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Sightseeing... ;o)

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Published 11 years ago
I have been up since 6 this morning, drove 3 and half hours and been fucking senseless for the last 3 hours and yet I am still wet, he is still hard and we cant pull away from each other.. `Baby..' he says, `you have come so far, I should at least show you a lil of the sights here, let's take an hour break and ill show you why I love this place so much' Well eventually, after another 30 minutes of more caresses we finally get dressed and hop in the car. We drive along the coast road, and he is right, it is very pretty.. We make it to a viewpoint and park there'¦ We climb up a hill and from the top we can see the mountains, the cliffs and the sea, it is beautiful. It is lunchtime, midweek and there is no one in sight. I stand at the edge of the cliff admiring the view. Suddenly, he is behind me and put is arm around my neck , I feel his breath getting heavy and his lovely cock is getting hard against my arse. He takes my hand and place it between my leg, under my skirt `baby, touch yourself for me' he says'¦ whilst lifting my top with his free hand and fondling my breasts.. It is cold and my nipples are hard but I am feeling very hot in the right place, so I obey and start to gently play with my clit. His hand leaves my breasts, his grasp of my neck is getting tighter and before long he enters 2 fingers inside me.. `baby do it harder' he says. Well the feeling of his fingers inside is driving me wild so I am too happy to oblige and move my fingers faster on my clit. I am now dripping wet on his fingers and he whispers `baby Im going to make you come soooo hard and then Im going to ride you even harder!' I am now leaning slightly forward and he is pulling me by the hair whilst I push back to fuck his fingers even harder, he knows exactly how to move them and before long he makes me cum and squirt all over his hand. Eventhough we are alone on this cliff I try not to scream when the orgasm overtakes me, my legs are shaking and he has to hold me by the waist so that they don't give in. After a few minutes of silence and still in same position, him behind me and holding my waist, my legs are finally stable again. His cock is still hard like a rock behind me and he has now freed it from the tightness of his trousers and he his caressing my bum cheeks with it'¦ A few seconds later without warning he just pushes it in so hard that I almost loose my balance.. Im so tight from cuming that it almost hurts but fuck, it feels all so wonderful.. He holds on my shoulder and each thrust is harder, I can't hold screaming anymore, his cock is so hard and fill me in so perfect I always loose my mind. `Baby..' he says stopping all of a sudden `Im not coming yet, we still have a few hours, let's go back..'

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