Written by Randylasvegas

6 Apr 2014

The reason i decided to join a swinger site was due to an experience i had in the city centre one night with a couple i bumped into.I was out on the town with a mate on a Friday night having fun in a well know establishment in temple bar. The place got packed and we ended up drinking by the bar and befriended a sexy couple in their 40's. it was getting near midnight and my mate was well on at this stage / slightly messy and i was thinking of bailing and getting a cab home with him. The couple could see we were finishing up our drinks and when my mate went to the toilet the Female (Trish) asked me to stay, when i explained i had to put him in a taxi and head home she winked at me an asked again to stay and have one more drink with them and preceded to tell me they were staying in a hotel a few doors down and might hinted and going back there for a late night cap if i want to stay out late. they way she asked and looked at me sent a quiver down my neck along my back , around my anal passage and up my cock.. i was hard in seconds. i could feel the top of my cock leaking / its was cold / precum. i flexed my hard cock while i looked into her eyes and i could feel it leaking. I think she saw in my eyes what was happenings well as i was blushing. My cock was caught in my boxers due to me sitting down i stood up and straightened it so the eye was facing my bellybutton and while pilling my had away i rubbed my shaft and pinched the top of my cock and its foreskin with the thumb and index finger. I was wet, my cock was leaking.I looked up and both Trish and Dave were staring at my cock and smiling, they both looked up and he asked "is that for my wife" i fucking never went as red. He smiled and said "no worries she like's em big" Bewildered and amused and fucking feeling as horny as i never did, i decided to play along and see what happens. my mate finds he way back to us at the bar looking like he smoked 10 joints in the toilet. I convinced him to head home, I winked at the couple and told them id be back in 2 min's. My mate put his coat on and we left It was easy to find him a cab, in he jumped expecting me to follow, but i gave him the (shit i forgot my jacket and my wallet in the bar). In his drunkeness state he smiled , wip'ed the door shut and proceed to tell the cab driver to move on and whisk him home , all the while looking back at me laughing thinking he's let me behind to fend for myself. i was thinking i could not have gone better.

On my return back to the bar the couple where outside looking at me walking back up the street waving my jacket at me smiling. dave asked "did you come back for your jacket or my wife" i laughed saying your wife. I caught a glint in her eye along with a dirty smile as he reply's. "Fancy coming back to our hotel for a drink" "Room service" to which i replied "i'd love nothing better"

Walking trough the hotel door i felt that every person in the lobby was looking at us. We proceeded to the lift and as soon as the door shut Trish began to massage my ball and gentle kissed me on the lips running her moist tongue across my lips and began to fuck my mouth with it. I could feel the skin on my sift stretching, my cock has never been as hard, It felt good i tought my cock was going to rip, but i new better, the lift bell dinged as we got to their floor. she stood back away from me and looked at her husband saying" i can't wait to see this guys cock, it feels huge" he replied "either can i" while trapping her left ass cheek and kissing her forcefully.

We stepped out and i followed behind them up to their door. Trish grabbed my hand as he open the door with his key card. My heart was beating so hard and loud i tought they could hear it. I was blushing walking into their room. He went over and pulled champagne out of his holdall bag, She turned and asked what i would like to do. I shyly said "i would love to fuck you " she winked and undone my belt. she flicked open my top 3 buttons on my jeans, shoved her hand down my pants and grabbed hold of my hard cock. she gasped "WOW thats some cock, so hard and so thick" she continued to pull my cock up and down, pulling the tight foreskin over the head of my cock letting the precum to roll down my shaft and onto her tightened grip. the pre cum acted as a lubricant. she could feel this and i could see her cheeks getting red almost blushing. i looked over her shoulder nd her husband was pouring drinks and proceeded to hand me a glass all the while Trish wanking my cock. He looked at me and smiled 'enjoy yourself and make her cum hard, ill join in after my shower" and off he went to the bathroom. i could hear the shower being switched on.

I looked her in the eyes and told her i was going to fuck her so hard theta when she cums she will loose all control. she replied you fucking better.

