Written by deebis

15 Sep 2009

Danny is a recent playmate I have been enjoying'¦ One of his big `trip' is to enjoy a girl with his partner in crime Martin.. I can't say I felt anything missing from just his `company' but I can't say that I don't relish the good and full attention of two men either'¦ So here I am waiting on the two of them'¦ Nervous as I have never met Martin but excited by the thrills that Danny always provides'¦ I hear their car, make my way down the stairs and open the door. I take a quick glance at Martin, he's not bad, well built but I am concentrating on Danny who always has this big smile and cheeky eyes! Danny takes me by the waist and starts kissing me, gently at first but then very passionately.. He gently pushes my back against Martin who is too keen on cupping both my breasts with his hands whilst Danny keeps kissing me more and more furiously'¦ Dannys' hands are now going up and down my legs lifting up my skirt, Martin lets go of one of my breast and proceed in the same moves as Danny's hands'¦ Three hands are now caressing, teasing but never quite touching the crucial parts of my arse and pussy. My back is arching furiously against Martin and my arse caresses his now, very hard cock. Dannys mouth is now travelling up and down my breasts, my tummy and the edge of my pussy. My lips there are struggling to hold on to my wetness as I am now so aroused. After so much teasing Danny's tongue finally finds his way to my clit and my juices just flow straight away in his mouth, Martin does not waste anytime and just puts one finger inside me, I moan, Danny just licks me faster and Martin moves his finger in and out of me to the same rhythm.. Danny brings my head to his crotch and I am too happy to undo his zip and take him in my mouth. My arse is now pointing straight at Martin's cock and he just enters me in one long deep thrust.

I am looking straight at Danny as I feel Martin's cock inside me, my eyes are locking in with his own. Many times, I have tried during our fucking to find in Dannys' eyes a connection, an emotion I guess but I only ever found desire and lust. This time though as Martin moves inside me Danny's eyes are lit with a fire, passion I never saw before in him. Even though it is Martin's cock fucking me Danny seems to know that it is him, though Martin's cock, I enjoy and aim to please. He pushes my shoulder towards Martin as I suck on his own cock. He then whispers to me `is he fucking you deep enough you babe?', I take his throbbing cock out of my mouth look up to him and most calmly say: `No!' . He pushes me harder against Martin who reacts with the biggest and deepest thrust so far. I hold a scream not to let on how much I am enjoying this. Martin withdraws and decides to grab and lift both of my legs in the air leaving me wide opened for Danny. He pushes his cock inside me, his cock although not overly big always fits perfectly inside me and reaches always the perfect spot'¦ I hold my moaning and screaming and Danny asks again `now is that deep enough??, once again I muffled a No.. Danny fucks me harder and Martin who is holding me up still, is pushed against the wall'¦ Danny is almost raging at this point, his want to satisfy me overwhelms him, he carries me away from Martin and tells him `come on lets take her upstairs, we'll show her what deep is!' to be continued'¦ imagined and maybe lived lol