Written by mjohnson713

16 Feb 2009

You're driving down the motorway one night, when you see the most amazing man thumbing for a ride. You don't usually pick up hitchhikers, but this man, you just had to. Slowing down, you look in the rear view mirror to see number 1 in your top 5 list appear. You gasp. The man of many naughty fantasies. He climbs into the car. Just the smell of him drives you crazy.

You ask him where he is going, and he says 'The Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow'. Right then, that was fine with you.

As you drive along in silence, you can't help but notice the bulge in his pants growing to show his enormous cock. You wonder what he's thinking about, and wonder if he has seen you looking'¦.

As you approach his hotel, he asks if you want to come inside. You just cant refuse when he looks at you with those piercing blue eyes. All you can think about are his beautiful arms bulging out of his wool jumper, and the tight ass that filled his jeans so perfectly. You have been turned on since you first seen this stranger, even before you realised who it ws and you SO want to feel his hard body on top of you.

Once inside his hotel, you both sit on the couch and he pours you a drink. You find yourself staring at him, unable to speak. He sits his drink down on the table and slowly moves towards you, gently putting one of his strong hands on your cheek. He pulls your face to his, and kisses you deeply. His soft lips and warm, gentle tongue plays passionately with yours, and sends warm sensations through your whole body. GOD you want this man so much!

After what seemed like an eternity, he slips his hand down and cups one of your firm breasts in his hand. He can't help but smile when he runs his thumb over your nipple and notices that it's already rock hard. He gently reaches around and unhooks your bra, then softly whispers in your ear. He tells you how beautiful you are, how much he wants to taste you, and how wonderful it would feel to have his rock hard cock deep inside your wet pussy. You let out a moan, and he presses his mouth to your neck, where he bites and licks it passionately.

He gently raises your arms and slides your Thomas Pink blouse off over your head. The look of appreciation on his face at seeing your newly released breasts makes you squirm even more. He bends over and to take one of your erect nipples into his mouth. He sucks deeply, and then gently nibbles all around the base. You wonder if he knows that this is driving you crazy?

He pushes you down on the couch, so as to have better access to all your exposed flesh. He brings his face back up and gently outlines your lips with the tip of his tongue. Yours dart out to meet his and they circle each other in an erotic dance. He then moves to your ear, where he uses his talented tongue to tease you, while his deep breaths, and moans of desire drive you into a frenzy.

He slowly licks his way down your neck and to your breasts again. As he licks and teases each nipple, he slowly moves his hand down, under your skirt, to your black, lace panties, which are soaking wet. When he slips his fingers under the panties to feel your softness, you both gasp. You can feel his large fingers slipping through your lips, and gently passing over your most sensitive spot, and he's obviously very pleased by the wetness he finds there. His finger slips easily inside you, and you can feel it as he shoves it in all the way, pressing his palm against your mound.

He pulls his hand away and very sensuously tastes the juices dripping off his finger...He smiles and stands up. Slowly, he begins to undress. Each piece of clothing removed in such a way as to tempt you even more. Finally, he gets down to a pair of tight fitting boxers. His throbbing cock had popped of the split in the front, and the head, ready to burst, is right in front of you with a drop of pre-cum just begging to be licked.

You sit up and smile as you move closer to his throbbing member. You reach out with the tip of your tongue, and gently taste the treat that's waiting there for you. You hear him gently moan "Oh yes!" as your take your tongue and twirl it around the head of his cock. Very gently you pull the boxers over the large bulge and smile as it pops out, eager for you to suck it all the way in.

He's very large, and, at first, difficult to take into your mouth. Slowly, though, you suck him down. Further and further towards the base. You reach out with your hand and cradle his balls. They are so cool and heavy. You press them gently against the base of his cock as your mouth slides up and down on his shaft.

You can feel his dick getting larger and larger, and more and more rigid. You can tell he wants to cum. You suck him all the way down until you feel his soft head pressing against the back of your throat. Then you relax and let him slide even farther in. Deep down in your throat you moan gently, vibrating the engorged member inside my mouth. Sucking it in and out, letting it go deeper each time. You feel him buckle and thrust as he shoots his warm cum deep inside your mouth.

You look up at him with passion in your eyes. He smiles and lets out a laugh! "God that was amazing! I've never had anyone make me cum like that!" You smile and lick the last bit of his juices off your lips. He reaches down for your hand and then gently whisks you up into his strong arms. "Your turn" he says with an evil look in his eye.

He carries you off to the bedroom and carefully places your head on a soft, satin pillow. He reaches down and undoes your skirt and then slips off your wet panties and tosses them on the floor.

The anticipation of feeling his warm mouth against your clit is agonizing, but he plans to make you wait. He gently kisses your toes and feet, massaging them and torturing you with his tongue. He licks and kisses his way up to your throbbing mound. You raise your hips up to meet his mouth, but he has none of it. He kisses your thighs and all around, but leaves your dripping lips all alone. "Please!" You moan. "I need to feel your tongue!" At that moment, his whole mouth engulfs your lips and clit. He sucks deeply, tasting your juices, and moaning his approval. His tongue quickly finds your most sensitive spot and makes you buckle up with pleasure. He gently circles it, so as not to push you too fast.

He reaches his hands underneath your ass and grabs each cheek pulling you up to meet his eager mouth. You feel his tongue enter and slip deep inside. He thrusts in and out, allowing you to feel each stroke. You can feel his hot breath and his whole mouth as it works on your cunt, taking you to places you've never been before.

Slowly, he sits back down on the bed, and gently inserts one of his long, thick fingers deep inside you. Oh yes! He's rubbing in JUST the right place! His tongue is on your clit again. This time, just the tip, circling around and around.

As his finger gently massages your g-spot, and his tongue your clit, you begin to feel an orgasm rising up inside. It's deep, and feel you whole body getting warm, and beginning to quiver. With his gentle massaging you come closer and closer to the edge, and then a wave of pleasure comes over your body like you've never felt before. You just keep coming and coming and he miraculously stays with you as you thrust your dripping cunt deep into his mouth.

When it's over, you lay spent. Unable to move. You're light headed and your body feels like it was floating. He moves up to your face and gently kisses you. You can barely respond, and he laughs softly. "I'm glad you enjoyed that". He says, and you smile, and laugh a little to'¦..to be continued