We passionately kissed each other while ripping the clothes of each others backs. I stood back and was amazed at her body, not slim but firm/ shapely / a real woman Fit and good enough to eat. She glanced at my cock and stared, she pushed me back onto the bed grabbed my cock and fucked me with her mouth. A real pro, she made sure she drank all my pre cum first and proceeded to deep throat me. The bathroom door opened and Dave walks in nacked, wet and hard. he walked straight over to Trish, , grabbed her hips and slowing mounted her, this made me even harder. as he was pushing his cock up her pussy and trough her lips she stalled sucking me with her mouth all the way over my cock, she gagged on my cock as he penetrated her, an amazing feeling on my cock, he pounded her from behind and with each trash like in sequence she slipped down my cock with her mouth and up along my shaft as he pulled back prepping to penetrated her again. i was ready to blow my load and she new this, she suddenly stopped, looked at me and said " not yet darling" she stayed in position her hands either side of my hips getting fucked deeply from behind staring into my eyes. Dave pulled out she scrambled over my body and began kissing me rubbing her pussy against my cock. she was running her hands trough my hair while kissing me when i felt Dave wrap his had around my cock and begin to wank me slowly at the same time asking me am i enjoying it. i took a deep berth and said no problem, she smiled and told Dave to slide a condom on me as she cant want much longer. i could feel Daves hands put the condom on me rolling it down my stiff moist cock. Trish arched her back and told dave to guide my cock to her pussy and only put the head of it inside her. she told me not to move as she wanted to feel all my cock in one sharp trust. dave positioned my cock using one hand gentle inside her pussy. she looked at me and rammed her pussy down my shaft. i crunched my stomach mussels and she left out a scream opened her mouth and left it open long enough for some drool to fall from her mouth onto mine, i licked it up and she caught me as she open her eyes. she rammed it again and again until he pussy was so wet it splashed. She kept it inside of her straddling me while riding me . She fuck me like a wild horse and only slowed down to let dave mount her from behind, Suddenly i had to bodys on top of me. My cock was inside Trish's Pussy, Dave was trying to penetrated her ass, her fore head was lying against my waiting for Dave's cock to enter her.she lifted her head and icoud see by her face that dave was pushing his cock into her ass, suddenly dave began to pound, his balls here slapping of my balls Trish initially looked like she was in agony but it turned into ecstasy, both Dave and I contained to point her in rhythm. i could see see was getting excited more and more by each pounding, th moaning turned into verbal dirt. " Ohhhhh Fuck me you dirty Basterds" Harder you cunts"Dave was shouting take it yo slut Take it all.

I decided to get verbal and began saying" ohhh i love this " i love your pussy" i love you cock" fuck me harder my me cum Harder"

i was wild we were all shouting and fucking harder and suddenly Trishes body wriggled in convulsions. rolls of the both of us squiring all over my self and Dave. I rolled after her using my tounge to catch as much cum juices she was squirting and licking her pussy trying to make it last. Trish pinned my head down to her pussy shouting " don't stop, never make it stop" all the while her body was quivering and dazed. I felt something warm on my back i turned around to See Dave milk himself all over me, it was warm and there was loads, he shot long and big one shot hit me face. Trish saw this grabbed both cheeks and licked my face.

Dave walk's around and said to me its now your turn to cum. i Kneel on the bed and he grabs my cock and starts to suck it, Trish rolls around and wants to share it. Both husband and wife competing for my cock / sharing and 10-15 seconds each but competing to see who could make me cum. Both of them felt good. 2 mins into it i could feel my balls were going to explode, my shaft tightened and the vain down the length of my cock bulged. I looked down, they new it was cumming, both swapping wanking me with their mouths open. I burst My cock felt like the head of it was going to fall off, i could feel the cum rushing through the central vein that you can see on the back of the cock, bang, my body arched once , twice, three times as i was cumming. Trish caught most of my cum. and licked the rest from Dave. i fell limp onto the bed smiling. Dave was hick enough to get be a drink while Trish massaged my shoulders and thanked me.

The shower was a larger walk in and somehow we all fitted in like in a commune. once washed i put back on my cloths. On the way out the asked me to leave my number and if i wished to meet again onetime in the future. To which i gave and asked not to leave it too long