Written by CharMan

29 Dec 2010

For starters, my name is Junior, 1.78 am t have black hair, weight 75kg, have a normal body, although it has never done the gym, I'm living in Europe for over six years and that fact that I will tell you happened in October 2009.

As a long time living here ever heard much about the European capital of Amsterdam sex, then painted the opportunity to travel to it. I arrived in the morning in the city and began to explore the city, went to a sex museum but without much grace and ask for information on how to get to the famous Red Ligth District, arriving on the scene did not notice anything, everything was closed. Well I looked for a hotel near the site at night thinking that promised.

Arriving near the 8hr night went to a coffee shop to drink something. Right next to get the narrow streets filled with glass doors to women showing their bodies to customers, I very impressed with the beauty of some real magazine cover models, and also with the outfits worn by them as police, teachers, nurses I saw a very cute Japanese high school dressed with her hair tied in two ponytails on the sides, this whole climate creates a great excitement. I went through a peep show booths where you can see women doing strip tease, walked a little further and went into a bar strip tease do not recall his name, were two bars in one small corner in the main where only two women danced panties on the counter style show bar, bar attendants were all shows with her breasts, some women were doing the lap dance bar for men, I noticed a couple taking a nice piss in a corner, but soon falls off, passing one of the alleys in a very beautiful blonde calls me a program, we started talking I discover that she was from Hungary, she tells me that the regular program costs 50 euros, is 20 minutes and she sucks and two positions for sex, I accept entered her room, it was just a bed and a sink next to it, she kneels in front of me starts to take off my pants with a punhetinha begins at this point my cock was already very hard, she grabs a condom and puts with blowjob mouth is in for about 5 minutes, she had a mouth so hot, then she lay in bed and comes over, she rode very nice, throwing her hair in my face, then turned me over to one side so she warned that was just the time I raced and I enjoy, if I just went out and cleaned.

But the best of the night was still to come, I was still very horny and had to find somewhere else to go, I saw some strip clubs and live sex and just entering the Moulin Rouge to be the most famous was in the club top, I was coming through La disappointed, I thought it was something bigger and more glamorous, but I had paid so I decided to grab a drink and watch the shows, the bar is shaped like a semi circle facing the scene, the side has a type of bleachers, I found a vacant seat in the third row and I went to her, sat a good look at the place in most men, two girls in the seat behind me on the corner and in front by the way were three couples in the front seat two women with a middle and February 2 men with one woman to the point just ahead of me on stage doing a striptease brunette, she was a little skimpy, after some time came a couple and began having sex, she started doing him a blowjob and time consuming, all in the environment began to excite the woman sitting opposite me got up and stood leaning against the wall next door, I could better see her body, she was a blonde of medium height had large breasts and an ass nice bed, I stared at her, she saw and began to stare at me too, looked at her from head to toe and spent his lips, she snickered and turned to the show, then looked back me and began passing the tongue in the cup that situation was very exciting to me, she went to the front seat leaned back with her ass and started talking to the guy she strutted her and gave some good looks naughty to me when she went back to the wall did come down to sign because the bathroom was downstairs, she did sign the guy was her boyfriend and could not, I insisted and got them was co wanted to go to the bathroom waited a few minutes at the bottom and it does not appeared, I returned to the top of the pass through, she said-I-m sorry? I sat back in my place and she came back with quite a show this so that she turned her ass to me but I was kind of afraid to lay a hand on her thigh, she felt, she took my hand leading up to her ass and squeezed, I was having fun with your butt squeezes and giving very strong, even took it to between her legs rubbing her pussy on top of pants, was already dying of horny, and she too, she went into the bathroom I waited about 2 minutes and went back, she was in the restroom door and told me, "thought it would? I introduced myself, her name was Francesca she was from Italy, I asked if anyone was in the ladies room, she said no, then I tackled over her, kissing her voracious, we went to one of the offices she has been taking my cock out we did not have much time, reached down and began a pacifier phenomenal, I dying to eat it, it turned back and lowered his pants, that was pretty big ass slapped god and squeezes a condom and tried to get started balmy, tried her breasts with her hands were very stiff and pointy because of the horny, she was moaning very loudly, do not know if someone entered the bathroom but came can hear us perfectly, soon she was enjoying, I increased the pace and I enjoyed it also turned around and gave a very wet kiss with our tongues dueling, dressed, she went to the club and although I was made to the hotel with the big night.

I live in Europe have availability to travel here, I love sex and and all the pleasure it provides, I have experience with couples, woman or couple if you have any fantasy to make contact with me, XXX