Written by deebis

20 Sep 2009

As we went upstairs everyone had calm down a little and the 3 of us sat on the bed and started to chat... Martin went to be bathroom. I laid there next to Danny and before long we started to kiss again, I was just as aroused as when they first came into the house.. Although I had no panties left, my floaty skirt was still resting over my pussy and Danny's hands started to travel up and down my legs and pussy again. His kisses went back and forth between my mouth and my well erected nipples. Martin came back, kneeled on the floor before me and started to lick me gently. I must say his tongue felt like velvet and I could feel myself getting wilder by the second. My hand was caressing Danny's hard cock. He kept asking me how much I was enjoying this, and him and Martin could not stop praising my body and pussy... I felt an urge to feel Danny's cock inside me and begged him to take me. He got up, came behind me and I quickly went on all fours, so to feel him deep. He thrusted insided so hard that my head kept crushing against Martin's tummy who stood in front of me. I screamed and yelled how much I liked Danny's dick and how good he was fucking me.. I grabbed Martin's cock and sucked him hard, just as hard as I was getting fucked. I moved my hips back and forth so that my pussy would take Danny's cock even deeper. Danny held on coming and swapped place with Martin.. Martin turned me on my back, placed me on the edge of the bed and pushed his swelled up dick inside. All along I looked at Danny and at each thrust, I showed him with my eyes and smile how much I was enjoying this. Martin came and moaned loudly.. I was still starring and wanking Danny. Martin must have really enjoyed my taste as once again his head was between my legs... I decided to turn around and sit on his face, I must say I enjoy this position, and also, I could face Danny properly again, kiss him, suck him, over and over again. I was quivering with pleasuse and whilst licking hungrily, Martin slipped 2 fingers in.. It felt so good i could hardly suck on Danny anymore. Danny was urging me to enjoy, to come. I took over my clit and fondled it with my finger faster and faster. Martin's fingers followed the rythm and went in very deep. They were ploughing in such a way into my pussy that the embarrassing moment of a squirt arrived. It was not a small shower either that Martin's face received. I went back on my back and both men were taking turn in fingering me and admiring the view of all the juices I produced. Whilst they gawked at me and kept fingering me, I resumed playing with my clit. I had a last, deep look at Danny, and so I came. I screamed and my whole body shook up.I reached out to Danny so that he would kiss me. Just as I was trying to calm down and enjoy the moment, Martin climbed onto me and fucked me some more. I should have be well satisfied by now, but just a glance at Danny and i felt wild again, and, of course, my pussy having just came was tight and very sensitive. Martin did not take long to come for the second time. By now my insides were almost painful, but still, I laid beside Danny, my back against him. I asked him to bite my neck and so he did, eagerly... His cock was against my arse, I reached it with one hand and once again caressed him... His bites were driving me crazy and all I could think then, was to feel his cum all over my face. I went down on him. He was in extasy... Finally he shook and suddenly, I feltl the warmth of his cum on my chest and face. As they left, I thanked and kissed them both, but of course, I went back for seconds, thirds with Danny! He took a long look at me and sighed before leaving. Right then, I felt a warmth again in my tummy, I still wanted him, there was no end to my hunger for him. Right then also, I knew I neither could nor would, see him again. No matter how much more I wanted to explore with him I was too much on the verge of falling for him.