Oh fuck,” Mandy kept repeating as Brian gently pushed his rigid penis slowly and deeper up her. “Oh fuck, oh fuck. Drive it in. Shag the fuck out of me with that thunderous cock of yours,” said Mandy and Brian, with all his might, drove whatever hadn't been up Mandy deep as he could into her and began riding her like fuck.

I was totally amazed at how wide Mandy's pussy lips had stretched to accommodate Brian's huge member.

My own 6'' cock was twitching with excitement, when I felt Janet's tongue on it as she began to lick the back of my swollen rod. She was an expert cock sucker. She had a knack of gobbling the top of my knob between her lips, before flopping it out and immediately sucking it back in again.

All the time Mandy was shouting “Fuck. Fuck me. Ride me hard. Push it in deeper, deeper. I want to feel your cum up in me. I want to feel that spunk dribble from me after you have spent your fucking load in me.”

I had a brilliant vantage point watching Brian riding Mandy like a runaway train.

Janet knew that I was enjoying myself. Her hand went up on my balls. While sucking me off she began rolling my balls around in her hands. She also stuck her middle finger up into my hole and began finger fucking me there.

“Fuck her arse,” I shouted to Brian. “See how she likes it there?”

Mandy repositioned herself at the end of the bed. Brian came behind her. Grabbed her hips, put his wide piston at the entrance to her hole and began inserting it up into her. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT. You're splitting me in two. Fuck. Fuck. Oh fuck it feels so good. Ride me. Ride my hole,” Mandy screamed as she went into a convulsive orgasam that must have lasted a good three or four minutes.

Brian was humping her with all his might. His back stiffened. “Mandy, Mandy”, I excitedly shouted to her. “Brace yourself, he's going to cream your hole any fucking minute now,” as Brian, as on cue, roared, as his cock pulsated and he hosed wave after wave of spunk into her gaping arse hole.

I couldn't hold back after watching what had unfolded in front of me and felt my knob jerk and gush stream after stream of cum into Janet's willing mouth.

When Brian disengaged his cock from Mandy's hole, Janet went over to her, turned her around and mounted her face where she began to ride her fanny on her. Within seconds Janet was bucking and screaming as she jetted her love juices out of her pussy and onto Mandy's face.

After a while we went into the shower and washed down after what we agreed was one of the best fucks any of us had had in a while. We agreed to meet up again to see what other tricks Brian can perform with his magic member.

Mandy wants to know if there are any other couples out there whose male partners have dicks that are extra large both in length and width and who are willing to meet up. If so, just email us n our profile page.

Until the next time Swingers.