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21 Dec 2013

the rest !!!


3 minute read

We both lay on the bed ,, not a word sally got up and undressed to her bra and stockings ,, what a vision !! She started to undo my belt and trousers and as she pulled them off her mouth conected with my cock she pulled it out and took it deep into here mouth her eyes looking up to me full of mischief in no time my cock was pulsating and felt like it was going to expode and which she slipped a condom on and sat on my cock and ground her hips to get it as deep as she could I put my hand down and played with sally's clit she loved it and shuddered into an orgasm she collapsed on top of me just as I came myself ,, again we lay in silence ,, she laughed ,, whats funny I said ,, 2 years since I had an orgasm and now 2 in half an hour ,, I looked over her chest was heaving I brushed one of her hard nipples I wanted more but my cock was to soft ,, I fingered her pussy one then two sally moved in unison with my hand suck my cock and make me hard babe !! She did and straddled my face as she did !!! I licked her slippery pussy it tasted like her panties earlier ,, she had my cock hard and said take me doggie !!! And she got on all fours I slipped on a condom and buried my cock as hard and deep as I could and pumped fiercly sally was moaning so loud more she cried ,,, I fucked for all I was worth ,,, my arse , my arse she said so I lent and grabbed the baby oil and out of one hole and into her ass she pushed back against me and fingered herself I came nearly immediately my whole body was out of my control but totally in hers ,, I got off of sally and laid back exhausted but sally got a vibrator and bought herself to a climax and then force the vibe in to my mouth so I could taste more of her !! We lay together for a while and I got up to make some coffee ,, she then said I wish my husband would do that ?? What make coffe I said ,, she said no be serious , I would love to have you and him together but he is a once a month guy who cums turns over and snores !!! So i said why not do to him what ya did to me !! Tell him you like your arse fucked !! Talk to him !! Maybe ,, she said ,, we fucked twice more and parted company saying how we would do this again next month ,, I got an email two weeks later saying that she took my advice and when she has the courage to mention a 3some she will let me know in the meantime he loved fucking her arse and her sex life is brilliant ,, so any ladies out there want to meet sometime ,, haha

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