Written by justforfun10

10 Mar 2013

"I have to go here."

"Oh ok so u dont want me to tell u how I'd like to slide down to body and suck our juices off ur cock?"

"Carry on telling me, I'll be driving!"

"How I'd suck u hard all over again suck the juices out of u and continue to electrocute u.

Than straddle ur fading hard-on and tease it back to life with my wet cunt rubbing it back and forth over my clit and wet lips. When ur finally semi hard, I'll suck the tip of ur cock into my cunt and squeeze it while I move it in and out,sucking u deeper into my cunt and then releasing u...

Squeezing and sucking, squeezing and sucking, deeper deeper into me.

Never quite letting u all the way in.

Licking my lips wit a knowing smile.

Pinning ur hands above ur head so u can't have control.

Slowly squeezing and sucking u in and out of my wet hot cunt.

Until ur begging me to fuck u.

Are you begging me to fuck u?

I can't hear u!!! I need to hear u beg....

I lean forward just enough so my nipple falls into ur mouth.

U bite down...hard

My cunt tightens around ur cock.

I pull away,

because I want to fuck u but I can't hear u beg me!!

So I wriggle my pelvis just enough to hit u off my g-spot.

Ur eyes roll.

But I still can't hear u beg....

So I lift my hips and slide u out,

Rub the tip of ur cock up and down my lips,

Pausing expectantly over my opening.

U need to beg!

U need to say the words!

I want u to beg me to fuck u!

"Please fuck me"

Can't hear u baby!

Y do u want me to fuck u?



"I need you to use me as your fuck toy"

Slowly slip ur cock to the opening if my cunt.

I pause.

I press down on u.

And u slide willingly into me.

I clench just as u enter and u groan.


Lost in the sensation.

I lift my hips and I begin to move.


Every downward stroke is like the first time u enter my wetness.

Deeper I slide with every stroke, but never all the way.

12/13/14 half strokes ur breathless, then all the way down.

I stop moving..

U try to lift ur hips....STOP MOVING!

I sit with u hitting d back of my cunt.

I twitch.

I squeeze u and swallow u wit my godliness.

Ur breath is comin short n fast n deep.

I grin.

Release u.

Raise my hips and slam down hard.

And again!

And again!




All the way out,

And back in!

Every stroke like ur first tight wet entrance.

Ur gasping.

Trying to move u hips to met me...


I pull ur arms down by ur side and pin them wit my feet.

I stretch forward and us the head board for support.




Ur nearly there...

U feel the blood drain from the rest of ur body.

Ur cock is harder and bigger than uve ever known it.

It is alive with nerve endings.

Every single touch.

Every single movement.

Every single sensation is sending u closer to d edge.

I purposely tighten my cunt everytime u leave it.

And again when ur entering.

And when u deep inside me, my cunt swallows u in further.

Ur going to pass out.

But first, u need to fill me.

Tell me u need to cum!

Tell me how close u are!

Tell me!!

U can't,ur head goes back.

Ur hips move up into me.

Ur eyes roll.

U fill me.

I tighten my cunt.

And milk every last drop from u.



Leaving u spent..

I climb off and place my wet mouth on ur cock. Taking the tip in to my mouth and flicking my tongue over the top and the ridge, sending shock waves all the way through u...

So you sure you can't call over? :D "